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January 25, 2023

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Wednesday, Januar y 25, 2023 The Press-Dispatch C-1 HOME LIFE TO ADVERTISE: Call: 812-354-8500 Email: Deadline: 5 p.m. on Monday Sweet's Column By Barb Sweet Hi stars and welcome to this big stage all lit up in col- orful lights and decorated to help celebrate with all our stars who will have a birth- day or anniversary in the week of January 26 to Febru- ary 1, so don't be too shy and come up onto this stage and take a bow. January 27th – Mark Cra- vens turns 62 years and Lay- la Ward turns 1 year. January 28th – Portia Martinson, Riley Perry turns 14 years, and T.J. Vinnedge Jr turns 25 years. January 29th – Mi- chael William Meyer turns 18 years and Jan Carrico turns 53 years. January 30th – Mad- die Gamble Arnold turns 25 years and Judy Richardson turns 59 years. January 31st – Matthew Shaw turns 45 years, Sue Ellen Boyles turns 58 years, Maurice Zapata turns 29 years, Adelaida Fer- reira turns 16 years, and Rich and Dot Ware will celebrate 47 years. February 1st – Pam Quick Thomas turns another year in this month, Draven Harrison turns 20 years, Jes- sie Hartley, Miranda Jolee Sharp turns 15 years, Jesse Nicholson turns 13 years, and Leslie Ruppel turns 54 years. May all our stars have a really great day and may all your wishes come true. Continue to keep in your heart and in your prayers for all our stars who have surger- ies, test of all kinds, therapy, COVID, and the aches and pains of everyday life. Jea- nette, Tim, Katy, Linda, Lisa, Mildred, Winnie, George, Te- resa, and Hubert. Our Poehlein family is sad- dened to hear of the passing of Doug Ashby who passed on January 9th, 2023 from a heart attack. No funeral at this time. To Doug's wife and their two sons and the Poehlein family, please re- member all the great times you had and share the mem- ories and more will be added. Doug will be missed from all the family. Musician Jeff Beck had passed on January 12, 2023 at the age of 78 years. Events coming up in Winslow and the surrounding areas are: January 27th – Winslow meet and greet the possible two new town coun- cil. The date in the paper had Monday Janu- ary 27th for this meet and greet. So if it was Mon- day the 23rd then you are alright but if its Friday the 27th then you can make it also??? February 2nd – Groundhog Day. February 9th – Petersburg Lions Club meets at the Village Inn. Feb- ruary 13th – Winslow Town Hall meets at 6 p.m. where the two new council members will be there. Winslow Senior Citizens meet on Monday and Tues- day at the Snyder Communi- ty Center. Petersburg Senior Citizens meet in the Court- house Basement. Postcards and notes of interest at Sweets Column Winslow, IN 47598 were none in the mailbox. Winslow Patoka River has come up to about ¾ full with the week's rainfall of 1 inch and the ½ in of snow and several mornings of heavy dew plus dense fog alert. One morning we got it all with lightening, thunder, rain, winds of 50 mph and it all came in the area in a few hours. We needed to get out so a rad trip was planned and our day started out cold but by the afternoon a jacket was almost too much. The rivers and lakes were low but they must have had a lot more rain than Winslow because all the fields and ditches had water standing. We saw the gulls in one field but in a lake they were in the water in a big white circle. We saw lots of animals of deer, squirrel, skunks, and birds. The expressways still have some construction and the traffic was not too heavy. Oh yes, the cows were really close to the road but I guess the fence kept them in safely. The gas prices were $3.09 to $3.34 in Indiana and Il- linois had $3.39 to $3.45. It was a great day with sunshine that helped our spirits feel great and to enjoy this glorious day and see what wonders we could see. It helps ward off that closed-in feeling. Took Laura shopping for groceries and I got to push Grace through the store as we talked and smiled and she was a good girl. She also has learned that if she cries too much, she will get some at- tention. She loves music and the action of a musical toy to keep her occupied. In Jasper, the scaffold that was around St. Joseph Cath- olic Church is removed and they had service this past Sunday. In Evansville the Boom Squad is celebrating 20 years of service to the community. They were at one of our Light Up Winslow Parades and they were a big hit that year. Every month we buy all the items to make a chef salad that we enjoy for a couple of days and if you start to make a small salad you will end up every time to make a big sal- ad. We also use some items in our omelets, BLTs, taco wrap, and soup. 1284 S State Rd. 61, Winslow, IN • $179,000 • MLS# 202301678 NEW LISTING! NEW LISTING! BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY! BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY! Call Jessica Mason 812-582-0246 SIAR SOLD! SOLD! 7445 Waylon Drive, Winslow • $295,000 MLS# 202228522 SOLD! SOLD! 3967 E State Rd. 364, Winslow •$165,000 MLS# 202240692 6597 S. St. Rd. 257 Velpen • $299,000 MLS# 202236894 SOLD! SOLD! 106 N. St. Rd. 61 Winslow • $79,000 MLS# 202236216 Jessica Gets Results Jessica Gets Results I NEED MORE LISTINGS!! I SOLD all of mine. SOLD! SOLD! Year 1 2 3-30 Rate 3.75% 4.75% 5.75% P&I $2334.29 $2334.29 $2334.29 $1852.46 $2086.59 $2334.29 $481.83 $247.70 $0 Payment by Borrower Monthly Savings In the below example case of a 2-1 BUYDOWN, the borrower's interest rate is reduced by 2% during the first year then reduced by 1% in the second year before returning to the full note rate & payment in year three. TEMPORARY TEMPORARY BUYDOWN BUYDOWN A Temporary Interest Rate Buydown allow qualified borrowers to reduce their monthly payment during the early years of the mortgage payments are reduced for the first couple of years as the result of a lump sum of money deposited into a buydown account. The buydown funds are then used to reduce the borrower's payments each month, and the borrower's rate & payments increase annually until the full amount is reached at the end of the buydown period. The borrower may obtain the buydown funds from various sources such as the lender, property seller, or other interested parties. This well maintained property has been used as a preschool for the past 22 years, but there are many possibilities for this location. The preschool is currently licensed for 16 kids and conveniently sits right next to a daycare. • Inside you will find 2 classrooms, 2 half bathrooms, 1 office and a kitchen area. The basement and attic provide an ample amount of storage. • Property sits on a 1.14 acre parcel and boasts an extensive list of updates, including: new roof, new flooring, new water heater, new concrete sidewalk and ramp, basement pump, and a new camera system to name just a few!! • The basement has been thoroughly waterproofed and comes with a transferrable warranty. There is a large playground where the kids love to play, and the huge walnut tree provides lots of shade for those sunny days. • Comes with ALL business inventory, equipment and supplies. Don't miss out on the chance to invest your time and energy into something you love. NEW YEAR, NEW OPPORTUNITY! Contact your Loan officer for questions or more program information. Call Jessica Mason 812-582-0246 Scenario based on $400,000 purchase price, 5.75%, 30-year fixed conventional, 20% down payment. The Annual Percentage Rate is subject to change at any time without notice. The rate posted may vary depending on past credit history, down payment, and approximate term. All loans subject to approval. Terms and conditions may apply. This new program can potentially save you THOUSANDS!! Loan Amount $400,000.00 Note Rate 5.75% APR 6.01% FARM RETIREMENT AUCTION TIMED ONLINE | NO-RESERVE DEWANE & PAM RUNYEN EQUIPMENT QUESTIONS: DEWANE (618) 838-1172 Auction Manager: Cody Holst (217) 242-8747 BIDDING CLOSES: TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2023 STARTING AT 10:00 AM CT ADDRESS: 3801 EAST HONEY LANE, OLNEY, IL 62450 INSPECTION DATE: WED., FEB. 1 • 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM HIGHLIGHTS: '13 JD 8310R MFWD tractor, 2,415 hrs.; '15 JD 7210R MFWD trac- tor, 2,168 hrs.; '98 JD 9300 4wd tractor, 4,412 hrs.; '78 JD 8430 4wd tractor, 7,004 hrs.; '11 JD 9770 STS 4wd combine, 2,840 eng./1,785 sep. hrs.; '11 MacDon FD70 35' flex draper head; '04 JD 893 8 row 30" corn head; '18 JD 1795 16/31 CCS planter; JD 750 20' drill; '21 Unverferth 2755 XL Seed Runner; '11 JD 4730 self-propelled sprayer, 2,993 hrs.; Brent 774 grain cart; Westfield MK 80-71 8"x71' swing away auger; Hutchinson 8"x62' swing away auger; Hutchinson 10"x72' swing away auger; Wheatheart drive over pit; '16 Freightliner M2 day cab semi, 151,346 mi.; '12 International 8600 day cab semi, 173,505 mi.; '94 International 4900 day cab semi, 233,008 mi.; '92 International 4900 day cab semi, 216,771 mi.; '90 Chevrolet 60 grain truck, showing 21,146 mi.; (2) '18 Jet 22' steel hopper bottom trailers; '67 Fruehauf 27' step deck trailer; Krause 8000 Excelerator 30' vertical tillage tool; JD 960 28' field cultivator; Shop built 20' soil finisher; Ke- wanee 1175 24' disk; Noble mix-n-till 19.5' field cultivator; Kuhn Krause 4400 24' packer; (2) Unverferth 1225 32' rolling harrows; JD 637 25' disk coil tine harrow; Bush Hog 12715 Legend 15' batwing mower; Bush Hog 160-10 10' 3-pt. blade; DMI 4100 13-knife NH3 bar; EZ Flow 220 gravity wagon; EZ Trail 3400 gravity wagon; Enduraplast 1,750 gal. vertical tank REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS Patricia S. Colegrove conveys to Richard Colegrove, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Jerry W. Pride and Ruth Ann Pride convey to Jerry Pride, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Vincent A. Shoobridge conveys to Brian K. Hornby and Susan J. Hornby, real estate as recorded in Pike County. David Davidson, Mark Davidson, Ann Davidson and Ann M. Barber quitclaim to Susan Davidson, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Susan M. Davidson Hodge conveys to D and B Holdings 812 LLC, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Pike County Auditor and Nancy Joanne Loveall convey to Pike County Auditor and Raymond Austin, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Pike County Auditor and Anthony R. Sims convey to James R. Hays, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Craig E. Townsend and Christine A. Townsend quit- claim to Craig E. Townsend and Christine A. Townsend, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Paul E. Potts, Rosellyn Potts and Jimmie V. Johnson convey to Joyce Ann Johnson, real estate as recorded in Pike County. The Linda Sendelweck Irrevocable Trust, Linda Sendel- weck, Richard Joe Carey, Cynthia Poole, Jody L. Hoover, Lisa A. Arbaugh, Richard J. Carey, Donna J. Frederick, Michael E. Howard, Lida A. Robinson, Scott L. Howard, Steve Sendelweck, Cindy Wyant and Cindy Poole convey to Nicholas J. Stoll, Travis L. Raber, Justin D. Raber, Adri- an L. Raber, Victor Stoll, Aaron M. Stoll and Christopher L. Stoll, real estate as recorded in Pike County. The Linda Sendelweck Irrevocable Trust, Linda Sendel- weck, Richard Joe Carey, Cynthia Poole, Jody L. Hoover, Lisa A. Arbaugh, Richard J. Carey, Donna J. Frederick, Michael E. Howard, Lida A. Robinson, Scott L. Howard, Steve Sendelweck, Cindy Wyant, Lisa A. Araaugh and Cin- dy Poole convey to Bradley A. Weisman and Danette M. Weisman, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Windgate Properties LLC quitclaims to Diego Jose Coca Abrego, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Gray Farms INC conveys to The Nature Conservancy, real estate as recorded in Pike County.

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