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Advantage News Fall 2018 Solutions for Advertising Revenue from Advantage Newspaper Consultants We'd like you to meet... Raymond Bush Ray is an award-winning newspaper professional with more than 25 years of experience working with media, both print and digital. He continues to research current trends in the indus- try, hoping to find constants and keys to success in an ever-changing media landscape. Prior to joining ANC, Ray worked with Gannett, Co., creating award-winning products and solutions, leading other professionals, and developing sales strategies which succeeded in spite of down- turns in the economy. He now uses those skills to help ANC clients reach and exceed their revenue goals. Ray also has worked on the news side of the business, winning awards for sports writing, news writing, and feature writing. He's also worked in student media for 10 years, and was an adjunct instructor at the university level, providing young journalists and advertising/PR majors with valuable knowledge and skills to succeed in their respective media fields. Ray currently resides in St. Louis, MO. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, learning new skills, catching up with friends, and visiting theme parks. Advantage Newspaper Consultants (ANC) recently concluded a two-week sales blitz at The Lawton Consti- tution (Lawton, OK) where the first-year sales goal for their new Entertainment Weekly magazine was exceeded by over $68,000. Dennis Wade, president and publisher of The Lawton Constitution, was admittedly skeptical about being able to sell advertising into a TV/entertainment publication on annual contract basis. "We are an operation that did not sell contracts and even though the new leadership is moving in that direction, common knowledge holds that this type of existing client relationship, did not hold much promise for high expectation, espe- cially including contracts" says Wade. "That theory was completely obliterated! We sold a significant number of new contracts! Lisa Wilkin- son (Media Analyst) was fantastic and we all had a great time perform- ing at a level that this team had not seen." ANC paid cash bonuses to the newspaper's sales staff of four - both for the ad inches sold and for appointments set during the pre-sales telethon - to the sum of over $3,200. "The Lawton Constitution team was great to work with!" said Saundra Stringer, ANC Division Sales Manager. "The publisher, Dennis Wade, was very supportive and his team was excited and never slowed down. We all had such a fun AND profitable two weeks!" The first issue of the new Entertainment Weekly magazine, a 24-page full color publication, was included in The Sunday Constitution on August 12, allowing their advertisers to reach the newspaper's 14,500 circulation base each week. "The new magazine looks great, and the slower regular paper ad days look great with the higher ad count!" said Wade. "Please know we look forward to having Lisa visit us next year!" Photo (left-right): Toni Wilson, Kayla Durham, Lisa Wilkinson, Jo Brewer & Debbie Jung The Lawton Constitution Finds Success and Revenue in New Entertainment Weekly Magazine "ANC's TV and entertainment magazines are a great opportunity for local businesses to get consistent advertising in a product that is well-received and heavily used by a sought-after audience. While our clients see results from our program, it's also awesome to see local businesses getting the exposure they need in order to thrive!" Ray Bush, Media Analyst

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