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April 13, 2022

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C-2 Wednesday, April 13, 2022 The Press-Dispatch FIRST BOOK Continued from page 1 PAWS WEEK PAWS WEEK Pet of the COPPER The spirit of Easter is all about hope, love and joyful living. Even if you refuse to wear your Bunny ears. This week PAWS is fea- turing a fun-loving fel- low name Copper, who has only been at the shel- ter a short time, but he is already a favorite, due to his happy disposition and sweet spirit. Copper has short, smooth black and tan fur with white accents, a cute bobbed tail, hound dog ears, approximately six months old and is very affectionate and willing to learn new tricks. He can be adopted by calling 812-354- 9894. To enter the Birthday Club, fill out the form at www. Only the person's name, town and birthday will appear in the paper. As an added bonus, one lucky person each month will receive a free six month Press-Dispatch subscription. THIS WEEK'S BIRTHDAYS Conrad Stinson ..........................Evansville ...........4/13 Daniel Cavins ............................ Petersburg ...........4/13 Delphia Howard ...................... Oakland City ......... 4/15 Hunter Catt ............................... Petersburg ........... 4/19 Sherri Blackburn ....................... Petersburg ........... 4/19 THIS MONTH'S SPONSOR The Press-Dispatch 820 E. Poplar Street, Petersburg 812-354-8500 • Sweet's Column By Barb Sweet Take a virtual tour of our beautiful manufactured homes on then stop in our office to complete your home ownership dream! 814 Niblack Blvd, Vincennes, IN 47591 814 Niblack Blvd, Vincennes, IN 47591 Toll free 800-743-7004 or 812-882-8757 Toll free 800-743-7004 or 812-882-8757 Monday-Friday 8 Monday-Friday 8am am-6 -6pm pm; Saturday 9 ; Saturday 9am am-5 -5pm pm Home Ownership Has Never Been Easier *purchase required Mention this ad to receive up to $ 500 * IN OPTIONS! HOMES Quality & Comfort for the Whole Family! 317-650-4086 317-650-4086 (cell) (cell) Call Today! Call Today! We believe that right Insurance Plan is the one that meets your needs. 60-Year-Old Company Providing Health Insurance Strategies for Farmers, Ranchers and Self-Employed Businesses Are You Paying Too Much? If your answer to this question is "yes," Policies Individually Underwritten By Reserve National Insurance Company Hi stars and welcome to the big stage all lit up in bright col- orful lights and decorated to help celebrate with all our stars who will have a birthday or anniversary in the week of April 14 to the 20. Come up on- to this stage and take a bow. BIRTHDAYS April 15 -Courtney Tuell turns 19; Kelly Bailey Hamil- ton; Melvin DeCisto; Gary and Linda McCandless celebrate 54 years. April 16 -Amanda Mey- er turns 30 ; Michael Boyles turns 34; Kyle Hartley; Diana Dudes turns 51; Theodore Pfeiffer McDonald turns 4; Miles Boswell turns 2; Bob and Karen Bass celebrate 6 years. April 17-Ashley Atkins turns 38; Terry Nichols. April 18 -Kelly Meyer turns 60 ; Jessica Sasser Russell. April 19 -Pamela Meyer turns 72; Sky-Lynn Travis turns 20 ; Alan Woodford; Mi- chael and Kathleen King cel- ebrate 37 years. April 20 -Joshua Virden turns 43; Pat McCandless. May all our stars have a re- ally great day and may all your wishes come true. Keep in your heart and in your prayers all our stars who need that card, visit, phone call and that daily thought of them to have a better day. And also those that are go- ing through surgeries, treat- ments, tests of all kinds, those with allergies, and the aches and pains of everyday life. Special thoughts and prayers for Terri Ann, Mildred, Rosel- la, Annabel, Katy, Lisa, Linda and Benny. To the family and friends of Carmen N. Leffler, who passed on April 1st at the age of 104; remember all those great years and share memo- ries and more will be added. EVENTS April 14-Petersburg Lions Club meet at 6:30 p.m. April 15 -Good Friday- Jesus died for all of our sins; Oak- land City Fish Fry at the IGA grocery store. April 17-Passover. April 17-Easter Sunday- Je- sus arose from the grave. April 21-Winslow Loins Club meets at 6 p.m. at Mike and Lucy Gamble's house. April 22-Earth Day. April 23-To all Lions clubs- Francisco Lions Club at 5 p.m. will celebrate with a 'Roars' for their 75 years of service. April 25 -Winslow Town Hall at 6 p.m. Winslow senior citizens are meeting on Monday and Tues- day at the Snyder Communi- ty Center. Petersburg seniors meet in the courthouse base- ment. Send postcards and notes of interest to: Sweets Column, Winslow, IN 47598. The envelope has a Happy Birthday sticker with a lily, and the card has a wicker bas- ket of spring flowers of small and large blooms; sitting on a wooden cart with clay pots ready to receive a starter plant, working gloves. This is all sitting on a green grassy yard with a forest of trees in the background. Inside reads: "Wishing you a day full of sun- ny moments, happy birthday. Enjoy your column. God bless you, Phyllis". Thank you Phyllis for the flower basket and I appreci- ate your kindness in your gift and kind words. Winslow Patoka River at Riverside Park is high, but to the rim. The White River has gone down, but is still high. We have had rain for sever- al days, but have not had the storms like last week. We had the March winds in March; and now in April, we are having April showers be- fore we get those May flowers. This past week has been a bit chilly to almost down right cold in the mornings. The daffodils are still in bloom in yards, but also on the sides of roads and sever- al hillsides. There are blooms everywhere- magnolia trees, vibrant yellow forsythia, and fruit trees- pear, cherry and peach. Rosebuds are begin- ning to leaf out and the iris, lil- ies, and daylilies are all grow- ing taller. Birds, like robins, cardinals, hawks, pigeons and many other birds that I don't know the names of, are sin- ing and flying around the ar- ea. Those tiny ground cover flowers of purple, and white with purple are seen in the yard, mostly in sun to shade areas. We took Mom out for a drive to see the rivers, trees and flowers that are chang- ing, and the Easter decora- tions in many yards. There were Easter eggs, Easter bun- nies, baskets, big flowers, and one Easter bunny was seen on a round hay bale. Our travel went through Portersville, Jas- per to Ferdinand- where on a building was Ferdinand the Bull; then into Huntingburg to Jasper, and then to the house after, we got some fish sand- wiches. April 1 was a Friday, and in Celestine a new trial open- ing for Turtle and Annie was going on with a buffet, that we had to at- tend, not just to boost their morale, but to enjoy the fine stars who are servers, host- ess, cook and bartender. Here are a start of these stars: Staci, Chloe, Kari Ann, Jodi, Kylie, Alex, Turtle and Annie. Celestine is a small town with hills and streams flow- ing, lots of big houses in the north and south, and not one was empty. The town itself has two-story houses with gingerbread decor. Many of the houses are red brick, like the elementary school. One of the two-story houses looked like a hotel in its time or a Town Hall, and it has a white iron fence with a gate to match. There is a Dollar Gen- eral, Sander Meat Process- ing, gas station, big Catholic church, small park and play- ground with seating, Staci's Bakery, Kelly's, and Turtle and Annie's new restaurant. Staci's Baker makes some great sweets, like big cinna- mon rolls, turtle cheesecake, cobblers and bread. This town is a big family of friendly stars who have patrons come as far as Winslow's Larry Atkins, who knew my Uncles, Ab and Lawrence "Larry" Meyers. Saturday, Laura and Daniel ate there and met everyone; and Sunday Daniel and Kya- na were there to enjoy some fine food. Saturday, April 2, was the Open Fun Horse Show with several divisions. Some divi- sions had the horse and rider go through obstacles as they were timed, some had barrels, poles to zigzag through, and many more events to compete in. The Winslow Lions sold food and drinks in our new spot, which is closer to hear the announcer and see the events. This day happened to be cold and windy, where the sun only shone for about two minutes, then went back be- hind the clouds. Everyone had heavy jackets or coats on, and by the late afternoon, we could have used gloves. We all had a great time and the horse entries were plen- ty. The next event will be April 30, at noon, at the Rockin' G. Saddle Club. Norm did an oil change on 'Ava,' where all was great until he wanted to remove the old filter. He tried all of his usual tools, but the filter wouldn't come off. So, he got a friend to see if he had some ideas, and he did. Sometimes you just need an unusual tool to do the job, a screwdriver. Thanks for the help. Zoe may be leaving us to go with her owners after they move in to their home. It's go- ing to be quiet here. Zoe and Norm have a routine for play- ing, and also for how to obey some rules. She has learned a lot, but practice makes per- fect. The lights are about to dim for this week. Keep an eye on family and friends. Slow down and see all the wonders in your area. Always smile, wave and say "hi" to everyone you see this week. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS Timothy Ennis Sr. and Melissa Ennis convey to Nathan- iel Snodgrass and Savannah Snodgrass, real estate as re- corded in Pike County. Mark Ross Williams quitclaims to Mallory Zorn Wil- liams, Mallory Ann Williams, Kirby Mae Webster, Kirby Mae Williams, Damian Ross Williams, Amber Rae Schenk and Amber Rae Williams, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Michael McCluskey and Vicky A. McCluskey convey to Christine A. Townsend and Craig E. Townsend, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Christine Gibson and Cheryl L. Brumfield convey to No- ah David Beatty, real estate as recorded in Pike County. William R. Hart and Faith O. Hart (deceased) quitclaim to William J. Hart and Michael W. Hart, real estate as re- corded in Pike County. Kelli D. Jenkins and Kelli D. Steinhart convey to Don- ald J. Jenkins and Kelli D. Jenkins, real estate as record- ed in Pike County. Stanley D. Reed and Connie G. Reed convey to Jill Re- nee Kress, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Jayne Anne Gladish conveys to Jennifer Craig and Kurt Baker, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Mark R. Williams and Ross G. Williams (deceased) quit- claim to Mallory Zorn Williams, Amber Rae Schenk, Kir- by Mae Webster and Damian Ross Williams, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Sue Ellen Martin conveys to The Sue Ellen Martin Re- vocable Trust and Sue Ellen Martin, real estate as record- ed in Pike County. Betty Wright conveys to Kelly J. Besing, Taylor Hunt and Tawni Ferrarini, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Gordon E. Cook conveys to Brandon M. Cook, real es- tate as recorded in Pike County. David Kent Morton, James Clifton Morton, Frankie Duane Morton Debra Faye Oneal and Teresa Kaye Houch- in convey to Jamie D. Moore and Eric R. Moore, real es- tate as recorded in Pike County. Larry J. Chandler conveys to Luke J. Chandler, real es- tate as recorded in Pike County. Tiffany Colby conveys to Brian K. Warner, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Jacob R. Horrall, Emily L. Horrall, Douglas R. Horrall and Brenda M. Horrall convey to The State of Indiana, re- al estate as recorded in Pike County. Chelsea Sorgius and Chelsea Schuler quitclaim Dana Moyes, real estate as recorded in Pike County. AREA HAPPENINGS Petersburg Senior Citizen Will be Offering Senior a Lunch Menu–Petersburg Senior Citizen will be offer- ing seniors lunch on Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to ? At the Petersburg court house basement, 801 Main Street. The Executive Board of Indiana 15 Regional Plan- ning Commission– will meet in-person on Tuesday, April 26, at 6 p.m. (local time). The Executive Board will meet in executive session at 5:30 p.m. the same night to discuss staff planning. A Full Board meeting will follow at 7 p.m. For information, please call Indiana 15 RPC at 812-367-8455. low their dreams. "If some- one wants to write, don't think that you can't do it," Jones said. "Put it in writing and don't hold back. My hus- band didn't even know I was writing a book. He knew more about the publishing compa- ny that I did. I've started my next book. I'm doing writing and research now, so it'll be a little while. It's a faith-based family about love, faith, and family. That holds a lot of fam- ilies together. It is also about respect. Paul's word, from the Bible, was final. That really stood out to a reader." If you would like more infor- mation about Englishman in the Prairie, contact the Chris- tian Faith Publishing Media Department at 866 -554-0919. The book can be found at the Petersburg and Winslow Pub- lic Library, or online at Ama- zon, Apple iTunes Store, or Barnes and Noble.

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