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February 7, 2018

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The Press-Dispatch Wednesday, Februar y 7, 2018 C-9 EAST GIBSON NEWS Submit school news: Email: egnews@ Deadline: Noon on Friday CONGRATS TO STUDENTS FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE We have a number of stu- dents who have been recog- nized for outstanding perfor- mance during the past week. Congratulations to our mu- sic students for earning high ratings at the ISSMA Solo and Ensemble contest on Saturday, January 27, 2018. Miranda Caskey received a Gold Rating for her Vocal Solo, while Hope Smithhart earned a Silver Rating for a Vocal Solo. Jesse Smithhart received a Bronze rating for his Piano Solo. Well done. Further, congratulations to junior Brady Dyar for ad- vancing to the 2018 IHSA A Wrestling Regional. Brady went 2 – 2 at last weekend's sectional to earn the right to participate in the region- al round. With this, fresh- man Ashlynn Morris earned the right to serve as an al- ternate during the wrestling regional. Congratulations, Ashlynn. PATOKA VALLEY COOPERATIVE COURSE Students in the sopho- more and junior classes in- terested in registering for a Patoka Valley Cooperative course for the 2018 – 2019 school year should see Ms. Hill, in guidance, to sign up. Please note the require- ments that the respective students must meet in or- der to schedule an off cam- pus class, which may be found in the student hand- book (Section 3). MAKE UP DAYS In order to make up the five (5) days of missed school, due to the recent winter weather, our schools will be in session on the fol- lowing dates: Friday, Feb- ruary 16; Monday, April 2; Wednesday, May 23; Thurs- day, May 24; Friday, May 25. The second semester is now scheduled to end on May 25. JUNIOR HIGH SPIRIT CLUB Through the collaborative efforts of Ms. Leslie Leiber- ing, Ms. Mariah Poteet, and Ms. Nicole Seitz, a new ju- nior high spirit club is being launched. A total of 40 stu- dents have signed up to join the club, with a focus on pro- viding awareness to the suc- cesses being experienced at WMJHS. Students will fur- ther work to build a positive environment, with Trojan school spirit at the founda- tion of day-to-day activities. WM INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Internship opportunities are available for Wood Me- morial sophomore and ju- nior students through the Conexus Advanced Manu- facturing program launched last fall. Individuals may earn more than $2,000 during the six (6) week in- ternship. For more informa- tion, contact the Wood Me- morial High School Student Services (Counseling) of- fice. CONGRATS STEVE KILIAN Congratulations to Wood Memorial High School Ath- letic Director Steve Kilian for being named District III Athletic Administrator of the Year by the Indiana Basketball Coaches Associ- ation. The honor is well de- served. Mr. Kilian will be honored during the IBCA's annual spring clinic on April 20, 2018, in Indianapolis. WM BREAKFAST CLUB Mr. Messmer is planning to launch the "Wood Memo- rial Breakfast Club" in the near future. The club will meet twice a week, on Tues- day and Thursday morn- ings, from 6:30 a.m. – 7:30 a.m. in the weight barn. The focus will be on providing a structured strength and fit- ness training club for those who want to better them- selves physically. No pri- or athletic experience is re- quired, as Mr. Messmer will be providing proper form and safety instruction to those participating. Information is being sent home through the respec- tive student. Parent approv- als and signatures are re- quired in order for a student to take part in this healthy opportunity. Please contact Mr. Mess- mer with questions and in- formation needs. OPEN OFFICE SESSIONS Once again this year, I will be utilizing a collab- orative opportunity for all members – students, staff, parents, guardians, and community members – of the Wood Memorial School Community. With this said, I believe to be most effective with the de- velopment and growth of our students it is impera- tive that every stakeholder of Wood Memorial have an opportunity to collaborate and provide input in any area/aspect of interest in- volving our school(s) they may have. Thus, I will con- duct monthly "Open Of- fice" sessions, focused on providing time for such col- laboration to occur. I encourage you to come meet anytime to review items of interest you may have. You may schedule a meeting by calling 812-749 - 4757 and requesting a time. In keeping with the theme of collaboration and communication, I want to invite Wood Me- morial stakeholders to fol- low the happenings at the junior high and high school by joining us on twitter at WMTrojans1. Wood Memorial UPCOMING SPORTS SCHEDULE BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALL Feb. 9 Southridge away 5:30 p.m. Feb. 13 Evansville North away 5:30 Feb. 16 Gibson Southern away 5:30 Feb. 17 North Knox away 5:30 p.m. Feb. 22 South Knox home 5:30 p.m. CALENDAR Wednesday, February 7 Statewide ISTEP Readiness Test, 9 a.m. Science Academic Bowl Team Meeting, 11:30 a.m. HS Student Council Meeting, 12:13 p.m. WMJHS Spirit Club Meeting, 3:30 p.m. Thursday, February 8 Prom Committee Meeting, 7:30 a.m. Biology/Chemistry Careers Session, 1:25 p.m. Friday, February 9 Boys Basketball at Southridge, 5:30 p.m. Saturday, February 10 Girls Basketball Regional, at West Washington ADDITIONAL DATE OF NOTE Math, Reading, Writing, US History, Civics, and Geography, Accuplacer – Part 2, Feb. 12 – Mar. 30 HS Student Council Meeting, Feb. 7 Science Academic Bowl Team Meeting, Feb. 7 Prom Committee Meeting, Feb. 8 Science Academic Bowl Team Meeting, Feb. 14 IHSA A Boys Tournament Pairings, Feb. 18 Science Academic Bowl Team Meeting, Feb. 21 WMHS Softball Club Meeting, Feb. 21 Red Cross Blood Drive, Feb. 23 A&P Health Occupations Field Trip, Feb. 23 ISTEP Part 1, Feb. 26 – Mar. 9 Science Academic Bowl Team Meeting, Feb. 28 Science Academic Bowl Team Meeting, Mar. 7 WMHS Softball Club Meeting, Mar. 7 WMHS Softball Club Meeting Mar. 14 Science Academic Bowl Team Meeting, Mar. 14 WMHS Softball Club Meeting, Mar. 21 Science Academic Bowl Team Meeting, Mar. 21 JHS Renaissance Day, Mar. 23 Academic Banquet, Apr. 6 ISTAR ,Apr. 16 – May 18 ISTEP Part 2, Apr. 16 – May 4 Indiana Bass Nation High School Event, Patoka Lake, Apr. 22 TROJANS VS. WASHINGTON CATHOLIC 01/31/18 Washington Catholic Brock Craney 2 2-1 1 6 Payton Robinson 0 0 -0 3 0 Jace Drew 0 0 -0 1 0 Canaan Ingram 0 0 -0 3 0 VeJay Burris 0 0 -0 1 0 Tristin taylor 3 0 -0 1 6 Erwins Anilus 0 0 -0 1 0 TOTAL S 5 2-1 11 12 3 Point FG's-1 (Craney 1) Wood Memorial Trent Holder 2 0 -0 0 6 Lathan Falls 4 2-1 0 12 Remington Wilkison 1 0 -0 1 2 Cameron Savlman 1 0 -0 0 2 Paxon Bartley 6 2-2 0 16 Walker Nurrenbern 0 0 -0 1 0 Austin Ireland 5 0 -0 0 10 Logan Keeker 1 2-1 1 3 Paxton Schwameyer 2 0 -0 0 4 Griffin Parke 2 0 -0 0 5 TOTAL S 24 6 -4 3 60 3 Point FG's-8 (Holder 2, Falls 3, Bartley 2 and Parke 1) SCORES BY QUARTERS Washington Catholic 2 0 6 12 Wood Memorial 21 21 10 60 TROJANS VS. VINCENNES RIVET 02/01/18 Vincennes Rivet L. Keller 3 0 -0 4 9 M. Claycomb 4 3-2 3 11 A. Thomas 0 0 -0 4 0 C. Movzin 13 3-1 1 29 C. Nichaus 0 0 -0 1 0 A. Finch 0 2-1 1 1 T. Taylor 1 2-1 4 3 TOTAL S 21 10 -5 18 53 3 Point FG's-6 (Keller 3, Claycomb 1 and Movzin 2) Wood Memorial Lathan Falls 5 4-2 2 13 Remington Wilkison 0 0 -0 1 0 Cameron Savlman 2 2-2 3 8 Paxon Bartley 12 4-4 2 30 Walker Nurrenbern 6 13-12 4 24 Austin Ireland 0 0 -0 3 0 TOTAL S 25 23-20 15 75 3 Point FG's-5 (Falls 1, Savlman 2 and Bartley 2) SCORES BY QUARTERS Vincennes Rivet 11 19 16 53 Wood Memorial 18 12 23 75 TROJANS VS. EVANSVILLE DAY SCHOOL 02/01/18 Ev. Day School Hupmann 4 2-0 5 8 Lowery 3 0 -0 1 6 Chambers 1 0 -0 2 2 Stewart 6 2-2 5 16 Allyn 2 1-1 2 6 Vraney 2 0 -0 5 4 Slochm 0 0 -0 1 0 Weinzapfel 2 0 -0 1 5 TOTAL S 20 5 -3 22 47 3 Point FG's-4 (Stewart 2, Allyn 1 and Weinzapfel 1) Wood Memorial Lathan Falls 4 2-2 2 11 Harden Hunter 1 5 -4 0 6 Remington Wilkison 0 2-2 0 2 Cameron Savlman 0 2-1 3 1 Paxon Bartley 6 6 -6 3 20 Walker Nurrenbern 3 12-10 3 17 TOTAL S 14 29 -25 11 57 3 Point FG's-4 (Falls 1, Barley 2 and Nurrenbern 1) SCORES BY QUARTERS Ev. Day School 8 14 6 19 47 Wood Memorial 12 13 9 23 57 Dyer wrestles at regional Wood Memorial's Brady Dyer battles with Evansville Mater Dei's Scott Fitts in the 145-pound class at the Evansville North wrestling regional on Saturday. Dyer lost a technical fall 19-4 to Fitts, who went on to win the weight class. Dyer finished the year 22-7. Small group takes on validity of 2009 I-69 building plan By Janice Barniak Farmer Steve Obert led the first small group session of the Advisory Planning Commission, where he and County Surveyor Scott Martin discussed whether the 2009 plan is a good starting point for planning zoning in Gib- son County. The 2009 plan was written with a grant in the wake of building I- 69; most plans, the board learned in the last public meeting, are up- dated every 10 years. Attorney Mike Schopmeyer, of KKDK, told the board that there has not been a lot of change since the plan was drafted, partially due to the recession. Martin wanted to discuss one of the first mandates to create zoning, which is that the Adviso- ry Plan Commission must "pre- pare the comprehensive plan." One point of the remonstrators has been that the plan pre-dates the board, and therefore they have not prepared it. "Even though it was written in 2009, we are now in the process of preparing the comprehensive plan," Obert wanted to clarify. Schopmeyer said that Dubois and Daviess counties also adopt- ed their I-69 plan years after the draft. "There's virtually no APC that adopts it as is," Schopmeyer said. Martin wanted to know about the feasibility of applying for a grant to do another study. The County Commissioners' attorney Jim McDonald said the board would be more apt to get one if there's a plan already in place. Obert said he could see both sides of it personally. "Are they going to give us a new one when we didn't act on the old one? " he asked. On the other hand, the members point to some parts of the plan they believed might warrant a second look. For example, the plan dis- cusses housing needs, and at the time, during the recession, the va- cancy rate was nine percent, Obert said, but what he's hearing from local officials is that the county needs more housing. He added it's a concern that also came up in public meetings. The need for housing is to main- tain tax rates and provide students to the schools. Obert said that he'd like to see if the vacancy rate has changed, because the plan con- cludes there would not be as much need for more housing. "Maybe our housing shortage isn't as critical as what's been stat- ed, but again, that was '09," Obert said. Martin agreed. "I think it's changed since '09. I think it's harder to find. We've been looking to move," he said. One conclusion of the plan was that a few communities, like Snake Run, would be ripe for residential growth, but beyond that, residen- tial growth should be kept at a min- imum to retain farmland. Schopmeyer said the land along Ind. 168 is contested, with farm- ers saying the farmland in the ar- ea is especially valuable. While a redraft dated October 2017 has trimmed the residential zones in those areas, he thinks that by the time hearings are over, the board will go even farther in trimming the residential spaces on Ind. 168. There was also some concern as to whether the areas designat- ed for residential growth had the water to support it. Another part of the plan that may need an update is that when the plan was written between 2000 and 2009, there had been a traffic decline; however, again there was a recession, so the two members wanted to know if they could get new counts from INDOT on what traffic now looks like, adding that traffic on Ind. 168 has exploded as the back door into Toyota. Obert also quoted the plan as saying "no community is expect- ed to substantially grow in the next 20 -30 years," and he asked wheth- er that would still be the projec- tion. One idea floated was to do the overlay, but for zoning purposes delay phase 2, county-wide zon- ing, until a grant was secured and the comprehensive plan updated. In the plan's favor, McDonald pointed to having the similar pop- ulation as when it was drafted, PROPOSED INDUSTRIAL SUPER SITES According to Attorney Mike Schopmeyer the two proposed ar- eas for industrial super sites include on the east side of I-69 near the Ind. 168 interchange. The advantage of this site would be its high and dry elevation. The other potential but a little less desirable super site would be at the Ind. 64 interchange of I-69. According to Schopmeyer, the $ 30,000 per acre potential sale for farmers could benefit them with a way to buy other land or create family trusts, and some farmers have indicated they would sell in these areas, at least at the Ind. 168 junction. See APC on page 12

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