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Page 56 Best Editorial Page/Category 22 First place Opinions Dave Bangert Journal & Courier (Lafayette) Comments: A good combination of innovation with dedication to the idea that an editorial page is a forum for local issues. Second place Opinion Staff The Republic (Columbus) Comments: Good-looking page; inviting forum for The Republic (Columbus)'s readers. Third Place Opinion Max Jones Tribune-Star (Terre Haute) Comments: Innovation and a pleasing layout. Best Use of Graphics/Category 23 First place 3-year traffic study; Flight v. blight; Find your way around Mill Race Park Anna Perlich The Republic (Columbus) Comments: Excellent. I couldn't stop looking at this one, with more meaning coming to me the longer I studied it. Well- assembled, with a terrific layout. Bravo. Second place Tornado outbreak; Types of carp; Jeff High School's stormwater park Thomas Maxfield Journal & Courier (Lafayette) Comments: All three examples were aptly used, but they could have been more dynamic. They all seemed to have been contributed. Third place No award given. Best Online Site/Web Page/Category 24 See Page 67 for all divisions. Best Sports Section/Category 25 First place Sports Staff The Republic (Columbus) Comments: Excellent paper. The use of graphics, typogra- phy and other design elements place your paper in an elite group. It stacks up very well with larger papers. Excellent sports section. Second place Sports Staff Tribune-Star (Terre Haute) Comments: The difference between the Tribune-Star and Herald-Times is very small. Your writing held the readers interest slightly better while their graphics and photography gave them an edge. Solid paper, just not as polished as The Republic. Third place Sports Staff The Herald-Times (Bloomington) Comments: Solid effort. Good use of photography and graphics. Writing is solid but unspectacular. Use of graphics and photography is solid. Best Feature Section or Pages/ Category 26 First place Zone Staff The Republic (Columbus) Comments: Loved your feature packages, especially "Sing for the moment." Punch List was a great use of the sidebar space on the section front. Inside design was strong, too, but a little light on content. Division 5 Second place Attractions Stewart Moon & Marci Creps The Herald-Times (Bloomington) Comments: Loved the dominant use of photos, and the color in "Rock-solid laughs." Inside was a little more cramped and text-heavy than some of the other entries. Third place No award given.

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