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Page 65 Second place Living Staff The Indianapolis Star Comments: Creative ideas for packages and great layout decisions, especially the "Women to Know" package. However, I would have liked to see more actual stories (not a bunch of Q&As) and more relevant topics to the everyday consumer instead of being heavy on celebrity watching. Some of the ideas were great, but the delivery fell a little flat – like with the summer camps. Where were their personal experiences instead of the laundry list of each camp? And it was laid out in a confusing way. All that being said, it is still a quality product and an enjoyable read. Great job. Third place Weekender Staff The Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne) Comments: Great graphics, good front page stories. Would have liked to see a local story on the front of the one issue instead of X-men, but over- all, nice job of getting a good balance of all things lifestyle and entertain- ment. Best Editorial Page/Category 22 First place Perspective Staff The Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne) Comments: Strong writing distinguishes these pages. Read- ers will notice these pages' energy and unpredictability – and indeed, evidence of reader engagement is strong. Good mix of local and national topics – readers care about both. Good work. Second place Conversations/Forward Indiana Staff The Indianapolis Star Comments: These are handsome and well-conceived pages, with a strong emphasis on community engagement. The pro-con on same-sex marriage was an honest airing of in-house differences of opinion, no doubt mirroring readers' ambiguity. The 10-item agenda of Indianapolis is compre- hensive. Third Place The Times Opinion Doug Ross The Times (Munster) Comments: These pages present a wide variety of topics, with strong writing and clear evidence of reader engage- ment. Best Use of Graphics/Category 23 First place Thoughts about raising the minimum wage; The really big budget picture; The mad, mad, mad ants Gregg Bender The Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne) Comments: No comments given. Second place No award given. Third place No award given. Best Online Site/Web Page/Category 24 See Page 67 for all divisions. Best Sports Section/Category 25 First place Sports Staff The Indianapolis Star Comments: Excellent daily. Good use of typography. Thought provoking and interesting writing and a clear sense of identity. Second place Sports Staff The Times (Munster) Comments: Focusing on local sports is commendable. Your paper has a clear sense of who your readers are and what their priorities are. Most dailies do not come even close when it comes to coverage of local sports. Third place Sports Staff The Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne) Comments: Nice paper. Just not as nice as first and second place. Best Feature Section or Pages/ Category 26 First place Food & Dining Staff Evansville Courier & Press Comments: Good use of photos, nice packaging of food- related stories – even though some of them were a little too similar (Sicilian and Mediterranean side by side, for exam- ple). A reader would definitely hang on to these pages for a long time because of their usefulness. I didn't understand the huge spinach photo with the poke story and why stories were stacked closely together, but overall it comes across nicely. Good job. Division 6

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