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Why I love Corning — Honorable Mentions An Olive City Essay I live in Red Bluff just now, but I am a former and future resident of Corning. Lend me two minutes and I'll tell you why. First, the obvious: olives and The Olive Pit. My earliest memories of family travel are from when I was four years old, sitting with my brother in the back seat of my Granddad's industrialgreen Impala, driving from Union City to Ono for family and fishing. We always stopped at the Olive Pit. If you never had an Olive Pit hamburger back in the '70s, then I'm saddened for your loss. I've had burgers in 37 states and 3 countries, and the only one that ever came close where the recently deceased "Flournoy-Burgers" (may they one day be returned to us). Granddad was well-versed in Tehama County history, and always made sure we had great respect for all the agricultural innovations that were born right here in Corning. From olives to peaches, and all around the cornucopia; Corning has always been a shining example to the world of a farmer's dedication to his craft, and a community's dedication to its farmers. The waitresses in Corning were always the sweetest, most caring people on any of our trips. Not that "practiced-kindness" that waitresses use to pad their tips either, but that down-home family-style bond that you just can't fake. They always had samples of new and delicious things you can do with olives, and never tried to pressure Granddad for a sale. The size of Corning ensures that everybody knows your name, and the feeling of family is everywhere you turn. I can only think of one better place to live, but there are no olives beyond the pearly gates. Joshua E. Tanner, Red Bluff It's the people It's the people, of course!! I retired a few years ago after working in Corning for over twenty years. There are so many warm memories I have of the people and agencies in the community, friends who will always have a special place in my heart. Here are some of my favorites: 1) VALANNE and TONY CARDENAS. A great couple who promote the Corning Hometown Spirit all year long. 2) CORNING MEDICAL ASSOCIATES. A wonderful, caring staff providing much needed care to the community. 3) ANDREA WHITE. A lovely person whose business sense and work ethic set a standard in local banking. 4) CORNING POLICE. The finest of the finest. These officers and staff provide tremendous service to Corning. Protecting, serving and caring for all. Love and cookies to you. 5) JUDY TURNER A devoted community member and outstanding volunteer for so many causes. Her can-do-attitude is terrific. 6) CORNING FIRE. My heroes. Responding to medical aid, fire, emergencies, those guys are there. And they always make holidays special for so many children. 7) WILLIE SMITH. The best way to describe Willie? A true angel, a blessing. She and her staff bring Christmas joy to so many families. 8) TEHAMA VILLAGE APARTMENTS. This wonderful senior complex provides safe, affordable and comfortable housing for many local seniors. 9) BOB WILLIAMS. Tehama County Supervisor District 4. Many thanks for all you do to support the community and voters of District 4. Keep up the good work! 10) CORNING LIBRARY. The best library in the County. Ok, I'm a bit prejudiced. Since retiring my Mondays have been spent volunteering at this special place and I love it, and the staff. Stop by for a visit sometime! Lynn Chamblin, Red Bluff I Think You Will Like It Corning is located in Northern California halfway between Los Angels and Redding on Interstate 5. My husband and I were looking for an inexpensive place to Retire. Well we found it. We reside in Rancho Tehama where we fell in love with the Country atmosphere. At night I can't help but look into the sky full of brilliant stars yearning to reach up and gather some into my arms. Their warmth caresses and soothes my body and I feel like I were in Heaven. This has become such a Special place for my husband and myself. In the Spring; there are so many flowers, birds, deer, and of course other wildlife including the evening yip of the coyotes and the sighing of the wind. Each day I awake to a new day and am so thankful to God for his many blessings. I thank Him for such beauty and such wonderful neighbors. Among his numerous blessings we have Rolling hills Casino. (Your Luckier than you think) Tuesdays and Thursdays are Senior Days. _ off for Seniors 50 & over. They have a World-Class Golf Course designed by John Daly. (18 hole par 72). They offer so many Events from car shows, Food, Art Festivals, to Monday Night Football. They have Hot Rods, Hot Air Balloons, and of course all the ribs you can eat during the Summer. It is a Great event. You can also enjoy the Annual Olive Festival at Woodson Park in August. It is a State Recreation Area along the Sacramento River. It offers boating, camping, fishing, hiking, native trails, swimming and sampling of all the olive oils... What else could you ask for?? Maybe some LUCERO award winning "Peach" Balsamic Vinegar over vanilla ice cream?? It is GREAT!!! I had some at a tour given by Lucero in Corning. It is open to the public. They have great olive oils too!! You must enjoy our Annual Corning Car Show on Mother's Day Weekend in May. The cars drive down Solano Street which brings back memories of our younger years!! Yes, it is still quite rural and so filled by Olive and fruit trees. Corning has a great Museum which preserves our cultural heritage. A great place to spend an afternoon. There numerous Churches for all. I feel so Blessed living here in Corning. Come spend a day, a week, or forever. I think you will like it. Maureen T. Nuuhiwa, Corning Corning 2013 25

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