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September 21, 2023

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A senior citizen in assisted living in western North Carolina wishes she could meet Donny Osmond. A Green Hill resident is trying to make that happen through Twilight Wish Foundation. Tish Zimmerman, who came to Rutherford County 13 years ago from Fayetteville, has worked with senior citizens all of her 27 year career. About three years ago she met Kim Owen in a senior care facility and the two women struck up a conversation. Zimmerman was actually interviewing for a job at the facility and during the visit she met Ms. Owen. Their conversation turned to music and Zimmerman asked Ms. Owen what type music did she enjoy and she quickly responded, Donny Osmond. "We had an immediate connection as I grew up with Donny's posters on my sister's wall and listened to them play his music every morning as I got ready for school," Zimmerman said. "We started singing Puppy Love together," Zimmerman continued of her meeting with Ms. Owen. "Although I did receive a job offer, I was unable to take it at the time, but Kim remained in my thoughts," Zimmerman said. "I was determined to try to do something for her regarding Donny Osmond," Zimmerman explained. One day Zimmerman saw a Twilight Wish post on Facebook and she looked into the organization a little further. "I knew it was something I wanted to be involved in and my fi rst thought about a wish was Kim (Owen)," the senior citizen she'd met three years earlier. Zimmerman contacted the national nonprofi t Twilight Wish Foundation, headquartered in Doylestown, PA. Last month Zimmerman was named director of the newly-formed North Carolina chapter which will be granting wishes to seniors in western North Carolina. On the job today, Zimmerman is working to get Donny Osmond and Ms. Owen together. Zimmerman has more than 27 years experience in the senior care industry including working in assisted living, nursing homes, adult day care and hospice. Although with another group in 2021, Zimmerman was able to fulfi ll a wish for James Kingsbury, an electrical engineer for Mattel (back in the 70s) who was also the voice of Donald Duck in the Disney toys they produced. Zimmerman arranged for Mattel to send Kingsbury a letter of recognition and a toy care package to celebrate Donald Duck's birthday and in honor of his contributions to Mattel. WLOS TV in Asheville visited Kingsbury at Carolina Reserve in Hendersonville and reported the story in June 2021 on Donald Duck's birthday. Prior to Zimmerman's work in fulfi lling his wish, Kingsbury had never received recognition for his part of Donald Duck. "Although Kingsbury was aging and having memory problems, he never stopped speaking like Donald Duck," she said. "It brought him great joy when we would take trips in the community and sharing that voice with any and all children and adults. He was a local celebrity...We were also able to contact Mattel and they sent Jim a letter of appreciation and acknowledgment for his contributions and a gift box full of Mattel toys," she said. (Kingsbury has since passed away). Zimmerman's fi rst job in her nearly three decade career working with seniors was as an Activity Coordinator for a dementia unit in a nursing home in Maryland. "Seniors are often an underserved population and many think it is too late to fulfi ll a wish or dream. I want them to know it is never too late and no dream is too big or too small." Zimmerman worked in an assisted living that partnered with Wish of a Lifetime and they granted wishes to the residents. CONTINUED ON PAGE 3. ISSUE NO. 38 • September 21, 2023 ISSUE NO. 38 • September 21, 2023 • • • 828-248-1408 • 828-248-1408 N.C. TRACTOR & FARM SUPPLY 299 Railroad Ave., Rutherfordton • 828-288-0395 Mobile: 828-429-5008 • SALES SERVICE PARTS PROUDLY SERVING RUTHERFORD, CLEVELAND, GASTON, LINCOLN, POLK COUNTIES AS THE AREAS HOMETOWN MASSEY FERGUSON DEALER. IF YOU BUY ANYWHERE ELSE IF YOU BUY ANYWHERE ELSE YOU WILL PAY TOO MUCH! YOU WILL PAY TOO MUCH! GREAT SELECTION GREAT SELECTION EARLY BIRD TICKETS UNTIL SEPT. 27TH FREE SHOWS WITH ADMISSION Our 31 st Year • Over 25,000 Weekly Readers Article by Jean Gordon. Photos Contributed. Making wishes comes true for Making wishes comes true for seniors is the job of Rutherford seniors is the job of Rutherford County's Tish Zimmerman County's Tish Zimmerman SMALL TOWN FRIENDLY, BIG TIME RESULTS June 9, 2021 marked the character Donald Duck's 87th birthday, and it was celebrated at Carolina Reserve of Laurel Park with James (Jim) Kingsbury who once voiced a popular Donald Duck toy for Mattel. (Photo: WLOS Staff) Kingsbury and his wife in 2021 when WLOS interviewed them when his wish came true. (Photo: WLOS Staff) Tish Zimmerman with her guitar. TW TW TW TW TWIL IL IL ILIG IG IG IGHT HT HT HT WIS IS IS ISH RE RE RE RECI CI CI CIPI PI PI PIEN EN EN ENT RE RE RE REQU QU QU QUIR IR IR IREM EM EM EMEN EN EN ENTS TS TS TS • Must be 65 years of age or a permanent resident of an eldercare facility • Legal United States citizenship • An annual income of less than 200% of current federal government published poverty level income or be unable to grant own wish • History of giving back to others (through service to our nation, community or family) • Must be cognitively and physically capable of communicating and experiencing the wish • Physician documentation (when requested) All applicants must send proof of Age, Income, Residence, Physician Approval (when requested), Military Service, if applicable in order for the application to be considered. Send to, fax to 215-230-8770 or mail to PO Box 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 1042 42 42 42 42 Do Do Do Do Doyl yl yl yl yl y es es es es esto to to to town wn wn wn wn, , PA PA PA PA PA 189 89 89 89 8901 01 01 01 01.

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