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Page 13 Amanda Matlock & Judi Turpen The Times-Post (Pendleton) One girl was taken to the hospital and paramedics and registered nurses examined 59 others after antifreeze leaked into a South Madison Community School Corp. bus Friday morning. John Lord, principal of Maple Ridge Elementary School, said he got a call from the driver of Bus No. 23 shortly after 8 a.m. The bus was about an eighth of a mile from Maple Ridge when the accident occurred. Students alerted the driver to the problem when they started seeing liquid from a back heater. Students reported seeing it flow into the floor and also smelled it, according to Lord. Students were evacuated from the bus into a nearby field to wait for ambulances and emergency personnel. Once at the school, students were ushered into the nurse's office or gymnasium and were given a plastic bag in which to place their belongings. Some students were ushered into the shower area and also given a change of clothes. Others were examined for complaints of burns or trouble breathing. One female fifth-grade student was transported to the hospital with minor burns. Lord said all students had anti-freeze on their shoes and around their ankles because the floor was flooded. Parents were contacted by automated phone call and text messages to tell them there had been an emergency and they should come to the school. "A little after 9 a.m. they called my emergency contact," said parent Misty Leicht. Parents were given the option to talk with their students and decide whether to take them home. Leicht said she was taking her daughter to the hospital for a checkup because she is allergic to corn and the students were waiting for the emergency personnel in a cornfield. Dion Douglas said his son, Donovan, 10, was sitting in the seat across the aisle from the girl who was taken to the hospital. Amy Hillenburg The Mooresville/Decatur Times Two animal rescue organizations are suing the organizer of a fundraiser, saying he never gave them the money he promised. The Morgan County Humane Society, in conjunction with Waldo's Muttley Crew pet adoption and rescue, filed suit Oct. 17 against The HawgWild Company and owner Jeff Whitney in Mooresville. They are asking for $1,000 each of funds promised to them from the Hawgs for Dawgs event in mid- June. Those funds have not been disbursed, according to Humane Society board member Julie Partridge. The animal organizations are also asking for a complete accounting of the event from Whitney, the cost of filing the case, paying a sheriff's deputy to serve Whitney notice and 10 percent interest from the time of the event, June 15, to the final judgment. Morgan County Superior Court III Judge Jane Spencer Craney will hear the case at 10 a.m. Dec. 13. Partridge said T-shirts were sold, raffles were held and a band and food sales were part of the Hawgs for Dawgs event. Whitney said Monday that he would make no comment except to say he has never told the plaintiffs they could not have their money, and because of certain circumstances in his business at this time, his hands are tied. He said nothing illegal is going on. Whitney said he has talked to the board members and has tried to explain his situation. "They just refuse to understand it, and now they've decided to go and do this," Whitney said Monday. But Partridge said Whitney currently isn't talking to anyone associated with the animal organizations. "I've gone and talked to the donors on the list and have received affidavits from them that they paid out money to help the shelter and rescue. Some people haven't even had their checks cashed," Partridge said. Hawgs for Dawgs was originally the Humane Society's event, but Whitney helped out in 2012 and was asked by board member Debbie Cohen to run it and make it more child-friendly, according to a June 22 Amanda Matlock The Times-Post (Pendleton) The Pendleton Historical Preservation Commission is set to accept proposals on uses for a former town hall building after the Pendleton Town Council recently transferred authority for the historic building to the group. Commission President Robert Jones, who is also the vice president of the town council, said the group is looking for the best option for the building, located at 119 W. State St., and proposals would be accepted from all. "Everything is pretty much wide open at this point," Jones said. "The town council recently decided to refer the building to the commission, and that's why we are now looking to do something with the building." He said the commission has yet to decide if the building should be sold, leased or rented. Interim town manager Tim McClintick said the deadline for proposals is quickly approaching. "The submittal deadline for proposals on the old town hall is Dec. 5 at 4 p.m.," McClintick said. He added there will be an executive session of the commission at 6 p.m. Dec. 10, followed by a public meeting at 7 p.m. Jones said while he was unaware of how many proposals had been submitted, he was aware of two local groups interested in the property. "I know that the Pendleton Artist Society and Main Street Pendleton have both Best News Coverage Under Deadline Pressure/Category 1 First place MRE bus issue leads to burn Amanda Matlock & Judi Turpen The Times-Post (Pendleton) Comments: Good detail. Clearly written, thorough and well-organized. I just have a quibble with the lead's easily resolved passive voice. Interesting story. Second place Garrett fondly remembers victim; Austin crash kills Garrett woman Sue Carpenter The Garrett Clipper Comments: Good overall coverage of a distant but con- nected event that is important to your small town. Third place Icy roads hinder travel Amy Hillenburg The Mooresville/Decatur Times Comments: This has timely, useful information for readers and comprehensively covers about every facet of a storm event. Best News Coverage With No Deadline Pressure/Category 2 First place Non-profits sue fundraiser Amy Hillenburg The Mooresville/Decatur Times Comments: Nice job on a story that has some touchy aspects in a small community. Clearly written, connected with good variety of necessary sources. Second place Shooting drill opens eyes Jeff Jones The Butler Bulletin Comments: Good writing, interesting topic. Touched on many of the questions or concerns a reader might have. Thorough job. Third place Homeward Bound Amanda Matlock The Times-Post (Pendleton) Comments: Nice job on a great story. Although most of it was an interview with the donor of the truck, you covered all the bases and wrote it well. Best Ongoing News Coverage/Category 3 First place The Old Town Hall Amanda Matlock The Times-Post (Pendleton) Comments: Complete and succinct ongoing coverage follow- ing a story logically and coherently from start to finish. Second place The High-rise Amanda Matlock The Times-Post (Pendleton) Comments: A comprehensive and interesting journal of a contentious issue. I didn't see what happened with the law- suit. Was it resolved? Rendered moot by the demolition? Third place Intersecting Annexations Amanda Matlock, Judi Turpen & Joe Hornaday The Times-Post (Pendleton) Comments: Interesting. It might be useful to do a story sum- marizing all of them and specifically exploring the motivation behind them particularly if this represents some kind of new trend. Division 1 MRE bus issue leads to burn Non-profits sue fundraiser The Old Town Hall For complete story, see Click on "Contests." For complete story, see Click on "Contests." For complete story, see Click on "Contests."

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