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June 9, 2021

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Sweet's Column By Barb Sweet AMBER MANOR CELEBRATES SOUTH AMERICAN-THEMED DINNER Janet Graff is pushing Martha Jane Arnold in the parade to the dining room to celebrate. Amber Manor celebrated the re-opening of their dining room with a South American-themed dinner. Picture are Starla Spalding (left) and Angela Woodfork welcoming everyone into the dining room. Joan Melchiors is all excited to meet her friends for dinner. June King is all ready to celebrate in her South American costume. The Press-Dispatch Wednesday, June 9, 2021 B-11 ADVERTISE: 812-354-8500 Petersburg Monday To enter the Birthday Club, email your name, ad- dress, phone number and birthdate to birthdayclub@ Only the person's name, town and birth- day will appear in the paper. As an added bonus, one lucky person each month will receive a free three month Press-Dispatch subscription. This month's birthdays have a chance to win a $25 gift certificate from Downtown Emporium, in Huntingburg. THIS WEEK'S BIRTHDAYS Carly Tegmeyer .......................... Petersburg ........... 6/10 Stacy McLain .............................. Winslow ............6/13 Ron Buechlein .............................. Velpen .............. 6/15 THIS MONTH'S SPONSOR EMPORIUM DOWNTOWN 407 E. 4th Street, Huntingburg 812-683-0123 REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS Seal Real Estate Investments, LLC conveys to Grego- ry Wayne Martin, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Ronald F. Miles conveys to Ronald F. Miles TOD, Mi- chael T. Miles and Ronald Joe Miles, real estate as record- ed in Pike County. Erik David Newton PR, Estate of Rebecca A. Newton and Rebecca A. Newton, deceased, convey to Shane Chan- cellor, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Janet O. Bailey Sole Co-Grantor and Co-Trustee and Re- vocable Living Trustee of a Leroy Bailey and Janet Bailey DTD 08/25/2000 quitclaim to Janet O. Bailey, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Michael Ellis, member, and M&M Investment Group, LLC convey to Kevin L. Miller, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Phyllis Ann Adams, Sharon R. Riker, Bernice Capehart, Christine Miller and Amy Williams convey to Tara Lyons, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Clifton L. Vinson conveys to Phillip K. Vinson, real es- tate as recorded in Pike County. Clifton L. Vinson conveys to Phillip K. Vinson, real es- tate as recorded in Pike County. Phillip K. Vinson conveys to Clifton Vinson, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Randal L. Cook and Lori A. Cook quitclaim to Cooks Corner Lake, LLC, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Kenneth M. Osgatharp and Beverly Jean Osgatharp quitclaim to Scott Krieg, real estate as recorded in Pike County. Hi stars and welcome to the big stage all lit up bright red, white and blue lights and decorated to help celebrate with all our stars who will have a birthday or anni- versary in the week of June 10 -16. Come up onto this stage and take a bow. BIRTHDAYS June 10 -Kevin Boyles, Jr. turns 37; Peg- gy Sue Ennis, Marcia Reller Burgdorf turns 66; Jim Kozlowski. June 11-Tiffany Meyer turns 37; Bay- lyn Tuell turns 15; Barbara Mitchell; Amy Wren turns 45. June 12-Brian Dillman turns 41; Heath- er Dreesman turns 32; Bobby Peters turn 36; Dale Northerner turns 88; Brian War- ner turns 54. June 13-Elizabeth King Gibson turns 31; Tammy Glosser turns 55; Tom Vinnedge turns 74; Ayonna Harrison turns 16. June 14-Jacari Virden turns 16; Gaige Lupfer turns 18; Kendall Simmons turns 64; Julee Hubbell; Jeff Gatwood turns 45. June 15 -Amanda Vickers turns 33; Trenton Allen Travis turns 13; Addison Nicole Grubb turns 13; Olivia Carlynna Reyne Sweeney turns 6; Mark and Kim Messmer celebrate 36 years. June 16 -Dee Kluemper Houchin; Han- nah Carnahan turns 20 ; Emily Carnahan turns 20 ; Katie Tabor turns 29; Tammy Erwin Wire; Cecilia Richardson turns 10. May all our stars have a really great day and may all your wishes come true. Keep in your heart and in your prayers all our stars who need to know they are loved and though of daily, those still com- ing down with COVID-19 and those re- covering from it, those going through therapy, testings, surgeries and then re- covery, and those with the aches pains of everyday life: Patty Ann Jones, Annabel Richardson, Benny Kelley, Benny West, Ted Nicholson and Terri Ann. We were saddened to hear of the pass- ing of Inez J. Gamble Robinson, 94, on May 28. She was a loving mother, wife and grandmother to her loved ones. Re- member all the great times you had and share your memories, and more will be added. EVENTS June 10 -Petersburg Lions Club meets at 6 p.m. at Village Inn. June 12-Tin Fest Auto Show at Lock- hart Township Community Center in Stendal. June 14-Flag Day. Fly your American flag proudly; Winslow Town Hall at 6 p.m. June 17-Winslow Lions Clubs meets at 7 p.m. at the Gamble House. June 19 -Open Fun Horse Show at 11 a.m or noon at the Rockin' G Saddle Club, south of Otwell Jct on Hwy 257. June 20 -Summer begins and it's Fa- ther's Day. June 24-26 -Power Wagon Rally on Main St., Winslow. Winslow senior citizens are meeting again on Monday and Tuesday at the Community Center. Petersburg seniors may meet in the courthouse basement, so call first. There were one point of interest at Sweets Column, Winslow, IN 47598. The Winslow Beautifica- tion is needing new mem- bers who could help out with projects like watering the flowers, making signs, sprucing up the gazebo, pro- viding ideas for the commu- nity and the upcoming September Fes- tival. If you are interested in joining or helping this group, contact Ellen Hall at 812-582-2928. Winslow Patoka River is low to about half empty, but it should rise some since the rain and showers we have had last week total two or more inches. Some- times when we get rain, there is no thun- der, but two days we also heard the rum- blings in the SW to the SE of Winslow. Laura gets to go storm watching as she goes to work and she got a couple of good shots as it left Washington, head- ing to the Loogootee area. The rose bushes look proud as they show off their booms of red and the pink tea roses are showing their color. The daylilies have opened their yellow blooms and the lilies of several types are showing their stems. Rose of Sharons have leaves, the white peonies still have blooms, the ferns are bigger than ever and so green in color. The house flowers are doing great from the cold spell of 40s for a few nights. I was afraid I killed them all this time. There are quite a few yards that have the old types of flowers and if you're in town, check out Janie's yard on Brenton Street. Then check out lots more yards in our small town of Winslow. An update on the Patoka River, it is now almost to the rim as of last Thursday. The temps have been cool enough to keep those win- dows closed since they were in the low to middle 70s, with our night temps in the 50s. Then, they climbed into the 60s. By Thursday, the windows were open and the furnace turned down again, but in Southern Indiana, the weather changes at the drop of a hat. Last week, I saw several of my cousins and Don showed me a picture of three girls about 9 or 10 years old, and we all tried to make out where the picture of Kelly, Laura and Tiffany was taken. Since we have two reunions, we decided it was at Hornady Park after the tornado swept through Petersburg. This past weekend, with Memorial Day, brought out many of our stars to put flowers and flags on your loved ones graves at many cemeteries. Norm and I took on this yearly task, since sickness was with others. We have family at Sun- set Cemetery and Francisco Cemetery. We also honored our loved ones who fought for our country in service to keep us all safe and free. This weekend was also a time where we saw people mowing their lawns in between the rains to have the yard ready for the graduation, birthday and official start of summer with family and friends par- ty. Norm mowed our yard as well. Our neighbor had a get together with family and they played a game of cornhole. Tim and Jeanette went fish- ing and Tim caught some nice big fish, but Jeanette had to throw back a mama with eggs, a small fish, but a wa- ter snake brought her a fish, not once but twice. Since it was a lovely day, we took a drive to Terri Ann's house to drop off Mom's medicine for another week and on the way, we listened to the 105th running of the Indy 500 race on the radio, where now four-time winner Helio Castronev- is won. Later that night, on T V, the Co- ca-Cola Charlotte 600 race was won by Kyle Larson, who is also with the team of Hendricks Motorsports. They won their 269th race. Another of our neighbors had family over, where you saw children play- ing and saw lights travel in all directions shining up in the sky. We stopped to see David and Tina at Temple Hills before we headed out to see more of our Indiana countryside. We were in the counties of Dubois, Spencer, Warrick and back into Pike, where we traveled on paved roads that went through lots of farmland of corn and watermelons. These roads al- so led us into the bottoms at times, with a few houses dotting the areas, then small towns like Tennyson, Hatfield, Christ- ney, Rockport, Old SR 66 into Yankee- town, then into Boonville. The animals along the way were two deer along the side of the road, several small animals on the road and at Winslow Riverside Park, a flock of geese were eating. The 57 Bones Family has the Olympic rings behind them as they are waving to every- one, I believe, with their gold, silver and bronze medals on. Some stars have said we are always go- ing somewhere and that's fine, but just to get out and drive, even to see someone, or to a park, or out for a milkshake helps a person not to get stir crazy around the house, and I'm talking about me. The gas prices have gone up, but we spend about $20 to see our countryside and even less if we don't leave Pike County. All the changes you can see and you meet nice stars who wave at you along the way. Sometimes, we stop and eat somewhere. But best of all, you see places you only heard about. Well the lights are about begin to dim on this week. Keep an eye on family and friends. Keep wearing your mask to keep others safe. Slow down and enjoy your area of this big world. As always, smile, wave and say "hi" to everyone you see this week.

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