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Page 26 Division 2 Best Sports Commentary/Category 13 First place Sharon Hamilton The North Vernon Sun Comments: No comments given. Second place No award given. Third place No award given. Best Editorial Cartoonist/Category 14 See Page 12 for all divisions. Sharon Hamilton The North Vernon Sun I have always liked the Steelers. Although not my favorite NFL team, at least they aren't the Patriots. I kept telling myself that when my son Ben came in and announced that was the name of the team he would be coaching in the flag football league for kindergarten, first and second graders. He is looking forward to the season and his first time being on the coaching side of the ball. Ben's son, Gabe, is in first grade at Graham Creek and this is his first time playing football. This summer they were in the yard tossing the football back and forth when we realized, the kid's got an arm. Not only that, but Gabe can also catch. Trust me when I say, it did a Nana good to see it. When they started looking for coaches, I talked to Ben and told him to give some serious consideration to taking on the role. I thought he'd be good at it and I also think he'd be a good role model. Ben is more patient than anyone else in the family and let's face it ... wouldn't you want your child to be coached by a firefighter? The decision to coach became even more clear for Ben when he found out there were twice as many kids signed up to play flag football this year than last year. He decided at that point he'd give it a try. Ben also decided his younger brother Steve could help him. After all, Ben reasoned, Steve needed some testosterone in his life. You see Steve has two daughters, and he lives in a houseful of women. Steve, who works for the Jennings County Sheriff's Dept., decided he'd help, too. The team had their first practice on Thursday and I don't know about the players, but my sons had a blast. Steve, it seems, is whistle happy. He has found that the players stop horsing around when he blows it. Now my only concern is what am I going to do in nine or 10 years when these players are in high school? I have always said the basics of football are what help with a winning season. I have complained that the Panther varsity teams have, in the past, struggled with the fundamentals. So what do you think I started in on my boys about? You guessed it, coaching the fundamentals. How to make a good tackle, how to throw a good block, how to catch a pass under pressure and how to protect the ball when running, just a few of the basics in my book. So, once again I'm a football mom. I can't help but wonder if there will be more or less work involved when on this side of the game. Either way all I can say is . . . I'm officially a Steelers fan (sorry to the other teams). Also, on a sad note, I want to thank all of you who have expressed your condolences about the loss of my brother Dwayne. My parents are struggling with this, and it hasn't been easy on me. I do want to share the one light- hearted thought on his loss. Dwayne died on my birthday. As my mom, dad and I sat by his bedside Tuesday night I realized it was going to happen on that day. He began smiling, and my mom said he was getting to see heaven, and I said he was seeing our Uncle David. David Motsinger was an Indiana State Police trooper who was just a couple of years older than me. He and Dwayne always picked on me, and we always had great times when we were together. David died of cancer a few years ago, and it crushed our hearts. I told my boys that David was in heaven waiting on Dwayne and he told him to come on because they could pull the best joke on me ever. I told Ben and Steve, they are in heaven laughing at me because there's no way I can ever get them back for this one. Go Steelers, you're my team

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