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August 25, 2021

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INSIDER LOUIE CAMPBELL Sales Professional CALL OR TEXT 812-899-6267 @LouieYourCarGuy HWY. 64 W. PRINCETON Looking for a Great Deal On Your Next Vehicle? Pregnant... or think you are? Call:1-877-257-1084 or Locally Call: 1-812-354-2814 • Free pregnancy testing • Free counseling and info. on pregnancy options. • Confi dential counseling for women & men who are suff ering from post-abortion syndrome. • Residential Care • Health and assistance referrals. • Training and education. • Assistance in getting baby and maternity clothes Matthew Lining, D.P.M. Podiatry Matthew Lining, D.P.M. was recently appointed to the active medical staff at Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center. A podiatrist is a doctor that diagnoses and treats conditions of the foot, ankle, and related structures of the leg. Dr. Lining received his doctor of podiatric medicine degree at Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine in Independence, Ohio. He completed his residency and served as chief resident in podiatry at Ascension St. Vincent in Indianapolis. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Lining, please call Family Foot and Ankle Care of Jasper, located at 695 West 2nd Street, Suite C, in Jasper, at 812-481-7200. The Press-Dispatch Wednesday, August 25, 2021 A-5 FRIDAY CHILI Roast Beef Manhattan $ 8.99 Roast Beef Smothered in Gravy on Mashed Potatoes and Bread with Green Beans or Corn and Drink * Whitefish Sandwich $ 8.99 Dressed the way you like! Served with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Green Beans or Corn and a Drink Polish Sausage $ 8.99 with Sauerkraut, served with Cornbread, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy and a Drink * CHEESY CHICKEN BROCCOLI OR CHILI Grilled Chicken Salad $ 8.99 Grilled Chicken Breast on a Bed of Spring Mix with Red Onions, Tomato, Cheese and Bacon with Creamy Ranch Dressing. Served with Drink. * WEDNESDAY Boneless Pork Chop $ 8.99 Tender Pork Loin Baked with Special Spices and Parmesan Cheese served with Baked Potato, Green Beans and a Drink * *Your Choice of Regular Coffee, Tea or Coke Product. Specials and menu items are subject to food availability from suppliers. /RandysAmericanaCafe Like us on Facebook! 7TH & MAIN STREETS • PETERSBURG AUGUST 25 – 31 MONDAY CHILI Spaghetti $ 7.99 Cheesy Mozzarella Toast, Side Salad and Drink * Chicken Salad Sandwich $ 8.99 On croissant served with Chips, Side and Drink * French Toast $ 8.99 Choice of Two Sides and Drink * CHILI Biscuits and Gravy $ 8.99 Served With Your Choice of Two Sides and a Drink * SATURDAY Stromboli $ 8.99 Our Own Special Stromboli Served with Grippos (Plain or BBQ), Side Salad and a Drink * daily Dine-in & Carry-Out THURSDAY Ham Steak $ 8.99 Thick-Sliced Ham Served with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Green Beans or Buttered Peas and Carrots, Roll and a Drink * Meatloaf $ 8.99 Green Beans or Buttered Peas and Carrots, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Roll and Drink * TUESDAY Turkey Manhattan $ 8.99 Turkey Breast Smothered in Gravy on Mashed Potatoes and Bread with Green Beans and Drink * Taco Salad $ 8.99 Served with Sour Cream, Salsa and a Drink * HAM & BEANS WITH CORNBREAD OR CHILI CHEESY POTATO OR CHILI Joe Mama's Pizza will soon be available at Randy's Americana Joe Mama's CO M I NG SOO N ! Mon-Fri 7am-8pm Saturday 7am-2pm 812-354-2004 Social Security Matters By Rusty Gloor Social Security income hurts when I file my taxes Dear Rusty: I am getting hammered with taxes on my Social Security (SS). I am retired and draw a meager work pension and SS bene- fits. When my wife and I filed our joint tax return we owed the IRS a substantial amount of money - they took 85 per- cent of my SS in taxes. We are just barely over the mini- mal amount of income allowed for SS tax exemption. Is there anything I can do so I do not have to pay all this money at once at the end of the year? I didn't get any tax advice when I started drawing my SS and the guy who prepared our tax return couldn't have cared less. No one ever told me that I would get double-taxed on the SS that I worked so hard for. Any help or advice is ap- preciated, I cannot take anoth- er hit like this again. Signed: Double-Taxed. Dear Double-Taxed: Un- fortunately, taxation of Social Security benefits has been law since 1983 when the law to allow 50 percent of bene- fits to be taxed was enacted. In 1993 they added another threshold to allow up to 85 per- cent of SS benefits to be tax- able. Just to clarify the way it works (not that it will soften the pain), they don't take 85 percent of your SS benefits away in taxes, but 85 percent of your SS benefits becomes part of your overall taxable in- come at whatever your normal IRS tax rate is for your income level. So, if your IRS tax rate is 10 percent, that percentage is applied to 85 percent of your SS benefits re- ceived during the tax year (at your income lev- el). As for whether there is anything you can do, short of lowering your overall income the answer is no. The IRS determines taxabil- ity of your SS benefits based upon something called your "Modified Adjusted Gross In- come" or "MAGI" which is your normal Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) from your tax return, plus 50 percent of the Social Security benefits you received during the tax year, with any non-taxable interest you may have had added back in. With an IRS filing status of "married-filing jointly," if your MAGI was more than $ 32,000 then 50 percent of your SS benefits are included in your taxable income; if your MAGI is more than $44,000 then up to 85 percent of your SS benefits becomes part of your overall tax- able income. And unfortunately, there's no way around that. FYI, the thresholds for single filers are $25,000 (above which 50 percent of SS is taxable) and $ 34,000 (above which 85 percent of SS is tax- able). Below those minimum thresholds for both single and married filers, Social Security benefits aren't taxable. To soften the income tax burden when you file your tax- es each year, you may want to consider having taxes with- held from your SS benefit payments. That's easy to do by submitting IRS form W-4V to your local Social Security office. Here's a link at which you can download and print that form: irs-pdf/fw4v.pdf. You will see that you can choose to have any of the following percent- ages of your SS benefit with- held for Federal Income Tax purposes—7 percent, 10 per- cent, 12 percent or 22 percent. To find the mailing address for your local Social Security of- fice, go to tor. To submit a question, visit website ( programs/social-security-ad- visory) or email ssadvisor@ Area Reunion DEMOTTE REUNION Descendants of the late El- vis and Caroline (Coleman) DeMotte, who resided near Otwell, met for their 69th annual reunion on Aug. 15, at Eastside Park in Washing- ton. They did not meet last year due to COVID. Attend- ing were: Jesse Howard, of Pontiac, Ill.; Tony Howard, of Springfield, Ill.; Mike and Lori Chambers, of Westfield; Dick and Mary Ann (De- Motte) Gayle, of Scottsdale, Ariz.; Sharon (DeMotte) Smith and Ronnie Smith, of Evansville; Jim and Bren- da DeMotte, and Tim and Beth DeMotte, Ilana and Si- mon, all of Jasper; Court- ney Smith and Sammy Qui- nones, of Indianapolis; John and Suzanne Risley, and Bri- an Risley, of Ft. Wayne; Sara Risley, of Indianapolis; Lu- cas and Jennifer Kluemper, of Ferdinand; Gene and Lo- ri Williams, Kristie and Kait- lyn, of Monroe City; Richard and Tammy Williams, Hunt- er and Madeline, of Winslow; Chet and Kyle Williams and Kate Williams, of Petersburg. Plans have been made to have the reunion at the same loca- tion on Aug. 14, 2022. AREA HAPPENINGS Celebrate Recovery–Will meet every Monday at 6 p.m. at the River of Life Church, 342 E. CR 300 N., Petersburg. For more information, contact Pastor Jim at 812-354-8800. Pike County History Center—Will meet the fourth Mon- day of each month at the History Center, 1104 Main Street, Petersburg at 6:30 p.m. New members welcome. History Cen- ter hours Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. until fur- ther notice. DAR—Local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution meet the second Monday of each month Sep- tember through June at 6 p.m. at the History Center in Pe- tersburg. Free Clothing Bank–Oak Grove Church in Oakland City offers a free clothing bank each Tuesday 9 -11 a.m. (Oakland City time) for everyone. They carry new and used clothing. Location is on Morton Street, just past Chuckles. Come to the gymnasium door located at the back of the church. Winslow Alcoholics Anonymous – will meet every Tues- day at 7:30 p.m. Call 812-789 -8535 for location of the meeting. Odd Fellows IOOF Pacific Lodge #175 meeting–the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m. All area members are encouraged to attend. Otwell Ruritan–will have its monthly meetings the sec- ond Monday of each month at 7 p.m. Pike Lodge #121 F&AM regular stated meeting–the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. All area Masons are invited to attend. Jefferson Township Community Center of Otwell–will have its monthly meetings the first Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. All members are urged to attend. Perinatal Loss Support – Expectant parents who sud- denly lose their child often experience a wide range of emo- tions and grief. Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center offers support to assist those who have experienced the loss of a child (conception to one month of age) through the griev- ing process, and provide an atmosphere of confidentiality and comfort. For more information about Perinatal Loss Support, con- tact Theresa O'Bryan, Pastoral Care, at 812-996 -0219 or to- Grief Support Series-The death of a loved one, a child leaving home, overwhelming changes in one's personal life – each can cause profound grief and suffering. To offer reas- surance and comfort, Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center has developed a free support program called "Grief Support Series." In this program, participants will learn that grief is nor- mal, examine the various emotions of grief, be encouraged to face the pain, and find ways to make a healthy emotional withdrawal from the loss. Conducting the sessions will be Theresa O'Bryan, Hospital Chaplain, and Tom Holsworth, a clinical psychologist who has served as a co-facilitator of this program since its inception in 1991. Call for the next five-week program. Programs will be at 6:30 p.m. in Memorial Hospital and Health Care Centers Chapel. This program is free and space is limited. Pre-regis- tration is necessary, please call 812-996 -0219. Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Caregiver Sup- port Group- Meeting dates have changed to the first Tues- day of every month. The next meeting is Tuesday, Septem- ber 7, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. in the Medical Arts Conference Center, located in the lower level of the Medical Arts Building at 721 W. 13th St. in Jasper. This support group allows care- givers to come together to share knowledge and experiences in caring for loved ones who are affected by these illnesses. For more information, visit Memorial Hospital's website at and click on "Classes & Events." If you are not comfortable attending due to COVID-19, but would like more information on dementia and being a caregiver, call 812-996 -0218. Pre-registration is not necessary. Note: You must wear a mask and temperature checks will be administered. We will follow CDC guidelines for safe attendance; however, if you are part of the at-risk population for COVID-19, use discre- tion when deciding to attend. Living with COPD–If you or if someone you care for is living with COPD, join us for an educational meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 14, from noon-1:30 p.m. in the Memo- rial Hospital and Health Care Center Mary Potter Meeting Room, located inside the hospital at 800 W. 9th St., Jasper. For more information about "Living with COPD," visit Me- morial Hospital's website at and click on "Classes & Events," or call 812-996 -5232 or 812-996 -1528. Pre-registration is not necessary, and there is no cost to at- tend. Stroke Survivor and Caregiver Support Group-Stroke care doesn't end when you leave the hospital. Many stroke survivors and their caregivers experience a range of emo- tions as they adjust back to normal daily activities. Memori- al Hospital and Health Care Center, in conjunction with Uni- versity of Louisville Health, is offering a new, free support group where stroke survivors and their family/caregivers can talk openly with others who share similar experiences. The first support group will be on Tuesday, September 28, from 1-3 p.m. in the Medical Arts Building Conference Cen- ter, located at 721 W. 13th Street in Jasper. The support group will be monthly. Pre-registration is not required to attend. For more information about the Stroke Survivor and Care- giver Support Group, call Mary Jo Eaton Calhoun, BSN, RN, Telemedicine Services, at 812-996 -6364, or Brandie Beck, RN, Neuroscience Nurse Coordinator, at 812-996 -5912 or. You can also e-mail questions or comments to strokesup-

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