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2013 - Issue 5 - September

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TIME HONORED The RM 52-01 tourbillon Skull, a one-of-a-kind watch exclusive to the Vegas shop, is crafted in 18k white gold and fully set with diamonds ($795,000). Reveling with Richard VEGAS WATCH AFICIONADOS HAVE AN IMPRESSIVE ARRAY OF OPTIONS, AND NOW RICHARD MILLE IS OPENING A NEW BOUTIQUE BOASTING A DIABOLICALLY FUN EXCLUSIVE. BY ROBERTA NAAS T 108 LEFT: Richard Mille. ABOVE: The RM 030 Americas watch ($135,000). (except for Venezuela, which has 20) and houses Mille's creative Caliber RMAR1 automatic movement, with a declutchable and adjustable rotor geometry. Essentially, this is a torque indicator system that shows the wearer when the watch is running at peak efficiency, so he knows when to wind it or give it a shake—something that had not heretofore been accomplished in an automatic watch. "This watch was a dream for me," Mille says. "I wanted to invent this system of torque indication. It's as though the two parts of my brain—the crazy and the reasonable—have come together in this watch." V PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF RICHARD MILLE he bold, incredibly dynamic Richard Mille has a wild side (he's been known to race his Porsche, Ferrari, and Lola T70) that meshes well with the sensibility of Sin City. And now, the French daredevil makes it official: In early September, his elaborate new watch boutique opens its doors at the Shops at Crystals. "This is such a fantastic city with so much to offer that we had to be here." Mille says. His new state-ofthe-art showroom is his second US store (the first is in Beverly Hills) and 15th in the world. In the realm of haute horology, Mille's Swiss watches are extraordinary in design and technical prowess. And the boutique will showcase those timepieces in a space crafted in the brand's signature design aesthetic: Makassar ebony wood, Corian stone, leather, steel, antireflective glass, and choreographed lighting. "We want to give customers a warm and friendly atmosphere that lets them spend time enjoying the world of watchmaking," says Mille, who notes that the brand's team can spend five or six years in research and development on a single watch. To celebrate the opening of the new shop, Mille is creating a series of one-of-a-kind RM 52-01 tourbillon Skull watches, which will be exclusive to the Vegas location. The watches will be crafted in different materials, and retail prices will start at $700,000. The boutique will also be home (until they are all sold) to the five new RM 030 automatic limited-edition watches that are exclusive to the Americas. Mille recently released this series to honor North, South, and Latin America, where he says some of his most avid collectors live. The series includes versions for Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, and the Americas that are visually strong, thanks to patriotic country-specific colors, and feature ultralight case materials, such as carbon nanotube or titanium. Each watch is produced in a limited edition of 30 pieces VEGASMAGAZINE.COM 108_V_SS_TimeHonored_Richard_Sept13.indd 108 8/6/13 1:18 PM

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