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May 16, 2018

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The Press-Dispatch Local Wednesday, May 16, 2018 A- 5 PAID FOR BY JON CRAIG CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all who participated in our local elections: the candidates, the workers and especially the voters. I greatly appreciate your nomination for Pike County Council District #2. Sincerely, Jon Craig JON CRAIG Republican for County Council To pre-register for this free event, please call Memorial Hospital's Marketing Department at 812-996-2352, or go online to and click on "Classes and Events." Deadline to register is Monday May 21, 2018. Thursday, May 24, 2018 6:00 - 7:15 p.m. ET Main Street Presbyterian Church Kiefer Hall 910 Main Street • Petersburg, IN Your heart acts as a pump that circulates about 2,000 gallons of blood every day to nearly every cell in your body. It beats approximately 100,000 times a day. Keeping your heart healthy is important to your entire body. During this presentation, cardiologist Josh Leonard, M.D. will discuss things you can do to live healthier for your heart. A free dinner will be included, and pre-registration is required. LIVING for a healthy heart Paid for by Kent Johnson To my friends, family, and the citizens of Pike County, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came out to vote in this year's primary. We had an outstanding turnout! I would also like to express my deepest thanks to everyone who voted for, worked for, and supported me in the campaign. I feel honored to be able to represent the Democratic party as their nomination for sheriff in the 2018 fall election. I will continue to work hard as the Chief Deputy, and I will also work hard to earn your votes in the fall. This is an exciting time for myself and my family, and I truly appreciate all the support that I have received. Again, please accept my heartfelt thanks for the nomination, and for the continued support this November! Sincerely, Kent Johnson Pregnant... or think you are? Call:1-877-257-1084 or Locally Call: 1-812-354-2814 • Free pregnancy testing • Free counseling and info. on pregnancy options. • Confi dential counseling for women & men who are suff ering from post-abortion syndrome. • Residential Care • Health and assistance referrals. • Training and education. • Assistance in getting baby and maternity clothes GAB named a Five Star member of Indiana Bankers Association German American Bank has been honored as a Five Star member of the Indi- ana Bankers Association (IBA). The award was pre- sented on May 2 at the IBA Mega Conference in down- town Indianapolis, in recog- nition of German American Bank's Association involve- ment throughout 2017. The Five Star Member designation recognizes those IBA-member banks which demonstrate out- standing commitment to the Association in five areas: po- litical awareness, issues ad- vocacy, life-long learning, IBA volunteerism, and Pre- ferred Service Provider uti- lization. The Indiana Bankers As- sociation supports Indiana banking through issues analysis, professional educa- tion, and products and ser- vices that enhance member banks' ability to serve their communities. Minding the Monarch Garden From left to right, Marietta Smith, Kate Lynch and Linda Wilcox pull weeds at the Monarch Waystation Garden at the Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge in preparation for the arrival of the migrating Monarchs. Photo courtesy of Larry Wilcox School corporation votes unanimously to approve summer school programs By Ed Cahill The school year may be ending soon in Pike Coun- ty, but that doesn't mean the learning won't continue. During its regular month- ly meeting on Tuesday, May 8, the Pike County School Corporation's Board of School Trustees voted unan- imously to approve summer school programs and sched- ule as recommended by the administrative team. "We have our tradition- al summer school planned for credit recovery with a teacher and an assistant, and that runs from June 4 through the 28th," Pike County School Superinten- dent Suzanne Blake told the school board. Pike County High School Charger Brigade director Chris Ashworth will conduct summer practices – includ- ing a one-week-long band camp – to prepare for pa- rades, as well as the march- ing band's fall performance, Blake said. In addition, iRead3 reme- diation will be conducted at Pike Central from June 4-15. "We have done it in the past at two locations – Pe- tersburg and Winslow," Blake said. "This year, we're asking to hold it at a single location, but – to fit the kids' needs – we're asking for two teachers and two aides to be approved." High Ability Camp for grades 3 through 6, Blake noted, will be held June 5 -7. "They're still working on the teachers and the activi- ties the children will do on those days, so you'll have more information coming to you on those," Blake said. Blake said the administra- tive team was also recom- mending that Pre-K Jump- start – which is funded by Ti- tle I monies – be held for Pe- tersburg Elementary School at the Petersburg Public Li- brary July 10, 11, 13, 17, 18 and 20, and for Winslow El- ementary School at the Win- slow Public Library July 9 -12 and 16 -19. "A teacher and an aide will work with the kids at the li- brary in Petersburg or the li- brary in Winslow to basical- ly help the kids become fa- miliar with their teacher be- fore they come through the door in August," Blake said. In addition, Title I fund- ing will be used to offer an iRead3 Jumpstart program at both Petersburg and Win- slow elementary schools. "So we're looking at some of the students who may have had to have assistance in reading skills as second graders, or first and second grade, and now going into third," Blake said. "We want to give them a little bit of a head start, getting ready for the big iRead3 test." Blake said that the school corporation would be sub- mitting the appropriate pa- perwork to the Indiana De- partment of Education to re- ceive reimbursement for eli- gible program expenses. In other business, the school board unanimously approved a recommendation by Blake to transfer $1 mil- lion from the corporation's Transportation Operating Fund to the Rainy Day Fund. "As you can see on the fund report, we have $2.7 million, and we will be get- ting our June draw, so it's still quite healthy," Blake said. The school board also unanimously approved a request by Petersburg El- ementary School Principal Rick King to spend approx- imately $1,800 out of the school's extracurricular ac- count to fund the end-of-year field day activities. "Basically, he needs your permission because of the amount," Blake said. The school board al- so unanimously approved changes to the Pike Central High School student hand- book for the 2018 -19 school year. "The only items they're looking at adjusting are changing U.S. History Hon- ors to a partial, .5 weight, and German ACP to a full weight – 1.0," Blake said. "The way the weighted scale is working right now, the Honors classes are .5, the AP classes are a 1.0." Blake also received the school board's unanimous approval to compensate the corporation's non-certified employees for two make- up days that the state has agreed to waive. "When the state offered the waiver, the way it worked out, we were granted approv- al for two of our missed days of school," Blake explained. "So we no longer have to at- tend school on May 31 and June 1. Our last day is May 30." "However, that also means that the non-certified em- ployees ... actually are work- ing less than 180 days, and they would be paid less than 180 days," Blake continued. "So I'm asking that they get their regular daily compen- sation for those two waived days." The school board also approved a request by Phil Clauss, the corporation's di- rector of technology, to pur- chase 34 machines in the Project Lead the Way and Precision Machining class- rooms from Bytespeed for $1,091 per machine, or a to- tal of $ 37,094, and 34 mon- itors from CDWG for $118 per monitor, or a total of $4,012. In addition, the school board voted to approve the following personnel mat- ters: RETIREMENTS • Libby Willis, attendance clerk, Pike Central High School, as of end of 2017-18 school year. • Bruce K. Bailey, Pike County School Corporation Maintenance Department, as of May 31, 2018. RESIGNATIONS • Billy Hewig, athletic di- rector and head wrestling coach, Pike Central High School, as of July 2, 2018. • Erin Huebner, K-2 special education teach- er, Petersburg Elementary School, as of end of 2017-18 school year. • Silver Coulter, aide, Pike County School Corpo- ration Technology Depart- ment, as of May 11, 2018. APPOINTMENTS • Rodney Loveless, elec- trician/HVAC, Pike County School Corporation Mainte- nance Department. • Amanda Hickman, caf- eteria, Winslow Elementary School. • Doug Klem, homebound instructor for high school student, five hours per week, effective April 11, 2018, for remainder of school year. • Dr. Mary Sandifar, homebound instructor for high school student, five hours per week, effective April 26, 2018, for remain- der of school year. • Sara Powell to teach for a medical leave for remain- der of school year, as of April 16, Petersburg Elementary School. • David Weathers to teach for a medical leave for approximately four to six weeks, as of April 20, Pike Central High School. • Ryan McCain, head var- sity wrestling coach, Pike Central High School. • John Thompson, head wrestling coach, Pike Cen- tral Middle School. • Josh Brown, assistant varsity wrestling coach, Pike Central High School (half sti- pend). • Luke Cox, assistant wrestling coach, Pike Cen- tral Middle School. • Jennifer Ficklin, assis- tant cheerleading coach, Pike Central High School. • Destinee McKinney, volunteer assistant cheer- leading coach, Pike Central High School. • Eric Knight, head 8th grade girls' basketball coach, Pike Central Middle School. • Josh Vickers, head 7th grade girls' basketball coach, Pike Central Middle School. • Josh Steineker, head 6th grade girls' basketball coach, Pike Central Middle School. • Jacob Gidcomb, full-time bus driver, effective May 9. • Beth McMillen, assis- tant to the director of tech- nology, as of July 1, 2018. Petersburg fire station wins award Petersburg Mayor R.C. Klipsch was given a plaque for Petersburg's First Station building on Illinois St. It was named the winner of the Institution- al Buildings category of the National Frame Builders Association's Build- ing of the Year contest. It was entered by Dustin Stoll, of Graber Post Build- ings, Inc. Klipsch said numerous municipalities have toured the building that opened last summer and several are in the process of building identical structures. Judges in the contest wrote: "Not only is this building functional in its de- sign, but it incorporates many subtle design elements that make it a beau- tiful fire station."

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