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May 10, 2012

The O-town Scene - Oneonta, NY

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Food Songs Playlist TOP 10 In honor of our Food Moment Issue, we've put together a playlist to get you in the food mood. By Cassandra Miller 14 O-Town Scene May 10, 2012 Weird Al likes to twist pop hits into songs about food. This one from Michael Jackson's "Beat It," and is in full support of eating what's put in front of you. Other kids are starving in Japan. SCENE MUSIC MENU 1. "Eat It" Weird Al Yankovic Before Björk was wearing birds as dresses, she was encouraging listen- ers to "bite an apple, suck an orange and taste the pate" with Icelandic group Sugarcubes, together from 1986 to 1992. 2. "Eat the Menu" Sugarcubes 3. "Pulling Mussels From the Shell" Squeeze The song is a holiday celebration, complete with lazing on the beach and enjoying a favorite crustacean. 4. "Cheeseburger in Paradise" Jimmy Buffett Jimmy's another one who likes to write about food. Who wouldn't want to eat a cheeseburger in paradise, perhaps with a piña colada or a ... Kelis' must blend some good ice cream if all the boys are running to the yard to get some. 5. "Milkshake" Kelis 6. "Hey, Good Lookin' (What Ya Got Cookin'?)" Hank Williams Sr. Hank Williams' classic whose lyrics have been swiped by YouTube video chefs far and wide underscores a basic rule of human nature: Everyone likes a partner who can cook (and is good lookin'). In honor of the late Adam Yauch aka MCA, and because like eggs, the Beastie Boys are good for you, we included this late '80s rap tune. 7. "Egg Man" Beastie Boys 8. "Peaches" Presidents of the United States of America We live in the country; why not eat a lot of peaches? We can even eat fresh peaches. Millions of peaches. 9. "Strawberry Fields Forever" The Beatles Not a fan of peaches? Strawberry season is coming up in June. The Beatles' psychedelic "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" classic may be named for a Salvation Army Children's Home around the corner from Lennon's childhood home, but don't you just picture lots of strawberries when you hear it? 10. "Food, Glorious Food" from the musical "Oliver!" Hungry orphans sing the Lionel Bart-penned song in the 1960s musical, but we share the same excite- ment about food, and we have area chefs who are offering delicious dining options.

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