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April 10, 2019

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The Press-Dispatch Local Wednesday, April 10, 2019 A- 5 Pike County Economic Development Corporation Pike County EDC prepares for various business attraction events Under certain circumstances, any dog can bite National Dog Bite Pre- vention Week ® started April 7 and will continue through April 13. With an estimated 90 million dogs living in U.S. households, accidents are bound to hap- pen. Most dogs will never bite, but it is important to remember that any dog can bite regardless of breed or type. In 2018, State Farm paid $123 million as a result of over 3,200 dog-related inju- ry claims across the Unit- ed States. Indiana ranked eighth with 109 claims last year, resulting in $4.1 mil- lion paid for those claims. State Farm suggests the following tips to keep peo- ple safe from dog bites: • Understand your dog's body language. Too often people misunderstand or miss signals that a dog is uncomfortable. A dog that yawns may be showing a sign of stress rather than tiredness. • Protect kids. Never leave children, especially babies, alone with a dog, even it is a family pet. • Grab the leash. Always have your dog on a leash when outdoors, at the park, on walks, etc. • Enroll your dog in training classes. This opens up communication between you and your pet. Socializing your dog puts them at ease around peo- ple and other animals. • Go to the vet. Regu- lar veterinary visits are es- sential to regulating the health of your dog. A sick or injured dog is more like- ly to bite. When encountering a dog, State Farm recom- mends that you W.A.I.T. W—Wait to see if the dog is with his or her owner and looks friendly. A—Ask the owner for permission to pet their dog. If the owners says no, stop and walk away slowly. I—Invite the dog to sniff you. Use a quiet voice to talk to the dog. T—Touch the dog gently to pet. Never pet near the face, head, or tail. Very important: Also remember the following DON'TS: • Do not disturb a dog while eating. • Do not pull a dog's tail. • Do not try to outrun a dog. You will probably lose. MONDAY VEGETABLE BEEF SOUP Spaghetti $ 6.99 Cheesy Mozzarella Toast, Side Salad and Drink* DAILY dine in or carry out *Your Choice of Regular Coffee, Tea or Coke Product. /CakesAndCoffeeCafe Like us on Facebook! In a Hurry? Call 812-354-2004! FREE WiFi 618 E MAIN, PETERSBURG APRIL 10 thru APRIL 16 CHEESY CHICKEN BROCCOLI Chicken and Dumplings $ 7.99 Plate of Chicken and Dumplings, Green Beans or Buttered Peas and Carrots, Baked Apples, Roll and a Drink * THURSDAY CHEESY POTATO Country Ham $ 7.99 Thick-Sliced Country Ham Served with Macaroni and Cheese, Green Beans or Buttered Peas and Carrots, Roll and a Drink * CHICKEN NOODLE & CHILI FRIDAY Roast Beef Manhattan $ 7.99 Roast Beef Smothered in Gravy on Mashed Potatoes and Amish Bread with Green Beans and Drink * Parmesan Baked Tilapia Fish Fillet $ 7.99 Baked Potato, Amish Bread and Drink * CHILI Biscuits and Gravy $ 6.99 With Your Choice of Bacon or Sausage, Two Eggs and Drink* Coney Dogs $ 7.99 Two large Hot Dogs on Buns served with Coney Sauce (cheese and onions optional), Bag of Chips (Grippos BBQ or Lays regular) and Drink* Omelette $ 7.99 2 Egg Omelette With Cheese, Onions, Green Peppers and Mushrooms, With Your Choice of Bacon or Sausage, Toast and Drink.* TUESDAY HAM & BEANS WITH CORNBREAD FRESH, MADE-FROM-SCRATCH CINNAMON ROLLS TUESDAY MORNING Turkey Manhattan $ 7.99 Turkey Breast Smothered in Gravy on Mashed Potatoes and Amish Bread with Green Beans and Drink * Polish Sausage $ 7.99 with Sauerkraut Served with Cornbread, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, and Drink * Baked Chicken Breast $ 7.99 Juicy Seasoned Baked Chicken Breast Served with Macaroni and Cheese, Green Beans or Peas and Carrots, Slice of Amish Bread and a Drink * WEDNESDAY SATURDAY The King's Stromboli $ 7.99 A Large 9 Inch Stromboli Fit for a King! Served with Chips, Side Salad and a Drink * Make it a Supreme $ 1.00 Add Green Peppers, Mushrooms, Pepperoncinis and Double Cheese. new new FRESH, MADE-FROM-SCRATCH CINNAMON ROLLS FRIDAY MORNING FRESH, MADE-FROM-SCRATCH CINNAMON ROLLS SATURDAY MORNING new Host Your Next Party With Us! We Provide Meal, Desserts and Clean Up! Meatloaf $ 7.99 Green Beans or Buttered Peas and Carrots, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Roll and Drink * Cut Out and Place on the Fridge! cafe & cakes cof fee cafe Mon-Fri 7:30am-6pm Saturday 7:30am-2pm HOURS • Jelly Belly • Caramel Filled Bunnies • Robin Eggs • Milk, Dark, White and Sugar Free Chocolate Bunnies • Chocolate Bunny Suckers • Easter Gummies On the Square in Jasper • 812-482-1617 Mon–Fri 10am–5:30pm • Sat 10am–3pm Fill your Easter Baskets with gourmet treats! Great for all ages! Rain or Shine EastEr Egg Hunt Saturday, April 13 starting at noon AGES 0-10 Otwell Community Center 2301 N. Spring St., Otwell More Than 20 Years of Service Karen Thacker, AFSP Owner THACKER TAX SERVICE 512 S. 8th Avenue Haubstadt, IN 47639 812-615-0071 (office) 812-789-3852 (cell) Invasive Species Awareness week and ALB Gov. Eric Holcomb has proclaimed this week, April 8 -12, as Invasive Spe- cies Awareness Week in Indiana. Consider the proclamation as an important reminder for Hoosiers to watch for potentially devastating pests. "There are several invasive species causing significant damage to Indi- ana's natural resources at this time" said State Entomologist Megan Abra- ham, director of the DNR Division of Entomology and Plant Pathology. "Emerald ash borer, Callery pear, gyp- sy moth, kudzu, hydrilla, and purple loosestrife, to name a few." Abraham says several more invasive species are close enough to Indiana's borders to concern Hoosiers. One is Asian long-horned beetle (ALB), which has been found as close as Cin- cinnati. ALB attacks hardwood tree spe- cies. It has the potential to cause sig- nificant economic and environmen- tal impacts if allowed to establish and spread throughout the United States. ALB has been confirmed in Bethel, Ohio, near Cincinnati. Signs of ALB start to show about three to four years after infestation. Tree death occurs in 10 to 15 years. Adult beetles are 1 to 1.5 inches in length with long antennae. Their bod- ies are black with small white spots, and their antennae are banded in black and white. Adults can be seen from April to December. Trees with round exit holes, approximately 3/8 of an inch in diameter, are signs of ALB presence. Sawdust-like material can be found at the trunk and branch bas- es of infested trees. Signs of ALB start to show about three to four years af- ter infestation. "It's the species that we have not spotted in Indiana that we need help from the public to keep an eye out for," Abraham said. "Watch local forests and natural resources for signs and symptoms of trees or vegetation dy- ing off for seemingly no reason." The State Entomologist said the DNR would rather answer a call, in- spect an area and find nothing to wor- ry about than find out after the fact that someone had spotted a problem and failed to report it. If you see an ALB or signs of it, call the DNR at 866 -NO EXOTIC (866 - 663-9684) with the date and location. If you can capture the beetle, put in a plastic jar and put it in a freezer to kill it. Members of the public may report invasive species to the DNR through the Report IN website edd- or by downloading the Great Lakes Early Detection Net- work (GLEDN) app on a smartphone. For more information on all invasive species that could affect Indiana and ways to help stop their spread, see dnr. Dubois County Museum upcoming events On Saturday, April 13, Storytime beginning at 10 :30 a.m. at the Dubois County Museum. Theme: Easter/Ducks. Crafts and Activities. The museum will be closed April 19 and April 21 for Good Friday and Easter. Sunday, April 28, 2 p.m. Jasper Reptile Center re- turns to the Museum with Blake Buechlein's collec- tion of reptiles, snakes, liz- ards, tortoise, turtle and a baby alligator. Teddy Bear Tea with Grandma and Me, May 4, 10 :30 a.m. Reserve your spot by April 26 at dcmu- There will be a charge for adults and each child. Bring your favorite Ted- dy Bear or special doll and enjoy a morning of crafts, games, a Tea Party, snacks and a scavenger hunt. Come dressed in your best for some sweet treats and tea. The museum is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Sat- urday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday 1-4 p.m. Closed on Monday. Pike County EDC is partnering with the Southwest Indi- ana Development Council (SWIDC), which consists of a 10 -county region, to participate in six domestic sales trips focused on busi- ness attraction. Pike Coun- ty EDC and SWIDC collab- orated by creating a regional marketing plan with target industries that fit in south- west Indiana. The various sales trips are focused on agribusiness, ad- vanced manufacturing, logistics and foreign direct investment. The sales trips will begin in mid-April and go on throughout the year. Collaborating as a region is smart eco- nomic development, as when a company is researching location decisions, they don't see county lines— they see regions. Re- gional workforce, in- dustry, quality-of-life, tourism, housing, etc. Regional sales trips include meeting with multiple companies, building rela- tionships with engineering firms and site selectors, and increasing aware- ness of the assets in Pike County and southwest Indiana region. The Indi- ana Economic Development Corpora- tion (IEDC) has implemented a won- derful grant opportunity to assist in the business trip expenses. Pike County EDC appreciates this great opportunity and to utilize this plat- form to publicize the sites and South- west Indiana Megasite opportunity at the I-69 interchange. For more information, visit our Facebook page at Pike County Eco- nomic Development Corporation or email Ashley Polen Willis at pikeg-

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