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79 something today, and if you learn how to make it, I will teach you something else tomorrow.' For me it was like—" Caillot pauses to snap his fingers as he emphatically says, "Boom. I learned to glaze a strawberry tart, and once I mastered that I was shown something else. It was like that every day. Mr. Remillet was a great mentor because he took the time to teach me. The guy was tough. He changed my life a little bit, this guy." Remillet's demanding apprenticeship set Caillot on a trajectory that would lead him to stints in the mid-1990s that included Sirio Maccioni's Osteria del Circo in New York City followed by opening Le Cirque and Osteria del Circo at Steve Wynn's Bellagio in 1998, and eventually back to New York. As for returning to work for Steve Wynn 16 years later, Caillot says, "It took me two seconds to make that decision. I always said if we come back, it has to be for something good. For me, coming back to Wynn was a no-brainer." Appreciating Wynn's exacting standards and demand for quality, the 2003 National Pastry Championship and 2004 World Pastry Championship winner jumped at the chance to work at his resorts again. "On the Strip they put the banquet and buffet as second tier, but at Wynn everything is on the first tier. We are the only hotel on the Strip to make all the croissants and Danish from scratch, and we make it by hand. There's the same expectation whether we make it for a banquet or one of the fine-dining restaurants," explains Caillot. Before returning to Wynn in August 2016, Caillot spent three years teaching at The French Pastry School in Chicago. "It was good because I returned to the basics," says Caillot. "At school we teach [students] by hand because it's one thing to read the recipe or go online and see somebody do it, but it's another thing to make it, to touch it, to feel it. When making croissants or brioche, I'm going to teach you how to feel the dough, and that's muscle memory— it's like riding a bicycle; you learn and you know how to do it 20 years later." Caillot's experience in Chicago will come in handy this holiday season when he teaches an intermediate Chocolate Master Class to Wynn guests on Dec. 7. During the two-hour class at Lakeside at Wynn, he will offer instruction on the basics of working with chocolate during a crash course in emulsions, tempering, molding and pip- ing. The French chef also has a Treat Trimming class scheduled for Dec. 16. Edible holiday tree ornaments will be made from chocolate and gin- gerbread to the delight of those young would-be apprentices (ages 5 and older) interested in creat- ing some taste sensations of their own. Chocolate Master Class, Dec. 7, at 2 pm, $125 per person; Treat Trimming Class, Dec. 16, at 2pm, $95 per person. Call 702-770-7070 to register. 握了之後Remillet先生就教我更多東西,就這樣 日復一日。Remillet先生是一位偉大的導師,非常 耐心地教導我。他的個性強硬又嚴格,對我的人 生影響很大。」 嚴師出高徒,Remillet的教導使Caillot得以 在1990年代中期進入紐約的Sirio Maccioni's Osteria del Circo工作,隨後1998年在史提芬 永利先生的Bellagio百樂宮酒店Le Cirque和 Osteria del Circo兩家餐廳任職,後來又再回到 紐約工作。 時隔16年後,Caillot再次回歸為史提芬永 利先生工作,他說:「我只用了兩秒鐘的時間做出 這個決定。我總是說,如果我們回來,一定是為了 更美好的未來。對我來說,回到永利是不假思索 的決定」 因為非常欣賞永利先生對品質標準的嚴格要 求,這位2003年全國糕點錦標賽和2004年世界糕 點錦標賽的冠軍得主再次把握住為永利先生工作 的機會。Caillot解釋說:「在拉斯維加斯大道上 的酒店,宴會和自助餐通常不是他們首要考慮的 事情,但在永利,所有事情都並列最受重視的層 級。我們是拉斯維加斯大道上唯一一家以純手工 自行製作牛角包和丹麥酥的酒店。無論是為宴會 還是為高級餐廳製作,我們對出品的要求都同樣 地嚴格。」 在2016年8月回歸永利工作之前,Caillot曾 在芝加哥的法國糕點學校執教三年。「這是好事 情,讓我能回歸最基本的技藝。」Caillot說:「在 學校裡我們會手把手地教導學生,因為閱讀食譜 書或是上網看別人怎樣做,和自己動手製作、觸 摸、感受是截然不同的兩件事。在製作牛角包或 法式牛油包時,我會教學生如何用手去感受麵團, 這是一種肌肉記憶,就像騎單車一樣。一旦學會 了,20年後都會記得。」 Caillott在芝加哥的教學經驗將在這個聖 誕假期派上用場 —他會在12月7日面向永利賓 客開設一堂中級巧克力大師班。課程在永利湖畔 舉行,時長兩小時,Caillot會講解巧克力製作的 基本知識,以及如何做巧克力乳化、調溫、注模 成型、唧花的速成步驟。這位法國大廚還會在12 月16日開設一堂聖誕甜品裝飾課,教大家用巧克 力和薑餅製作可食用的聖誕樹裝飾,讓小學徒們 (5歲及以上)快樂發揮自己的美味創意。巧克力 大師班:12月7日下午2时,每人125美元; 聖誕甜品 裝飾課:12月16日下午2时,每人95美元。 請致電 702 770 7070登記報名。 Caillot的特色甜品三重奏: 南瓜芝士蛋糕杯; 檸檬和覆盆子撻; 異國風味熱情果球。 A trio of Caillot's specialty desserts: pumpkin cheesecake glass; lemon and raspberry tart; exotic passion fruit pop.

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