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Page 8 of 27 Diciembre 2020 9 EL VALOR ABOUT EL VALOR El Valor is a nonprot community- based organization founded in 1973 by the late Guadalupe A. Reyes. A visionary leader and mother, Reyes dreamed of a community in which all members, including her son with special needs, could live, learn and work. She and several others took out a small bank loan and borrowed a church basement in Pilsen where they started the rst bilingual, bicultural rehabilitation center in Illinois, and named it El Valor, meaning "courage." From its roots in the Latino community, El Valor has grown into a multicultural, multipurpose organization that reaches thousands of families in Chicagoland, and millions throughout the nation. MISSION El Valor's mission is to support and challenge urban families to achieve excellence and participate fully in community life. Programs exist to enrich and empower people with disabilities, the disenfranchised and the underserved. El Valor also seeks to be an international model for inclusion of people with disabilities. PROGRAMS El Valor provides inclusive, dual-language early childhood education, day programming, employment services, and residential services for adults with disabilities, and quality workshops and support groups for family members. BUDGET $24,039,164 ADDRESS 1850 W. 21st St. Chicago, IL 60608 PHONE(312) 666-4511 WEBSITE EXECUTIVE Rey Gonzalez, President and CEO BOARD OF DIRECTORS MESSAGE FROM THE CEO El Valor is an agency that has been a safety net in the community for more than 50 years. Our employees truly live the mission of the Agency, and go above and beyond every day for those we serve. Serving the most vulnerable in Chicagoland, we pride ourselves on offering innovative dual language programming to children, adults with disabilities, and their families. Our programs ensure that despite their socio economic status, language, ethnicity, or status- that those we serve receive the best that is available to them embodying the definition of Social Justice. CONTACT INFORMATION Jillian Gonzalez Rey B. Gonzalez, CEO Planee que todas sus reuniones ocurran de forma virtual. Nuestra salud es nuestra mayor riqueza SI SOSPECHA DE CONTAGIO O SE ENFERMA Hágase la prueba para saber si está contagiado. Es gratis. Quédese en casa y evite contagiar a sus seres queridos. Si da positivo, busque ayuda médica. Quédese en casa siempre que sea posible. Cúbrase la nariz y la boca, antes de salir. Por eso debemos asegurarnos de que el Coronavirus no entre en casa, sobre todo por la abuela. Siga estos consejos para prevenir el contagio de sus seres queridos. Para obtener más información y otros recursos sobre el COVID-19, visite ... ... ... 1 Pagado por el Departamento de Servicios Humanos de Illinois.

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