July 2023

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July 2023 NewsBeat 2 How is AI redefining journalism? How is AI reshaping advertising? Frame your approach to audi- ence growth by becoming a news- letter wizard Caroline Porter, media strategist and researcher Joseph Lichterman, head of edi- torial and digital strategy for The Lenfest Institute for Journalism and author of the Solution Set newsletter on journalism innovation. Emily Roseman, research director for the Institute for Nonprofit News How to create growth and mone- tize newsletters Making your most important sto- ries accessible to the audience Reuben Fischer-Baum, graphics editor, Washington Post The power that creating visuals like maps and data visualizations, as well as custom interactive web pages brings to your storytelling, creating rich packages that elevate these stories for our readers you will learn first-hand from media organizations that have successful- ly gained new revenue from their first-party data. Partnering to find new pathways to funding local news and solving the local news crisis Melanie Plenda, director of The Granite State News Collaborative We are a team of more than 20 media, education and community partners from around the state of New Hampshire who work together to share and produce high-quality, solutions focused journalism in or- der to amplify impact and reach of that work in our communities. It's a collaboration of local news media, educational, and nonpartisan civic organizations who have all agreed to work together to get more news to more people who need it. How will AI redefine journalism, media and advertising in the next five years? Damien Radcliffe, Chambers Pro- fessor of Journalism, University of Oregon J oin your friends and col- leagues for NYPA's fabulous fall publishers' conference September 21 – 23 in Boston. With summer just starting it is difficult to think forward to fall, but plan- ning a beautiful fall weekend dedi- cated to innovation and collabora- tion with treasured colleagues in the amazing city of Boston makes it all worthwhile. The weekend promises fabulous food, fantastic speakers, and spec- tacular events including dinner at Yvonne's (not-to-be-missed), an evening at Fenway Park (drinks, dinner and networking at a private reception at Fenway Park prior to the Red Sox v. White Sox game), and a Tall Ships sunset cocktail cruise in beautiful Boston Harbor. Those fantastic sessions and speakers we referenced include: Building and monetizing your first-party data Liz Huff and Julie Foley, Second Street All newspapers are probably sitting on massive databases that aren't being used properly. And, during times of financial instability, newspapers need to find revenue wherever they can. First-party data and segmented audiences are the future of their business; they will drive conversions and subscriber revenue. This session will lay out a strategy to help newspapers find out what they have, how to grow first-party data, and how to target that audi- ence for monetization. Additionally, A NEWSLETTER FOR NEW YORK'S COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS Published by the New York Press Association 621 Columbia Street Ext., Suite 100, Cohoes, NY 12047 518.464.6483 • 518.464.6489 fax • Editors - Michelle K. Rea and Judy Patrick NewsBeat NYPA's Fall Publishers' Conference September 21 – 23, 2023 Omni Parker House, Boston, Massachusetts By MICHELLE REA NYPA heads to Boston for fall publishers' conference

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