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PHOTOGRAPHY BY SUZANNE CORDEIRO/CORBIS VIA GET T Y IMAGES NINETEEN-TIME GRAMMY WINNER AND LEGENDARY ENTER- TAINER TONY BENNETT recently celebrated his more than 60 years of contributions to the Great American Songbook with "Tony: The Best s Yet to Come," at Wynn Las Vegas. Thrilling audiences nostalgic for his catalog of jazz and pop masterpieces (and young admirers recently converted by his appear- ances with Lady Gaga), Bennett took fans on a journey through his iconic songs that have touched the hearts and souls of audiences for decades and helped cement his status as one of the most vital and charming performers of all time. We spoke to him about his mini-residency at Wynn, his history in Las Vegas, and the pastime he always makes time for when he visits. Your recent shows at Wynn Las Vegas were a huge hit. Why did you decide to do these shows? "I love performing in Las Vegas as most of the audience is on vacation and they are relaxed and in good spirits, so the shows are always lively. And since I have been touring for over 60 years now, it's a treat to have a series of shows all in the same town so I can avoid all the travel in between. And it's nice to have some extra time in Vegas so I can get some painting done while I am there." Tony Bennett在永利拉斯維加斯的演出門票 全部銷售一空,演出結束後,他與我們分享了在 拉斯維加斯的珍貴回憶。 On the heels of his sold-out run of shows at Wynn Las Vegas, Tony Bennett shares some cherished Vegas memories. 好戲尚在後頭 THE BEST IS YET TO COME 73 十九次格萊美獎得主、傳奇藝人Tony Bennett最近在永利拉斯維加斯舉行 「Tony: The Best Is Yet to Come」演出,慶祝他為Great American Song- book(美國金曲簿)貢獻超過60年的精彩時光。Bennett擁有大量喜愛他的爵士 和流行樂經典作品的觀眾,更因最近與Lady Gaga同台合作而吸引了眾多年輕新 粉絲,他以數十年來觸動萬千心靈的多首著名金曲,帶領現場觀眾展開一趟美妙 的音樂旅程,再次證明他作為史上最具魅力的音樂人之一的重要地位。我們和他 聊天,談到了他在永利的短居體驗,在拉斯維加斯的發展歷程,還有每次來訪必 定會騰出時間做的消遣方式。 你最近在永利拉斯維加斯的系列演出非常成功。為何決定舉辦這些演出? 「我非常喜歡在拉斯維加斯表演,因為大多數觀眾都是來這裡度假,他們身心放 鬆,精神充沛,所以演出氣氛總是熱鬧又生動。我已經四處巡演超過六十年了,難 得能在同一個城市舉辦一系列的演出,我不必舟車勞頓奔波各地。而且能在拉斯 維加斯多住一陣是很好的事情,我終於有時間完成幾幅繪畫。」

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