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2013 - Issue 5 - September

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T he List september 2013 Steve Weitman Melanie Shafer Pasquale Rotella Roman Zerga Scott Soulliere Kathy Benziger-Threlkeld Heather Houston Gregory Young Michael Frey Susan Allen Amber Harlan Mark Stone Mark Gallo Andrew Economon José Andrés Jason Burke Claire Smith Renee West Ingrid Cervantes Tony Carnevale David Bart Thomas Bruny David Carey Patrick C. Duffy Yevgeniy Khavkin Latoya Holman Gino Ferraro Dawn Britt Russell Price Kris Guthrie Michael Famiglietti Brad Busby Sean Lanni Lauren Fernstrom Camille Fagan Fradella Susan Houck Colin McTernan Eric Jones Jonathan Glenn Nichols Robert Biale Daniela Arrieta Cuadra Scott Voeller Dena duBoef Jeffrey P. Ng Adam Mizzi Lucas Furst David Mandler Sheila Marcello Jessica Duran Donny Borsack Daniel Boulud Heather Marianna H.L. Greenberg Trent Othick 58 058_V_FOB_TheList_Sept13.indd 58 8/5/13 7:58 PM

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