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October 20, 2021

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The Press-Dispatch Wednesday, October 20, 2021 D-5 HISTORY Submit history photos: Call: 812-354-8500 Email: or bring in a hard copy: 820 E. Poplar Street, Petersburg Source: • Photo source: Wednesday, October 20 • Congress creates the Continen- tal Association (1774) • Sydney Opera House opens (1973) Thursday, October 21 • Guggenheim Museum opens in New York City (1959) • Henry Ford dedicates the Thomas Edison Institute (1929) Friday, October 22 • Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) • President Lyndon Johnson signs the Highway Beautification Act (1965) Saturday, October 23 • Hostage crisis in Moscow theat- er (2002) • Brutus commits suicide (42 B.C.) Sunday, October 24 • First barrel ride down Niagara Falls (1901) • George Washington Bridge is dedicated (1931) Monday, October 25 • Pablo Picasso born (1881) • Charge of the Light Brigade (1854) Tuesday, October 26 • Shootout at the OK Corral (1881) • Erie Canal opens (1825) Winslow Fifth Grade—1941 The Winslow fifth grade, which graduated in 1948, 60 years ago, is shown above. They include, in row one: Geraldine Burns, Lucille Rutter, Sylvia Potter, Kennth Lee Curtis, Joseph Kays, Robert Dale Thompson, Russell Chesser, John Larry Wright, Conrad Stinson, and Charles Green; Row two: Bobby Dale Johnson, Shirley Morton, Franklin Norrick, Velma Yager, Jean Whitman, Gladys Allen, Jerrilou Reed, Jessie Ruth Miller, Carolyn Sue Lewis, and George Fettinger; Row three: Ray Sims, Bobbie Lee Ashby, Robert Vernon Richardson, Rose Marian Norrick, Grace McClure, Mary Morton, Haroll Robling, Doris Lee Bone, and Mary Hale; Row four: Jerry Alley, John Quick, Russell Bryant, Carl Deen, Leslie Nelson, Richard Inman, Sammy Nelson, Jack Vaughn, and Junior Abell. SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO The Petersburg Press Friday and Tuesday, Oct. 18 and Oct. 22, 1946 The home of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Killion, near Union City, was completely de- stroyed by fire Wednesday morning, according to infor- mation given by Mr. Killion to his mother, Mrs. Martha Killion. Mrs. Killion and their son, John, were out of town at the time and Mr. Killion said the fire occurred a few hours after he had left for work. The contents of the home were a complete loss as were all the outbuildings. The country home of Mr. and Mrs. George Robling, south of Winslow, was com- pletely destroyed by fire short- ly before noon Saturday. The contents of the home, as well as the structure were a com- plete loss. A defective flue was given as the cause of the fire. Vandalism has reached its height in Petersburg with the throwing of lighted newspa- pers onto the James Gross porch last week, and the throwing of a can of paint on- to the new truck belonging to the J-V Store. Investigation to date by the local and state po- lice has failed to turn up the guilty parties, but it has been pointed out that the penalty for the lighted newspaper of- fense could run as high as 14 years in the state prison. Many smaller offenses have been re- ported following the damage of the Dosch home, but these two are the most serious to date since that damage. The new roll fed press that will be installed in the office of The Petersburg Press will soon be here, according to a letter received last week from the Goss Printing Press Com- pany. They are expecting to ship the larger press replacing the one which will be installed in Petersburg this week if the office of defense transporta- tion will give them permis- sion. Erection of this press will mean a larger and better pa- per for Press readers. Instead of being printed four pages at a time, the Press will be run off of a roll of paper eight pag- es at a time. Births: To Mrs. Paul Mc- Clellan, a daughter, Joan Elaine, born October 1 in Da- viess County Hospital; To Mr. and Mrs. Fred Young, a son, Gary Lee, At Daviess County Hospital Monday, October 21; To Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sel- by, a daughter, at the Daviess County Hospital, Wednesday, October 23; To Mr. and Mrs. William Slaven, a son, at Da- viess County Hospital, Thurs- day, October 17. Marriages: Ruth Ann Catt and T.A. Phillips were united in marriage last Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. at Oakland City; Dorothy Hoffman be- came the bride of Cleo Fish- er at 9:30 Saturday morn- ing at Main St. Presbyterian Church. Deaths: John W. Lewis, 66, of Bowman, died at his home near Bowman on Thurs- day night; Ida Bell, 67, of Pe- tersburg, died at her home Wednesday morning; Sarah Alice Fettinger, 74, of Peters- burg, died at her home near Petersburg Monday. SIXTY YEARS AGO The Pike County Dispatch Thursday, Oct. 19, 1961 A garage belonging to Her- man "Whitey" Swain on Al- ford Road in Petersburg was destroyed by fire at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday. The fire was out of control by the time it was dis- covered and the fire depart- ment arrived. Burned also was a 1955 Plymouth parked in the garage. There were two stoves and various other articles which burned, caus- ing the damage to run into the hundreds of dollars. The fire department of Peters- burg had answered a call on- ly a short time before at the south side of Hornady Park, where a small woods was set on fire. The park keeper said that he thought someone had built a fire near some fallen trees at the edge of the park for a wiener roast. When the fire spread, the person took off. Little damage was done to the trees. Fay Arnold, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Grester Arnold, of Petersburg, was one of three persons injured in a two-car accident at the junction of Highways 57 and 64 Sunday. Miss Arnold is a student nurse in Evansville. State Trooper Carlton Nichols said a care driven by Hosea Randolph, 70, of Robinson, Ill, had pulled to the center of the intersection when it was hit by the car driv- en by Miss Arnold. The troop- er said that witnesses said that Randolph had let several cars pass and then pulled out into intersection where the crash occurred. The police officer said that the elderly man ap- parently put his foot on the gasoline pedal after the crash, causing the car to jump a curb, mow down two signs on a ser- vice station lot, shear off a power pole and finally end up in a ditch on the opposite side of the road. Miss Arnold's car was thrown through the inter- section and hit a large pole. She was thrown to the floor- board of the car when the crash first occurred, keep- ing her from going through the windshield when the car hit the pole. Miss Arnold was treated for a slightly injured arm at Gibson General Hospi- tal. Mr. Randolph and his wife, Glenna, were treated at the hospital for slight head cuts. Randolph was charged with failing to yield right of way. Births: To Mr. and Mrs. David Wyatt, of Petersburg, a son, Jefferie Scott, born Sat- urday in the Daviess Coun- ty Hospital; To Mr. and Mrs. Donald Butler, of Arthur, a son, Donald Gregory, born Saturday, October 7; To Mr. and Mrs. Ray Breidenbaugh, of Petersburg, a son, at the Da- viess County Hospital Satur- day, October 14; To Mr. and Mrs. Gary Robinson, October 11 in Good Samaritan Hos- pital, twin daughter, Susan Lynne and Sandra Leigh. Marriages: Nancy Ann Hyneman became the bride of Richard S. Koressel on Sep- tember 16; Sam Coleman and Blanch Harris were united in marriage Thursday, October 12 at his home in the Scotts- burg Community; Mary My- ers became the bride of Wil- liam S. Kenshol September 24. Deaths: Joseph Tisdale, 83, of Winslow, passed away Fri- day, October 13 at Good Sa- maritan Hospital; James R. Couts, 49, of Petersburg, died Tuesday at the home of his fa- ther; Claude E. Jones, 70, of Petersburg, died at his home at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday. FIFTY YEARS AGO The Press-Dispatch Thursday, Oct. 21, 1971 Curtis ambulance was called to Campbelltown Sun- day morning at 2 a.m. to take Dorn Kortea, of Bloomington, to the Daviess County hospi- tal. Kortea was injured in a one-car accident which cut a large gash across his nose and injured one of his arms. The accident occurred when he lost control of his car in front of the Oral Johnson home. His car ran through the front yards at Johnsons, Elzer Purls and James Camfields, and came to a stop in some shrub- bery between the Camfield yard and the late Pete Jones home. On its way through the yards, it knocked down two good sized trees. At the continued session of commissioners meeting Mon- day at the courthouse in Pe- tersburg, county commission- ers made public their plans for setting up new precinct boundaries in the county. At recent meetings, the county council and commissioners have discussed the need for combining some of the pre- cincts because they vary so much in number of voters. They pointed out that some of the precincts were voting less than a hundred while others were voting over 600, making the work load uneven. The ex- pense of setting up and run- ning a voting place is nearly the same whether one or 500 persons vote. Presently there are 29 precincts. Under the commissioners' new propos- al, there would be 21 precincts and number of registered vot- ers in each would range from 263 to 648. Births: To Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Culbertson, of Pe- tersburg, Sunday, October 17 in the Daviess County Hospi- tal, a son, Jade Douglas. Marriages: Debra A. Wad- dell and John R. Stephens ex- changed vows Saturday af- ternoon, September 11 in the First Baptist Church; Con- nie Elaine Foust and Wil- liam Manford Harner were united in marriage Saturday, September 11 at 6:30 p.m. at White River Chapel; Brenda Lou Smith and William Paul Kress were married at 1 p.m. on Saturday, September 11 at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Japser; Anna Mae Adams married Ronnie Lee Wyant on Sunday, October 17 at 2 p.m. at Hamlin Chapel. Deaths: Roxie Nelson, 81, of Winslow, died Friday, Octo- ber 15 at 1 a.m.; Shirley Clark, Sr., 74, of Spurgeon, died Sun- day, October 17 at his home; William Arthur Robinson, Sr., 87, of Oakland City, died Sun- day at the Oakland City Rest Home; Emma Sollman, 85, of Stendal, died Sunday morn- ing at 2:45 a.m. at the Holiday Nursing Home; Gerald Leon "Butch" Hunter, 30, of Somer- ville, died Monday at St. Jo- seph Hospital at Louisville. TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO The Press-Dispatch Thursday, Oct. 17, 1996 Petersburg residents were without water service for more than nine hours on Wednes- day and were under a boil order through Saturday be- cause of a major break in the main water line which feeds the city's water tower. Mayor Randy Harris said a resident called him about 12:45 p.m. and told him water was "bub- bling up out of the ground" and flooding Highway 57 in front of Jack's Carpet near the Petersburg Pantry. When city employees excavated the area where the water had broken through the ground, they dis- covered a vertical break along the entire length of a 20 -foot section of cast iron pipe. Har- ris said the water line was in- stalled in 1956 and said the on- ly other time the city has had a major leak occur on that line happened a year ago in Dr. Howard Dunigan's field. Wednesday afternoon, Har- ris estimated it would proba- bly take four to six hours to replace the broken section of water line. The estimate turned out to overly optimis- tic as city workers ran into un- anticipated problems in repair the water line. Harris said tele- phone calls were made to ar- ea water and plumbing compa- nies in a frantic attempt to find the parts needed to repair the line. A boil order was issued as a safety measure. Marge Leavitt's business, Marge's Hallmark Shop, was an indi- rect victim of the water line break. Leavitt's store was heavily damaged when her up- stairs tenant turned on a wa- ter faucet to see if water ser- vice had been restored, forgot to turn the faucet off and left the apartment for the evening. Births: To Mr. and Mrs. Barry Whitaker, of Peters- burg, a son, Parker Jay, born at Memorial Hospital Octo- ber 11; To Corbett and Deb- ra Wolf, of Petersburg, a son, Canyon Alexander, Wednes- day, October 3 at Daviess County Hospital. Deaths: Lula T. Miller, 87, of Petersburg, died at 8:45 a.m. Tuesday, October 15 at Petersburg Healthcare Cen- ter; Fred O. Fettinger, 83, of Winslow, died at 5:15 p.m. Saturday, October 12 at Pe- tersburg Healthcare Center; Carrie E. Williams, 72, of Pe- tersburg, died at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, October 8 at Good Samaritan Hospital.

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