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December 2, 2020

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BIG SOFT GINGER COOKIES MEALS IN Monica's MINUTES By Monica Sinclair I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving, even if it had to be pared down. We only had my in-laws, our daughter and grandson over. There were so many left- overs, I'm not sure we can eat them all, but everything was delicious. Now, we are only 3 ½ weeks away from Christmas! So, I thought I would focus on great recipes for this holiday over the next few weeks. Most of them will probably be sweets, but I will try to find at least one actual meal to share. I am going to start off with gin- ger cookies. I do love ginger cookies, but they are usu- ally hard, and I feel like I am going to break my teeth on them. However, I discovered a recipe for soft ginger cookies and can't wait to try it. You can make these for yourself or as gifts. Enjoy! INGREDIENTS • 3/4 cup butter, sof- tened • 1 cup sugar • 1 large egg, room tem- perature • 1/4 cup molasses • 2-1/4 cups all-purpose flour • 2 teaspoons ground ginger • 1 teaspoon baking soda • 3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon • 1/2 teaspoon ground cloves • 1/4 teaspoon salt • Additional sugar DIRECTIONS 1. In a large bowl, cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in egg and molasses. 2. Combine the flour, ginger, baking soda, cinnamon, cloves and salt; gradually add to the creamed mix- ture and mix well. 3. Roll into 1-1/2-in. balls, then roll in sugar. Place 2 in. apart on ungreased baking sheets. Bake at 350° un- til puffy and lightly browned, 10 -12 minutes. Remove to wire racks to cool. Source: tasteof HELP CHILDREN LEARN TO express powerful emotions YOUTH FIRST TODAY By Megan Shake, Youth First, Inc. They can happen anywhere – the gro- cery store, the doctor's office, restau- rants, school, or home. If your child is prone to meltdowns, you know they can strike at any time and any place! The first step in helping children man- age meltdowns is to understand why the meltdowns are happening. This can be difficult, since meltdowns can be trig- gered by a variety of reasons: fear, frus- tration, anger, anxiety, or sensory over- load. Fortunately, children typically have meltdowns in very predictable situations, so you can learn to be more prepared to manage an outburst when it occurs. Meltdowns are often symptoms of dis- tress your child is struggling to man- age. As a result, children attempt to do whatever it takes to get what they want, even if it means crying, yelling, kicking, name calling, or throwing things. Out- bursts may become learned behaviors if the child achieves the outcome they de- sire from the meltdown. Understanding meltdowns means knowing what triggers them. According to Dr. Vasco Lopes, a clinical psychol- ogist, a common trigger for many kids is when they are asked to do something they don't want to do or when they can- not continue doing something they enjoy. This can be especially true for kids with ADHD, as some tasks can be less stimu- lating and require them to control phys- ical activity. Once triggers can be pinpointed, try to modify the trigger. This could mean giving more warning that a task is about to start or end, especially for those kids who struggle with transitions, or this could mean restructuring problematic activities. For example, if homework time leads to tantrums, you can modify it by offer- ing frequent breaks, support the child in areas that are particularly difficult, orga- nize the work, or break down particular- ly large or intimating tasks into small- er ones. Setting clear expectations can also help prevent tantrums from happening. Instead of telling the child that they need to be good today, be specific and concise in your communication. Tell them they need to stay seated during mealtime, keep their hands to themselves, and say only nice things, as these are very con- crete expectations. Also make sure ex- pectations are developmentally appropri- ate and match the child's ability. Furthermore, a parent or caregiver's response to tantrums plays a role in pre- venting future ones. It is helpful to re- spond to meltdowns consistently. For out- bursts that are not dangerous, the goal is to ignore the behavior and withhold at- tention from negative behaviors you want to discourage. Give attention and praise when your child exhibits positive behaviors. Try B-10 Wednesday, December 2, 2020 The Press-Dispatch HOME LIFE TO ADVERTISE: Call: 812-354-8500 Email: Visit: 820 E. Poplar Street, Petersburg Deadline: 5 p.m. on Monday Looking for a country location? Great location with 2 acres located 3/4 miles from Union. Property has a pole barn, shed and poultry house. Three-bedroom, 2-full-baths single-wide trailer. Trailer needs some repairs. MLS# 202037056 Eddie Boyd, Principal Broker Kay Helfen Associate Broker 812-582-1145 Addey Boyd Associate Broker 812-354-5599 Keith Shoultz Associate Broker 812-664-6640 Adam Boyd Associate Broker 812-582-2486 602 E. Main, Petersburg 812-354-8893 SIAR Check out our new website REALTY & DEVELOPMENT LLC BOYD BOYD P BOYD For personal service, ch se NEW LISTING! This commercial building was erected in 1987 and was used as a retail hardware store up until 2018. The build consists of approximately 4,448 square feet. The building is all open and has free span trusses that make the area open to any kind of use. There is an open fenced-in area in the rear, with a 24'x86' open three-sided storage building. The main building had a new roof installed in 2016, along with new gutter and new metal siding on the east and west gable ends. MLS# 202046722 This home has a lot to offer for the price. It has a new deck, shingles and soffi t were replaced 2 years ago. New back porch and stairs were installed to access basement. Original hardwood fl oors refi nished in family room and dining room. The kitchen has a separate pantry area that is impressive. Craftsmanship construction of display cabinets in the family room area. Enclosed front porch with new siding, entrance door and windows. MLS# 202046811 Cozy three bedroom home that has had a lot of interior renovations. Located on a corner lot with attached garage. This home still needs a few upgrades, but for the price, it is very reasonable. Move in ready. MLS# 202046809 NEW LISTING! NEW LISTING! Great hunting area located in a fairly isolated location. Mostly agricultural property surrounding the 16.83 acre parcel. Approximately 11 acres tillable. MLS#202039248 Featured Cozy two bedroom home located on a corner lot in town. PLUS, A GREAT EXTRA: This home has geothermal heating and cooling. All new vinyl wood plank fl ooring. Custom-build Amish cabinets. Priced to sell! MLS# 202047260 NEW LISTING! Down Sweet's Continued on page 11

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