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Division 1 Best News Coverage Under Deadline Pressure/Category 1 First place One man's impact Amanda Matlock The Times-Post (Pendleton) Comments: Comprehensive coverage of a homicide/suicide in Pendleton. Good quotes and effective storytelling by Amanda Matlock. Second place Deadly crash closes I-70 Thursday Steven Penn Hendricks County Flyer (Avon) Comments: Good deadline coverage of a major Interstate pileup. Followed up to get the name of the deceased. Third place Another piece of Dale history taken in blaze Cheryl Hurst Spencer County Leader (Dale) Comments: Lots of detail about historic buildings lost in a fire. The reporter took it beyond a simple fire story. Best News Coverage With No Deadline Pressure/Category 2 First place Love's divide Amanda Matlock The Times-Post (Pendleton) Comments: Clear, concise writing and a good balance of information from both sides of this argument make for an interesting read. Second place Healthcare clinic fire displaces hundreds Sue Carpenter The Garrett Clipper Comments: Well-written ongoing coverage of this event. Each piece of this story is concise and packed full of information. Good job. Third place County Council cuts raise concerns Amanda Matlock The Times-Post (Pendleton) Comments: Nicely written, surprisingly gripping piece. Best Ongoing News Coverage/Category 3 First place Amanda Wiles, Roy Parmley Amanda Matlock The Times-Post (Pendleton) Comments: Gripping story; excellent coverage and writing. Second place Miracles do happen Cheryl Hurst Spencer County Leader (Dale) Comments: Pulls at the heart-strings – the stories with happy endings. Third place Annexation anxiety Amanda Matlock & Judi Turpen The Times-Post (Pendleton) Comments: Normally not a topic that keeps everyone's attention in print, but well-done. Written so everyone could understand. One man's impact By Amanda Matlock The Times-Post (Pendleton) As details continue to emerge from last Thursday's shooting rampage by a New Castle man, it has been learned by the Pendleton Times that Neal Shull, described as an innocent bystander who was fatally shot by Kenneth James Bailey as Bailey confronted his estranged wife, may have inadvertently saved the woman's life. Shull, who had been making repairs to his home, was found in his vehicle where he had been shot even before officers arrived on the scene. According to Pendleton Police Chief Marc Farrer, Shull had just pulled his car over to the curb and put it in park just prior to being shot. The chief said Shull had not made an effort to intervene; however, he confirmed that, according to Bailey's estranged wife Claudia, Shull's death inadvertently saved her life. Neal Shull's wife Noelle Shull also confirmed that Claudia Bailey came to her home after the shootings and said Neal Shull saved her life by allowing her to run to safety. "We have found out that he was coming home and saw the fight in the street," Noelle Shull said. "He stopped and put his car in park. He inadvertently saved her life." While no one will ever know whether Neal Shull intended to come to Claudia Bailey's aid, Noelle Shull said she wouldn't be surprised if he did. "That was just Neal being Neal," Shull said. "He would have stopped to help anyone or anything. From a person to a dog, he was there to help if someone needed it." Noelle Shull said her husband, whom she married in 2005, was a wonderful man and could not be described in just a few words. "To cut it down short, he loved God and he loved others," Shull said. "If you knew him, you loved him. It's that simple. Once you met him he was your friend for life. "He was just an awesome father, husband and friend." For complete story, see Click on "Contests." Love's divide By Amanda Matlock The Times-Post (Pendleton) A large group of Summerlake residents say they are bound and determined to stop the development of an $8.5 million project that would break ground close to their homes. Residents of the Summerlake housing addition said they were notified by a certified letter March 19 or 20 that a Love's Travel Stops and Country Stores was planning to open a truck stop on acreage northwest of the intersection of Ind. 13 and CR 800S. "They want to open a truck stop 1,475 feet from our homes," Summerlake homeowner Erin Jones said. "As I'm standing there drinking my coffee in the morning, I'll be able to see where all the trucks idle." The business also will be in plain view from their backyards, which are unfenced and where many neighborhood children play. Jones is part of a growing group of Summerlake residents who are taking a stand against the development, and she said she started a petition and a "No Love for Loves" Facebook page. One of their petitions currently has nearly 500 signatures. There are 863 homes in Summerlake, according to census results. "We can't let this happen," Jones said. "My biggest concern is safety, primarily for our children." Ingalls Town Council President Jack Stout confirmed that Love's was interested in developing the area beside Exit 214 off Interstate 69. 'Mandy's Wish' event a success in Lapel By Amanda Matlock The Times-Post (Pendleton) Hundreds of motorcycles, friends and family of the late Amanda Wiles rode into town early Sunday morning to show their support for their friend. Wiles, 31, was shot to death on June 9 in her rural Lapel home. The manhunt for the suspect in her murder, Roy Parmley is now entering the fourth week. Parmley, who was last seen leaving the scene of the crime with several weapons, is considered armed and extremely dangerous, according to Madison County Sheriff Ron Richardson. In a press release sent Saturday, June 14, Sheriff Ron Richardson said the search for Parmley, 53, is still on. "Our investigation continues," Richardson said. "Investigators and officers continue to search for Parmley." Richardson went on to say every lead was being investigated and, even though Parmley had stated that he was going to kill himself, no body had been "I'm for them coming to the area because that area needs developed," Stout said. "We're talking about a multi-million dollar project, somewhere in the $8.5 million range. That will help generate a considerable amount of revenue for the community." Stout said not only would the Love's create a "great tax base" but also scores of jobs that are much needed in the community. "It's going to bring jobs and money," Stout said. "They want to hire 60 employees and five managers. Those managerial jobs will pay upwards of $80,000. We need that." He also said the council For complete story, see Click on "Contests." found. "Police are searching for Roy Parmley, age 53," Richardson said. "He is a white male, 5-foot-10, 210 pounds, brown eyes and grey hair." Parmley was last seen walking from the residence wearing a black shirt and in possession of two shotguns and a handgun. Madison County Investi gators are asking anyone with information that might For complete story, see Click on "Contests." Page 13

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