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30 | | 03.18 Women Business in taking care of business March is National Women's History Month, the perfect time to honor the businesswomen of central Pennsylvania. Over the past several years, women increasingly have become a driving force in shops, offices and boardrooms throughout our area. We hope you enjoy learning about some of these women—how they started in business, how they succeeded and how they find purpose, meaning and even fun in their work. Maybe you'll even decide to follow in their footsteps! 1. Why did you want to start your own business? When Absolute Pilates started as a studio in my house, I wanted to live the entrepreneur's dream of being my own boss. I was drawn to teaching Pilates because it is a bit out of the box and helps give clients what their body needs that day. At the same time, I wanted to have a chance to share authentic Pilates with the central PA community in a way that was for everybody. Ten years ago, I felt there was a real need in the fitness community that was not being met. I also have a saying—for all things in my life, that I want "more." is goes all the way in my life to more challenges, more clients and more people moving well. I see my "more" as the best fitness space to move people forward in their fitness goals right in their neighborhood. 2. What makes your business unique? We have five locations in central PA, bringing the Pilates experience close to everyone. We focus on having classes for everybody: moms, prima ballerinas, elite athletes and grandparents. I am very proud of our well-trained staff. ey are all comprehensively trained, completing the Absolute Pilates 500-plus hour teacher-training program. We also work with our staff to help them pursue their further education and follow their passions to learn about what inspires them. We have staff that is qualified to work with clients looking to get fit, women through out their lifespan, neurological conditions, abundant bodies, orthopedic injuries, active aging and athletes. #pilatesforlife Allison Zang Absolute PilAtes 717.585.2592 3. What's the most fun or gratifying part of what you do? For me, it's working with clients who think they cannot. ose who believe they cannot move, cannot be healthy and cannot feel good. at is never true. Clients can move, be healthy and feel good. I love walking into the studio and working with my clients everyday. To be able to make an impact on someone's life or their day with an hour workout is not something many can say. No day is the same around here. #healthybody I also love that, as the business owner, I have been able to help other women reach their business or career goals. We currently have a staff of 24 people, some with careers outside the studio, while others started their career in the studio after being out of the workforce for up to 15 years. It has been rewarding getting to see other women hit their goals. #girlboss sponsored content

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