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June 17, 2023

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June18-24,2023 Trucestory JeffreyDeanMorganand LaurenCohanstarin"The WalkingDead:DeadCity" Today's Entertainment S E R V I N G T H E B R A I N E R D L A K E S A R E A A N D C E N T R A L M I N N E S O T A S I N C E 1 8 8 1 WEDNESDAY, MAY 10, 2023 • $2.00 • UNLOCK DIGITAL AT BRAINERDDISPATCH.COM/ACTIVATE MayoClinicthreatenstokillstateinvestments,A9 ByMattErickson BrainerdDispatch Brainerd the start of Minnesota's open water fishing season. The good news — a lakes appear to be it search to find what they want or change up their tactics. James Hope, employee at Sportland Bait & Tackle in Nisswa, said for the minnows than they used to and this winter that number decreased even further because of winter kill due to ice and snow on the bait trapping ponds. ByMichaelJohnson Agweek STAPLES, Minn. — It's quite possible that many anglers will be skunked before they even hit the water for this weekend's Min- nesota fishing opener as live bait supplies are limited, according to bait producer and har- vester, Barry Thoele, of Staples, Minnesota. Thoele blames record breaking winter kill as a ma ing b spring But the b been as m cont the tion es win pon R ba a im lo a Minn. baitfish f couldgrowwith golden shiner p SteveKohls/BrainerdDispatch Jamie,left,andLynnHarkerfishforcrappiesonMondayonSerpentLakeinCrosby.Thefatherandsonpair weresearchingforpanfishintheshallows. Mostpopularbait hasbeendeclining inthestate B Examples of golden MinnesotaSeaGran Minnesota'sfishingopener isonlyafewdaysaway jor factor bait suppli g. t the dem bait indust n coming fo minnow popu tinue to sh wildandinc nal farming that requir ntering in nds, he added Recent projec ait dealers e deficit of mately 10,00 ons of golden annually in Mi farm hhelp proje BAIT:PageA1 Contributed/ n shiner grown as ntproject. VOLUME49•ISSUE2 FRIDAY,MAY12,2023TOTHURSDAY echolandshopper.c REACHING MORETHAN20,000AREA H Echoland-Pip SHOPP AFullServiceGrocery&ConvenienceStore Hwy371South,PineRiver•218-587-2488• StoreHours:Monday-Saturday6amto8pm,Sunday7am-7pm RIBFEST! You cancall ahead to reserve yours at 218-587-2488. Pleasecall byWednesday May17th. Friday, May 19th | 10am until gone Friday, May 19th | 10am unt Hot,FreshfromtheGrill R d t E tRib t 2185872488 Delicious! ReadytoEatRibs D Full Rack $15 10am until we run out! Y,MAY18,2023 COPYRIGHT2023 com 74 Brainerd,MN56401 800.432.3703 P.O.Box97 Brainerd MN564 HOMES per PER Unlock digital at Wednesday, May 10, 2023 •$2.00 Onaroll Patriotsoftballwins 6of7,arenow10-1. Page19 Trysomething new! PineRiverwoman castinfourthplay Page2 SPREADINGA PhotosbyTravi Brainerd School Board member John Ward talked to students at Eagle View Elementary School in B kindnesswhilereadingthebook"BigAl."HereadtoNisswaElementarySchoolclassroom ByTravisGrimler EchoJournal The lakes area has a jump-start toward green-up — the condi- tions necessary to end the annual spring fire restrictions — thanks to ample snowpack and early precipitation. However, it's not quite time for burning restric- tionstoend.Indeed,they are in place for many Minnesota counties, includingCrowWingand Cass counties. "Burning restrictions were just implemented first on Friday (May 5). And they are expected to be on anywhere from a week to two weeks," saidCraig Schultz, Back- us team leader with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Forestry Division. "This year, I think with having received the good snowpack, things have greened up relatively quickly as the snow receded," Schultz said. "We seem to have fair level of near surface moisture conditions. The uppersurfacesi Restrictionsset inplaceduringthe springgreen-up Holdoff thatburn F OurweeklyTVpublicationisjustthat! BuyanadinTVWeekandgetapickupintheBrainerdDispatch, PineandLakesEchoJournalorEcholandShopper. Soundlikeagreatdeal?Formoredetailscall218-855-5895 BOGO? WHO DOESN'T LIKE A LoveourLakes? Checkoutthe LoveoftheLakes magazine.

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