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2013 - Issue 5 - September

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"Why I Want to Come Back to Vegas" Spending a week here filming So You Think You Can Dance just isn't enough for our cover star. For a Night Off! "We spend about a week in Vegas [with SYTYCD], and there are so many really long days— first thing in the morning to last thing at night." Elton, Cher, Celine, and Barry "I love seeing a proper big show. This time we went to see Elton at Caesars. We saw Cher there before, because Ariana Sanchez, who's one of our choreographers on the show, choreographed her show. We've also been to Celine Dion, the big old fandango extravaganza. We've seen Barry Manilow a few times, because those are the types of people you want to see in Vegas." Sharon Stone in Casino "I played a little bit of blackjack. I'm not very good at it, but I love people who are. I'd never been to Vegas before we'd done the show, and I had all of these romantic connotations of Sharon Stone in Casino and kissing the dice and rolling it— and I'm just not very good at it. I had a go and gave it my best Sharon Stone, but it wasn't good enough!" The Sushi "I haven't had a chance to try the new Nobu yet, but I love Social House for sushi. Well, I say it's for the sushi, but it's really for the lychee martinis! Boxing "The boxing I quite enjoy because it feels to me as though that's a bit old-school Vegas. It's something actually quite noble, like a noble brute. I even did it for a little while, the hardest thing I've ever done. I went to a gym in Camden in London, but it was a proper boxing gym, so there were big guys with their teeth smashed in and smushy faces and all of that stuff. They trained me so hard in there that I was like literally, 'I'm going to vomit. I have to stop now." Unbelievable Morning-After Stories "We went to see [Joe] Calzaghe, and he was boxing one of the oldest boxers. He used to lie in an oxygen tank, like Michael Jackson, and Tom Jones came and sang the Welsh national anthem. And we hung out with Tom Jones afterward and went out dancing with him, and he introduced us to Frank Warren. It was just really cool." To Really Do It Up "When I do [attend a boxing match], I really dress up. Once, I took one of my best friends with me from England. We left my goddaughter with the babysitter and we flew to Vegas just for a night. It was a full-on extravaganza. I think I wore silver lamé; I kind of did look like Michelle Pfeiffer from Scarface. So we went old-school and did the whole thing, and we sat close enough that you occasionally get a bit of blood or sweat heading in your direction." My Husband Has Never Been "He's quite romantic, and very 'I'm going to take my wife out to lunch today.' He still likes using the 'wife' word. So he's like, 'Come on, dress up. We're going out to lunch' or 'If you behave, I might take you out to lunch.' We'd probably go see a boxing match." VEGASMAGAZINE.COM 112-117_V_FEAT_CoverStory_Sept13.indd 117 117 8/6/13 5:45 PM

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