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November 24, 2021

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The Press-Dispatch Wednesday, November 24, 2021 C-3 But he started being discon- tent with his place and want- ed to be above God in author- ity and position. There is nothing wrong with being un-satisfied as long as you set your mind to work with God and attain new wisdom and new hope. The Bible says to learn to be content with what you have and to work towards hav- ing more, but don't ever try to usurp a new position. Do be careful because the dev- il doesn't want you. He just doesn't want you to succeed with the Lord, he loves for us to be miserable and defeated. In church the message was about being the light of the world and by being this light we are to always let it shine, so people can see God in our lives. I know this article will be read after we have expe- rienced a couple of days of this week, but after you read my words do your best to be a light and be a blessing to all. Pentecostal Nazarene Methodist PAWS WEEK PAWS WEEK Pet of the PRECIOUS "The ideal of calm exists in a sitting cat" —Jules Re- nard. This week, PAWS is featuring an elegant fe- line named Precious, who likes to perch herself high on the heating unit and watch all the activities that take place during the day at PAWS. Precious is a large tab- by. In Christian folklore, a tabby cat dutifully showed up to comfort baby Jesus. In gratitude, his moth- er Mary stroked the cat's head and left an M mark on its forehead. Precious has plush, tiger-striped fur, with white accents and long white whiskers. She is hopeful she will find a home for the holidays to call her own. To adopt Pre- cious, call 812-354-9894. RAMBLINGS Continued from page 1 Presbyterian Wesleyan ALGIERS UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Highway 356, Petersburg Sunday school 9 a.m. and worship service 10 a.m. You are always welcome to join our friendly church and worship God with us. Mike Atkins, Pastor GOOD SHEPHERD UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 210 W. Harrison Street, Oakland City Church 812-749-3525 Sunday school 9:30 a.m.; worship service 10 :30 a.m.; community luncheons the third Tuesday of each month 10 a.m.-noon CDT. The community of Good Shepherd United Method- ist Church exists to glorify God through Jesus Christ our Lord. As a body of believers, we pledge ourselves to allow the Holy Spirit to develop with- in us maturity of spirit, unity of faith and knowledge of the Son of God, so that we may be prepared to share His love, mercy and grace through our words and actions to a needy world. We extend an invitation to the public to come and wor- ship with us. The Good Shepherd takes care of His sheep. Neal Scifres, Pastor PETERSBURG FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 801 East Walnut Petersburg 812-354-6658 Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world Worship service 9:30 a.m.; Sunday school 10 :45 a.m. and Wednesday evening Bible study at 6:30 p.m. We are also broadcasting our Sunday worship service live on Facebook at Peters- burg First United Methodist Church. "O God, you are my God I shall seek You earnestly. My soul thirsts for you, my flesh yearns for you in a dry and weary land where there is no water. Thus, I have seen you in the sanctuary. To see Your power and Glory. Be- cause your loving kindness is better than life my lips will praise you. So, I will Bless you as long as I live, I will lift up my hands in your name. My Soul is satisfied with marrow and fatness and my mouth of- fers praises with joyful lips" (Psalm 63:1-5). God Bless. Michael (Mike) Punke, Pastor RUMBLETOWN FREE METHODIST CHURCH 1485 N. St. Rd. 57 Petersburg Morning worship at 10 :30 a.m. The church is located south of Petersburg on State Road 57. David Mullins, Pastor Hope Barnett, Reporter SPURGEON UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 11505 N. Hwy. 61 Spurgeon Pastor Cell 812-202- 8903 or church office 812-922-8215 Church service 9 a.m.; Fri- day Bible study at 1 p.m. "He will once again fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy" ( Job 8:21, NIV ). God created laughter, and he is the source of true joy. If you feel that there is not enough joy in your life, it is time to reflect on God's love for you. Think of all the bless- ings he has given us and that He delights in us. That alone should give us reason to smile. Remember those who need the Lord's peace, those who have lost loved ones, and those who need a reason to smile again. Happy Thanksgiving. Josh Sanders, Pastor Sherry Julian, Reporter WHITE RIVER CHAPEL UMC 3555 W. SR 56 Bowman 812-582-8896 Sunday worship 9 a.m.; Sun- day school 10 :15 a.m. We are exploring the words in Philippians 4:4-9 and how they can help us thrive in cha- os. So many trials come into our lives and along with the business of life. These things can easily choke out the Life of God in us. But praise God, "But seek ye first the King- dom of God, and His righteous- ness; and all these things will be added unto you" (Matthew 6:33). What things will be add- ed? God's order back into our lives—a peace that passes all understanding—He is in con- trol. Facebook: White River Chapel UMC, Jeff Pinney. Questions regarding church events, call 812-766 -3344 or mail to: 3555 West State Road 56, Petersburg, IN 47567. Jeff Pinney, Pastor PETERSBURG CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 118 West Pike Ave. Church 812-354-8851 Service times: Sunday at 10 :30 a.m. Praise and Worship service; 6 p.m. Bible study; Teen activities; Wednesday at 6 p.m. Bible study. Sunday morning service is available via transmitter. Pull in to the church parking lot and tune your radio to 104.3 FM and hear the service from the comfort of your car. Sunday morning services are available on our Facebook page—Petersburg Church of the Nazarene or look for us on YouTube. Visit our website for additional information. We want to be a church meeting the needs of our com- munity. If the church can be of assistance to you, contact us at WINSLOW NAZARENE CHURCH 106 W. Washington St. Winslow 989-941-7190 Love, Care, Serve, Share Sunday morning service at 10 :30 a.m. Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. You are welcome to connect with our church either in per- son or online. Facebook: Winslow Church of the Nazarene. YouTube: Winslow Nazarene. Website: Irene's Food Pantry: Every third Saturday from 10 -11:30 a.m. Hope to see you soon. Corinna Williams, Reporter We hope you will join us Sunday as we celebrate our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Steve Hamilton, Pastor OAKLAND CITY FIRST PENTECOST Hwy. 64 East Sunday morning service 9:30 a.m. with children's Sun- day school during the minis- try of the Word; Wednesday and Sunday evening services are at 6 p.m. The children are practicing their Christmas program at this time. All ser- vices are CST (Gibson Co. times). We "will" be having regular service this Wednesday. Ephesians 5:11 (Living translation) says: "And have no fellowship with the unfruit- ful works of darkness but rath- er expose them." King James says "reprove" them. What is the disciple telling us. He is telling us when we see some one walking in the darkness of sin we are supposed to let them know what God's Words says about it. To a little kid, you might say, "Don't do that, you'll get hurt." That's basical- ly what we are saying when we try to point out to you that you are walking in a sinful life- style that will hurt you. We're not judging. God has already judged. We're simply doing what we were told to do. To saint and sinner alike, read this whole chapter. It might be an eye opener for you. We hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiv- ing. Shalom. Ron Vickers, Pastor Elaine Young, Reporter, 812-749 -1122 (leave a mes- sage). MAIN STREET PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 10th and Main Streets, Petersburg 812-354-6844 Sunday worship 10 :30 a.m. Come visit us, our doors are always open to you. The Sacred in the Everyday All of the places of our lives are sanctuaries; some of them just happen to have steeples. And all of the people in our lives are saints; it is just that some of them have day jobs and most will never have feast days named for them. Office hours: 9 a.m.-noon, Monday-Friday. Amy Melhiser, Secretary OTWELL WESLEYAN CHURCH 2277 N. Mechanics Street Otwell Pastor 812-354-3028 Sunday school at 9:30 a.m.; morning worship at 10 :30 a.m.; 6:30 p.m. Sunday eve- ning worship service. Remember the chorus by The Easter Brothers, Thank You Lord for your Blessings on Me? This is a great hymn. It pretty much sums it up. There's a roof up above me, I've a good place to sleep, there's food on my table, and shoes on my feet, You gave me your love Lord, and a fine fam- ily, Thank you Lord, for your blessings on me. Happy Thanksgiving. Roy Stilwell, Pastor Pam Lemond, Reporter

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