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direct, tangible actions, including providing fresh food, access to housing, financial aid, community libraries, resources for people af- fected by incarceration, legal aid, job training, health services, and more. Almost two years on from September 2021, that impact has more than tripled, with a new or- ganization (vetted by their board of directors) receiving funds each month. Being part of the Floret Coalition is incredibly important to Treehouse, as it enforces our belief that cannabis justice is synonymous with racial justice, housing justice, food justice, en- vironmental justice, physical and mental health justice, reproduc- tive justice, and all other aspects of social equity. Treehouse Initiatives Last Prisoner Project and the Floret Coalition are large organizations working towards change at a national level, and we at Treehouse are humbled to be part of their efforts. In tandem with supporting these efforts, we believe it is imperative to sup- port our local Santa Cruz County community just as much. Treehouse does this in sev- eral ways. We have an internal initiative called Sowing Seeds for Community, where we forge bimonthly partnerships with hy- perlocal organizations that work towards equity in our county. The goal is to raise awareness about these organizations and their programs, as well as monetary support. Through our wonderful- ly supportive Treehouse commu- nity of folks rounding up their coin change for these organiza- tions Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and donations from Treehouse and cannabis brands, we're able to raise ~$1,200 for each of these organizations. These donations go directly to the organizations and fund programs which directly benefit folks in Santa Cruz County. Through these local partners, we've also been able to serve as a donation site for yearly school supply, holiday gift, and art supply drives. We encourage you to keep an eye on Treehouse's social media to see ways you can support your community! We are proud to have been able to support Fuerza Santa Cruz, Monarch Services, Black Surf Club Santa Cruz, the Diver- sity Center Santa Cruz County, Blended Bridge, Second Harvest Food Bank, Santa Cruz County Black Health Matters Initiative, Harm Reduction Coalition Santa Cruz County, Food Not Bombs, County Park Friends, Campesina Womb Care, CAB Day Work- er Center, Arte Del Corazón & African Roots Social Club so far. Each of these organizations do the important work of fighting the effects that the War on Drugs has on our community, and we're so grateful for everything they do. Art, Cannabis & Activism It is important to us that we live up to Treehouse's tagline, Cannabis Creating Community, through tangible action. Treehouse is, of course, a cannabis dispensary. We work tirelessly to educate our staff as part of their paid time, to ensure that they are able to pass on accu- rate knowledge to our customers and make cannabis more accessi- ble to folks who can benefit from these products. Treehouse pro- vides safe, quality, and affordable cannabis to those that seek it. Additionally, we are also an art gallery and event space. We have an artist residency program that focuses on uplifting local artists who are underrepresented in the Santa Cruz County art space (especially BIPOC, Femme, and Queer folks). In addition, we host monthly First Friday events in our space where local artists, activists, makers, creators, musicians, and food vendors can promote and sell their work, and network with each other and the community. Working in the industry, we have noticed a significant road- block for non-English speaking cannabis users in regards to education and support. We are actively working to promote language accessibility through ensuring our website and social media are available in Spanish and other languages to serve the non-English speaking members of our community. Through these efforts, we contribute towards positive change and help make Santa Cruz County, and the cannabis industry, better and more diverse for all of us. It is our hope that others in our community and the cannabis industry will join our mission, and together we can achieve real change. We believe we can always do more. If you have an idea about how we can better support our community and the path to equity, please email us at team@ourtreehouse.io Treehouse is a locally owned and operated community cannabis dispensary, art gallery, and event space. We offer 18+ medicinal and 21+ adult-use customers a wide array of cannabis products from the best companies in California. When you visit us you have the option of coming inside our shop for a consultation with our staff, or ordering online and picking up at our drive-thru window. Further details on hours, products, events, and deals available on our website. Sources: 1. A Tale of Two Countries: Racially Targeted Arrests in the Era of Marijuana Reform, ACLU, 2022 - 2. https://www.lastprisonerproject.org/ - 3. https://broccolimag.com/floret We're lucky to live in Cali- fornia, where cannabis is legal medicinally & for adult-use, and we're even luckier to live in Santa Cruz, a place where cannabis is and has been notably celebrated throughout history. This is certainly not the case in most places around the country. The War on Drugs, and subse- quent related policies, laws, and regulations have been negatively affecting our communities since the early 1970s, and dispropor- tionately affecting low-income and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) folks specifical- ly. The ACLU report published last year entitled A Tale of Two Countries: Racially Targeted Arrests in the Era of Marijuana Reform "details cannabis arrests from 2010 to 2018 and examines racial disparities at the national, state, and county levels." This report states that "more than six million arrests occurred between 2010 and 2018, and Black people are still more likely to be arrested for [cannabis] possession than white people in every state, in- cluding those that have legalized [cannabis]." This report is one of the many data-backed reasons that influence Treehouse's mission to engage and support our com- munity as much as possible. We support local and national organi- zations working towards equity in cannabis and otherwise. (1) Cannabis injustice rose to the forefront of the broader social sphere in 2020, but has been a reality for marginalized people for a long time. As a legal cannabis business, Treehouse recognizes our privilege and responsibility to do whatever is possible with our platform to work towards equity, inside and outside the cannabis industry. This journey towards equity has allowed us to collabo- rate with organizations working in Santa Cruz, the state of Califor- nia, and beyond. View ACLU Report Last Prisoner Project Treehouse has been partnering with Last Prisoner Project (LPP) since September 2020. LPP is a national non-profit organization "dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform. As the United States moves away from the criminalization of cannabis, giv- ing rise to a major new industry, there remains the fundamental injustice inflicted upon those who have suffered criminal convic- tions and the consequences of those convictions. Through legal intervention, public education and legislative advocacy, [they] work to redress the past and continuing harms of our country's unjust and ineffective approach to drug policy." (2) We are part of LPP's Roll it Up for Justice Program where Treehouse staff asks our commu- nity to round up their coin change for LPP when they make a pur- chase with us on Sundays, Mon- days, Wednesdays & Fridays. To date, Treehouse has been able to donate $26,500 to Last Prisoner Project. These funds have been raised in part thanks to the gen- erosity of our truly amazing and supportive community, as well as several cannabis brand partners (Kikoko, Kiva, Old Pal, PLUS, & 410 Extracts). Through these donations, spreading awareness on social media, and participating in programs such as letter writing and petition signing, Treehouse continues to support LPP in their work towards equity and justice. Learn more about LPP! Floret Coalition Treehouse has also been a member of the Floret Coalition since September 2020. Floret "is an anti-racist collective of small businesses in the cannabis and cannabis-adjacent space support- ing and funding equity-oriented actions via monthly doantions and social campaigns. Together, [the] 100+ members raise funds and awareness for organizations prioritizing the needs of Black, Latin, and Indigenous communi- ties." (3) Between September 2020 and September 2021, the Floret Coalition donated over $120,000 dollars to organizations around the country that provide aid to their communities through Learn About Floret! Learn about Treehouse's Community Initiatives Treehouse Dispensary, 3651 Soquel Drive Article & Design: Jenna Gallant & Lo Núñez González Cannabis Creating Community OurTreehouse.io C10 - 0000105LIC @treehousedispensary_sc In the ever-changing cannabis industry, the fight for equity remains constant Local musicians of the band Yaya's Kitchen, performing at Treehouse. Treehouse staff visits Wave Rider Nursery to learn about cannabis cultivation first hand. Join us in Uniting for Cannabis Equity & Social Justice support local, support community!

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