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September 04, 2014

The O-town Scene - Oneonta, NY

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Misc . Merc h a n d i s e For Sale- outside dog pen, 10x10x6. $600 OBO 607- 267-3351 Like new, ladies golf set of Adams irons, Maxfli driver & 5 wood & Nike stand bag. $325 607-369-9561 Proform treadmill, excel- lenct condition, rarely used, $250 435-7951 working with all records. Can be seen at Dawn's Deli, Franklin. $400. Ho m e s 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Ranch. W/D $985/mo. + Utilities. Security & 1 Yr. Lease Required. , Workshop, Carpet, 2/10 of an Acre. 10 Min. From Oneonta. Perfect Home for New or Retired Couples! $45,000. Lan d/ A cre a g e 36.7 Acres, Fields, Woods, Stream $99,000. 5.9 Acres With Barn $52,000. Also 2.7 Acres, Panoramic View $25,000. All Passed Perk Test. Owner Financing. Apar t m e nt s . Parking, Laundry. $675. Incl. Heat & Garbage. 3 Bedrm, 1 bath, upstairs apt. w/ garage. Near Hartwick College. $575. 607-432-0896 Apt.'s Available For Rent in Downtown Oneonta. Au to s '09 Chevy Malibu 51,000 mi., Like new, no NY win- ters, $11,000 OBO, 829-5126 Clean Loaded $2,500. Mint Condition $2,800. Loaded, 3 rd Seat $2,800. AWD, 76,000 Mi. Automatic With Sport Shift + 4 Snow Tires (Used 1 Season). $8,600. Gen er al Help W a nt e d : Delivery drivers of home heating Fuel oil/Kerosene on daily de- livery routes. All drivers must have the CDL-B li- cense with hazmat en- dorsement. Previous ex- perience in the delivery of home heating fuels is a plus. Due to rapid growth we have several openeing for immediate placement. We offer competitive wages and benefits. Please apply within or fax your resume to: Boulder Oil Company, 3 Railroad Ave., Unadilla NY 13849. Fax 607-369-5808, Tele- phone 607-369-7212. Attn: Bob or Becky Couse Misc . Merc h a n d i s e Davids Bridal- beautiful, strapless wedding gown, cleaned, boxed, size 4-6 $125 607-369-9561 2 Sets, 7x9, Insulated With Windows. Good Condition. 1 Electric Opener With Remote. $400 or Best Offer. A23 Beard-Death Experience This adorable, smart, funny guy I'm dating was clean-shaven when we first met, but for the past three weeks, he hasn't shaved much. He has this really weird facial hair pattern (like patches on his cheeks that haven't filled in well), and I don't find it attrac- tive. I didn't know how to bring this up, so I mentioned it to my roommate, and she volunteered to "casually" mention it. So, last week when he and I were having drinks before going out, she popped into the room and said, "Hey, Brad ... still growing that beard? I think you look a lot better clean-shaven." He seemed put off, and we went out to dinner shortly afterward, but the whole evening felt a bit weird. And he still has this patchy facial hair thing going on. — Mangy Situation Nobody wants to be the one to tell a guy that his attempted sexy-man scruff is a ringer for a Hobbit's feet or plant life strug- gling up after a nuclear winter. But as uncomfortable as saying something would have been for you, it had to be far more uncomfortable for him to have your roommate do it, especially right in front of you. As psychologist and linguist Steven Pinker points out in "The Stuff of Thought," we all get that people say stuff behind our backs, but we can let it go unremarked — that is, if nobody knows that we know (that something was said about us). But, Pinker explains, once some disparagement becomes "mutual knowledge" — when others know that we know what was said — we lose face if we don't do anything about it. And unfortunately, in this case, after your roommate said something, probably the only thing he could do to avoid looking like her pup- petboy was to stubbornly avoid shaving that comb-over he's been rocking on his face. Let some time pass, and then tell him yourself, in a way that doesn't come off like criticism. Pet his beard, and say you think he looks good that way but you love his skin and feeling his face is sexy. What he'll hear: He'll spend more time in bed with his chick if he spends more time in the bathroom with his Schick. Pouring Him A Scold One I recently texted a girl I used to date about a year ago. I was go- ing to be in her town, so I wrote something to the effect of "Hey, cutie ... will be in your neighbor- hood Saturday. Want to get to- gether for a drink?" I didn't realize she had a new boyfriend, whom she was with when I texted. He saw the text and flipped out, as did she, calling me and accusing me of almost breaking up her relationship. I apologized, but she kept going on about it and made me feel really guilty. In retrospect, I'd like to know what I did that was so wrong. — Space Invader It's not like you said, "Hey, cutie, let's get freaky ... and if this is being read by a boy- friend, I'm just her grandma, and Freaky is my cat we need to pick up from the vet." The fact that her current boyfriend went all apey over your friendly drinks invitation isn't reason to treat you like you waited until Game 7 of the World Series and sexted her on the Jumbotron. As for your apology, when a woman starts shrieking at you, it's tempting to say you're sorry first and then figure out what, if anything, you did wrong. But think about it: What could possibly be your error here? Failure to install the latest OS on your crystal ball? If your text did "almost" break up her relationship, that's on her — for making her personal electronic device a public one and for lacking the verbal chops to put an entirely clean mes- sage from you into perspective. As for putting her little explo- sion into perspective, think of it the way you would a conversa- tion with the wild-eyed guy at the bus stop who claims he's getting messages from the aliens in his dental work. Per- haps just view this incident as a cautionary tale — a reminder that your next girlfriend should have not only the capacity for reason but an interest in using her brain as more than a sort of highway rest area for her hair. (c) 2014, Amy Alkon, all rights reserved. Got a problem? Write Amy Alkon, 171 Pier Ave, #280, Santa Monica, CA 90405, or e-mail AdviceAmy@aol. com ( Weekly radio show: blog- O-Town Scene Sept. 4, 2014 23

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