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43 store's shelving was crafted in black briar root wood. Seating upholstered in genuine crocodile skin, a trademark of Stefano Ricci around the world, is here; in Las Vegas, the chairs and couches are interpreted in a vivid shade of orange. "For Italians, Las Vegas is that place in America that makes you feel good about enjoying your time," says Filippo Ricci, the brand's creative director. "It brings up real ideas of luxury at the extreme, and nothing better brings that image up than Wynn." Both the Louis Vuitton and Stefano Ricci stores appeal to a demographic of men who are high rollers, even before they've stepped foot in the casino. "These are certainly the customers," observes Visconti. "They are the CEOs of the companies that have meetings here, they are locals, they are executives of industry. They come from everywhere. They're just well-heeled, fashion- able men who are citizens of the world." The new Saint Laurent store, which offers items for both men and women, features the designs of Creative Director Anthony Vaccarello, whose mix of beautiful materials with healthy doses of glitz and edge seems especially at home in Las Vegas. One of the store's most coveted items is the Niki boot, a trim over-the-knee boot available in either inky suede or supple black leather, with an angular heel that makes it equally appropriate for a stylish meal in a glamorous restaurant, a power meet- ing, or a night on the dance floor. Other items of note include a perfectly weathered, fitted motorcycle jacket for men, adorned with a handful of bold patches, and an asymmetrical, backless dress crafted in a deep, uni- versally flattering shade of green, with an especially fluid drape. There is also, not surprisingly, a wide choice of small leather goods; one standout is the Loulou, a soft but structured shoulder bag with long, diagonal quilting and the brand's eye-catching YSL hardware. For this season, it's available in a soft shade of pearly gray that will look as timely next summer as it does at this very moment. 快樂地盡情享受美好時光的好地方。它代表著極致奢華的理念,而永利 是演繹這個理念的最佳地方。」路易威登和Stefano R icci的新店對出手 闊綽的男士貴賓們都有高度吸引力,他們還未踏進度假村就已經深受吸 引。Viscont i根據觀察總結說:「這些都是樂意一擲千金的客人,他們是 在這裡舉行公司會議的CEO,是當地人,是行業的高管,他們來自世界各 地,是教養良好、充滿時尚感的世界公民。」 新的Saint Laurent男女裝店鋪裡出售創意總監A ntony Vaccarel lo的設計作品,漂亮的材質閃耀著誘人光芒,洋溢自信的鋒芒 氣質與這個城市的感覺極為相稱。店鋪的鎮店貨品之一是採用黑色麂皮 或黑色軟皮製作、帶有角形鞋跟的Nik i boot過膝長靴,既適合出席高 級餐廳的優雅宴會,也適合參加重要會議,或是歡樂的跳舞之夜。其他值 得關注的貨品包括:點綴眾多繡章、適合各種氣候的男士修身機車皮褸, 以及散發迷人魅力的深綠色不對稱設計露背連衣裙,搭配線條極為流暢 的披肩。當然還有各種手袋和小型皮具的豐富選擇,其中最引人注目的是 L oulou方形軟皮單肩包,配合長斜紋絎縫及耀眼的YSL五金件,今季新 出的顏色是柔和的珍珠灰,這種顏色一直到明年夏季都會極為流行。 PHOTOGRAPHY © STEFANO RICCI S.P.A. 在Stefano Ricci最著名 的店鋪裡感受優雅而充 滿男性魅力的設計,如 像置身於戛納的店鋪。 Look for the elegantly masculine design elements of Stefano Ricci's most famous boutiques, such as the one in Cannes.

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