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2013 - Issue 5 - September

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HOTTEST TICKET Kathy Griffin often skewers the locals wherever she performs, so Vegas A-listers, beware. Seeing Red KATHY GRIFFIN'S FRIENDLY CELEB-RIBBING RETURNS TO VEGAS. BY MARK ADAMS W When poking fun at celebrities, where do you draw the line? If I had a line, I lost it in the early '90s. You can't have a line in comedy, especially if you're doing stand-up in Vegas. I mean, cut the crap! Half of the people in the audience are going to be sitting there with a three-footlong plastic cup of booze shaped like the Eiffel Tower. Celebrities are always up to no good in Las Vegas, so I'm sure there's a wealth of material for you here. I just love that a typical Vegas Sunday afternoon event involves Chris Brown hosting a pool party. When I think gospel brunch or wholesome family time on a Sunday afternoon just after getting home from church, I [don't] think Chris Brown at a pool party. Several female comedians have been making some pretty big moves lately—hit sitcoms, late-night talk shows. Why do you think comedy was such a boys' club for so long? Was? It still is. The fact that we still haven't had a female host on a network late-night talk show since Joan Rivers is shocking to me. I have to work harder and jump higher than any of those boys. My sixteenth stand-up comedy special, Calm Down Gurrl, is currently airing. With this sixteenth special, I have broken the record held by the late, great George Carlin for the most recorded stand-up specials—television or otherwise—in the history of comedy. Did I mention I'm a girl? It's been reported that you taped a pilot for a CNN show with Anderson Cooper. I have filmed a lot of things with Anderson Cooper. Most of them are more appropriate for Showtime After Hours, but I will keep you posted. Your D-List show was always so refreshing. Will we see something like that again? I don't think you'll see me doing a reality show again where cameras follow me around for six years, but I am very interested in possibly hosting a competition reality show or producing and occasionally appearing in someone else's reality show that I discover. And it won't be scripted like the crap out there today. It will be real, damn it! Kathy Griffin performs at Mirage on September 7. For tickets, visit V 74 PHOTOGRAPHY BY JOE SCARNICI/FILMMAGIC ith her sharp tongue and Hollywood access, Kathy Griffin routinely leaves celebrity gossip hounds in stitches. Her red carpet anecdotes are arguably the best in the biz, and with a crew of Tinseltown acquaintances (including BFF Anderson Cooper), even her day-to-day dish will have you rolling on the floor. Griffin steps up to the mike September 7 at Mirage, so we tapped the fiery redhead to discuss whom she's laughing at, the boys' club of comedy, and how she really feels about reality TV. VEGASMAGAZINE.COM 074_V_SC_HT_KGriffin_new_Sept13.indd 74 8/6/13 9:58 AM

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