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March 4, 2013

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4 0 U ND ER 4 0 2 01 3 10A Jessica Zarndt, D.O. Age: 32 Physician/Assistant Professor Touro University Nevada D r. Jessica Zarndt didn���t take the easy route to success. ���I worked hard,��� she says. ���I believe in what I do. In medicine it���s easy to get caught up in the academics, but you realize that ��� it sounds clich�� ��� when you���re helping people it���s easy to get caught up in doing the right thing and working hard. That���s what I feel I���ve done. It���s kind of humbling to be honored for it, and in reflecting on it I realize I have come a long way.��� Zarndt joined the Touro University Nevada faculty in 2012 as the first graduate of the Touro medical school to be hired on as a faculty member. Besides her faculty responsibilities, she has an active medical practice in primary care and sports medicine at the Touro Health Center. Zarndt puts in a solid 50 hours a week at work, but it can stretch to 60 hours or more when she volunteer on weekends. In addition to her teaching and clinic responsibilities at Touro, she serves as a sports medicine clinic physician at UNLV���s Student Wellness Center and volunteers with such activities as the Rock and Roll Marathon, Ironman World Championships, and Livestrong Challenge Rides for the Roses as a medical tent physician. She is also a provisional member of Junior League of Las Vegas, and recently began working as a ringside physician for amateur fighters through USA Boxing. ���These are kids who are doing boxing matches, so they need a physical pre-match, and they need someone at the game.��� As for her busy schedule? ���It���s fun,��� she says. ���It keep me on my toes.��� ���H.R. 4 0 U ND ER 4 0 2 01 3 Justin Kalb Age: 36 President Kalb Industries of Nevada L ike his father, Justin Kalb graduated with a bachelor���s degree in construction management from Arizona State University. But long before college, he spent his childhood summers in training, a prelude to the family construction business ��� pushing brooms, cleaning and working in the field. He remembers his father and grandfather doing everything conceivable to make the summer miserable. Instead, ���it actually intrigued me into the business, because you���d be around all the people, and I just fell in love with the ability to make something that can last,��� he said. Fast forward to the present, where a major ingredient of the family business��� success, according to Kalb, is the fact that it���s a family business. The majority of its employees have been with the company for more than 20 years. ���The benefits that we give them, we carried out, even when we were slow, and a lot of companies took away vacation time,��� he said. ���We reduced 401(k) benefits, and we reinstituted it this year.��� When it comes to thriving in a down market ��� with a growth spurt of 35 percent ��� Kalb believes that relationships, built over decades since the company���s inception in 1972, may have been the tipping point. ���We treat our clients differently in the fact that we hold their hand through the entire process,��� he said. ���We will take them through the building process, through design builds, getting their plans ready and submitting them, and walking it through. We treat it more like customer service than being a contractor.��� ���G.R.D. 1A 20130304_VI01_I.indd 10 40 A Anna Robins UNDER 40 2013 Age: 39 Senior Director of Special Events Keep Memory Alive nna Robins says that the key to her success so early in life has been more of a who than a what. ���I���ve been really fortunate: I have worked for a guy named Larry Ruvo for all of my career,��� she notes. ���Being around Mr. Ruvo really opens up so many doors and opportunities. We���ve been so fortunate with our charity and our organization, but we���ve had such an amazing run.��� Ruvo, of course, is the vice president and general manager of Southern Wine and Spirits of Nevada and the philanthropist who founded the Keep Memory Alive foundation and the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. As one of Las Vegas��� premier event planning and fundraising specialists, Robins plays a crucial role in Keep Memory Alive and the Ruvo Center���s fight against neurocognitive diseases such as Alzheimer���s and Parkinson���s and other memory disorders. Since joining KMA in 1998, she has been instrumental in the remarkable success of all fundraising events, including the annual Power of Love Gala, one of the top single-night fundraising events in the country. Robins, who has worked with Ruvo for 15 years, has found that his passion ���really is contagious. He is so big about giving back to the community, being a good citizen; hard work, loyalty and honesty are really the building blocks of all of us who surround Larry.��� Other building blocks, she adds, include ���being very loyal, working very hard, giving back to the community ��� and one thing that���s very important is always saying thank you.��� It���s an approach to life that Robins exemplifies. ���I wake up every day really happy, really ready to tackle the world. I like to keep things positive.��� ���H.R. 2/28/13 4:22:54 PM

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