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March 10, 2011

The O-town Scene - Oneonta, NY

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“I want my work Art People John Ryan John Ryan, 35, is a puppeteer, sculptor, writer, illustrator, amateur naturalist and performer who grew up outside of Philadelphia. He has lived in Oneonta since 2001, shortly after graduating from the Art Institute of Boston with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He has been touring nationally with Catskill Pup- pet Theater, performing in such diverse venues as the Smithsonian Museum and the Mesa, Ariz., School District. As a puppet builder and performer, he has col- laborated with Logjam Films, Thought Alarm Theater, Oneonta Improv and the Shiva Sham Shows In India. John’s visual works have been displayed in UCCCA’s Kubiack Gallery, The Smithy Pioneer Gallery in Cooperstown and other local exhibition spaces. John is fascinated by animal behavior and intel- ligence, comparative anatomy, world myth and folklore, literature and philosophy. John accumulates books and small pets at an alarming rate. Much to the chagrin of his housemates, he has also recently taught himself to play the fiddle. to come alive for my viewers. I mean that literally. Whether it is a sculpture, illustra- tion or puppet, my goal is to have the audience relate to the piece as though it were another living creature. I am concerned more with the personality of each piece I produce rather than it’s overall ‘message.’ I enjoy working with subtractive media like wood and stone be- cause you are forced to deal with pre-existing conditions. Carving is a meditative exercise for me that feels like a collaborative effort between myself and the work.” _ Excerpt from John Ryan’s artist’s statement 10 O-Town Scene March 10, 2011

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