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November 7, 2018

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A-10 Local Wednesday, November 7, 2018 The Press-Dispatch Pike County honors those who fought for our freedom Salute to Veterans U.S. Army/ IN National Guard DATES OF SERVICE 1993 - 2004 PROUDLY HONORED BY: Yon Family BROOKS YON United States Army DATES OF SERVICE 1949 - 1952 PROUDLY HONORED BY: Love, Valerie, Vance & Families Proud of you, Dad! CPL. STANLEY O. NELSON U.S. Army/Air Force DATES OF SERVICE 08/1946 - 08/1947 PROUDLY HONORED BY: Wife: Georgia, Children: Deborah, Rita, Phillip and Sheila DENVER BARRETT U.S. Air Force DATES OF SERVICE 1997 - RETIRED PROUDLY HONORED BY: Janet Graff & Family MAJOR ANDREW HOUCHINS Orthopedic Surgery Physician Assistant United States Army DATES OF SERVICE 01/04/1980 - 12/07/1989 PROUDLY HONORED BY: Lisa Morris SGT. TERRY L. MORRIS U.S. Navy DATES OF SERVICE 1976 - 1998 PROUDLY HONORED BY: Nyla Dooley TOM DOOLEY U.S. Navy DATES OF SERVICE 1970 - 1975 PROUDLY HONORED BY: Yon Family JERRY W. YON Veterans Day is observed Monday, Nov. 12 Pike County native Michael Co- chren began touring with some of the hottest names in Christian music last week. He is opening for Toby Mac and Ryan Stevenson. Cochren, a Pike Central graduate, was signed by Gotee Records. The singer/songwriter and piano player, under the name Michael Cochren & Co., released his label debut two-song single last Thursday. It features the songs, "Church (Take Me Back)" and "Grave." Cochren grew up performing in his church and with the Pike Central Swing Choir. He continues his work in the musical ministry as worship minis- ter at Antioch Christian Church. Cochren's piano-based soulful pop sound has been influenced by artists such as Billy Joel, Needtobreathe and Ray Charles. A fter signing with First Company Management (Newsboys, Ryan Stevenson), Cochren's music was sent to Gotee Records' CEO To- by McKeehan. "The soulfulness this man exudes brings pleasure to my ears as well as my heart," shares Toby. "His passion for the church is so refreshing and re- al. Michael is a true songwriter be- cause he puts words to my own feel- ings and his voice takes us places we all want to go! " "This is a really exciting step for me! " says Cochren. "I'm a big Chris- tian music fan, and I've personally ex- perienced the way God uses truth in music to draw a person to himself. That's why it's such a dream come true to be able to make music that can impact hearts and encourage the church. Gotee Records and Toby Mac have such a successful track record of putting out great music, so I'm truly honored to partner with them for the future! " Earlier this year, listeners were in- troduced to Cochren's songwriting as a co-writer on the J.J. Weeks Band single, "Fools Gold," which charted on the overall Billboard Christian Airplay chart. The new songs released Thurs- day were produced by co-writer Bry- an Fowler for Man Cub Music House (Chris Tomlin, Toby Mac) and record- ed at the renowned Blackbird Studios in Nashville with musicians Paul Ma- bury (Lauren Daigle), Brent Milligan (Steven Curtis Chapman) and more. "My goal for 'Church (Take Me Back)' from the start is that it would stir people's affections for the church and the local expression of it," says Cochren. "Today, it's pretty vogue for Christians to distance themselves from church in order to be relevant, but the church is God's design to spread truth and love. We should be lifting 'Her' up and talking about how beau- tiful it is when the 'church' is being the church." Cochren said he got his break in Au- gust 2017 when he was asked to open a concert by Ryan Stevenson in Princ- eton. "I met his manager in February. They started sending some of my mu- sic to label companies," said Cochren. From there, a producer sent his new song to Toby Mac, who liked what he heard and offered Cochren a contract to open for him. Cochren started touring last week with Toby Mac and has already been in Tennessee. In the next two weeks, Cochren will be playing in : Reading, Pa.; Providence, R.I.; Erie, Pa.; Lafay- ette, La.; Beaumont, Texas; Midland, Texas; and Shreveport, La. He is signed through November 18. He said he will be performing solo on this tour, but plans to continue playing with his group, Cochren and Co. Cochren signs with Gotee Records, touring with national Christian artists Pike County native Michael Cochren began touring with some of the hottest names in Christian mu- sic last week. He is opening for Toby Mac and Ryan Stevenson. Above, Cochren performed locally at the 2017 Buffalo Trace Festival. File photo Veterans Day 2018 marks 100th anniversary An anonymous tribute to Veterans Day submitted by Pike County Veterans Service Officer Tom Dooley. This year's Veterans Day marks the 100th anniversa- ry of Veterans Day in the United States. On Veterans Day, we cel- ebrate the blessings of lib- erty secured by more than 48 million of our country- men and women in uniform, who, for 230 years, symbol- ized the very best of human- ity in America's unrelenting mission to vanquish the very worst of evil. We recognize our Na- tion's 24 million living vet- erans who represent near- ly a century of selfless sac- rifices in assuring our Amer- ican way of life and all that is right and just. Veterans Day – on the eleventh hour, of the elev- enth day, of the eleventh month, Americans are paus- ing to reflect on that same hour, day and month in 1918 when the guns fell si- lent across the battlefields of the War to End All Wars. On the morning of that Day of Armistice, soldiers of many nations walked out of their trenches and em- braced each other in the crisp winter air. For Amer- ica's doughboys, it was a bittersweet celebration— more than 53,000 of their comrades had fallen in free- dom's defense. The bells that rang out that cold No- vember morning enthralled the living and also extolled the dead. So it would be through three more generations of America's citizen-soldiers sent to foreign lands to fend off tyranny's onslaughts. Sixteen million of our countrymen returned from World War II – and 300,000 of their comrades were laid to rest in honored peace. Five million Korean War fighters came home to com- munities, families, and friends, while 33,000 of their brethren—released in hon- or from this mortal coil— stood the eternal watch from a much higher battlement. Three million men and women in uniform returned from Vietnam's fevered bat- tles, grateful to begin their lives again…never to forget the 58,000 soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen, and Coast Guardsmen whose names are etched in black gran- ite on our Capital's National Mall, and in our hearts. Today, Americans in uni- form are engaged in the Global War on Terror…pit- ting freedom, liberty and justice against unreasoning hatred, fear and oppression. With each returning vet- eran…and for each fallen American hero…the crimes of freedom still ring out… in celebration…in recogni- tion…and in dedication. Let us humbly reflect on their joyful noise; let us rev- el in their purity of purpose; but let us remember that there would be no chimes of freedom were it not for our veterans. On this Veterans Day, we celebrate their lives and their contributions to the foundation of the American experience. The Depart- ment of Veterans A ffairs is anchored to that founda- tion, and we are the proud and humble servant to the memories and lives of our Nation's veterans. Let us be lifted up by the spirit of sacrifice that enno- bled America's veterans in their times of testing, and let us never forget the lessons of liberty so dearly taught by our Nation's citizen-soldiers. The chimes of freedom shout across the land and call on our Nation to hon- or our teachers of freedom. Make Veterans Day their classroom. Let us learn an- ew to celebrate the gift of freedom our veterans so selflessly secured; let us learn to clearly recognize their sacrifices; and let us learn how to better dedi- cate our lives to do justice to theirs. And let us pass on their stories of citizenship, courage and faith in our Na- tion to our children. It is right and good that we do so, not just this Veterans Day, but every day that the light of liberty shines down on our fair Nation. May God bless our veter- ans…and may God bless the United States of America.

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