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2013 - Issue 5 - September

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SPIRIT OF GENEROSITY A stint at Le Cordon Bleu helped prepare this former health insurance executive for her current mission. Home Grown O ne of the greatest moments of my life was when one of the chefs who works with Create a Change Now came to meet a group of kids at a school where we built a garden. He stuffed a bunch of spinach they had just picked from their garden into his blender and filled it up with green grapes. He talked about what agave nectar is while he got the kids up there working with him. He squeezed fresh lime juice into it, added ice, and blended it. The kids were all saying "Ewww" and holding their noses because it was as green as it could be. One child got up and sipped it reluctantly and then said, "Ooh, this is really good." Then she 68 saw the disbelieving looks on the other kids' faces and said, "No, it's really, really good!" The rest of the kids then drank this green concoction and loved it. We talked about what kind of vitamins were in there and about how they could go home and do the same thing. It was fantastic. I always said that when I turned 55 I wanted to retire, which I was lucky enough to do after a successful career cofounding one of Nevada's health insurance brokerage firms. Then I decided it was time for me to give back to a town that has been so good to me. continued on page 70 PHOTOGRAPHY BY BRIAN BROWN MOTHER AND LONGTIME LOCAL PHILANTHROPIST CANDACE MADDIN IS FIGHTING NEVADA'S GROWING CHILDHOOD OBESITY EPIDEMIC ONE GARDEN AT A TIME. AS TOLD TO LISA ARCELLA VEGASMAGAZINE.COM 068-070_V_SP_SOG_Candace_Maddin_Sept13.indd 68 8/6/13 10:37 AM

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