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Page 2 April 27, 2018 Staff Editorial Senioritis hit students as graduation grows closer... Opinions A s graduation draws near, seniors begin to reach their peak of senioritis. Juniors, sophomores, and even freshmen believe they are already going through their own versions of senioritis, as did the seniors when they were lowerclassmen, and even earlier this year. However, with the close of the school year, it is now that senioritis is in full swing. Symptoms of senioritis include not waking up for school on time, "forgetting" about homework, and basically doing the bare minimum to graduate. Seniors have adopted the mindset of "as long as I graduate" to finish the rest of the year. This happens because many seniors have begun to outgrow high school, or already have completely outgrown it, and are ready to move on to the next stage of life. This is a healthy step in leaving high school, to ensure students are ready for a new life in college and leave high school and adolescence behind. However, senioritis makes the last few months of high school extremely difficult for students, parents, and especially teachers. For the students, we know that you are done with high school and are ready to move on, and honestly, doing that essay does SOUND like the worst thing to do in the world, but the senior class is so very close to the finish line. Really, all we have to do is survive until the end. If repeating that mantra helps you write that essay, or turn in that assignment (or those five late ones), then repeat it until June 7th, and you're homefree. If not, then, well... we suggest finding some outside help, or just saying goodbye to your diploma. Taking it one day at a time, and planning out your priorities helps making it through the rest of the days can help. Think, "does this effect my future? Does this help me or hurt me right now?" and prioritize like that. Just know, you are almost done. Teachers: first of all, we're sorry. We know we can be a pain (some of us have been hearing that for years) but we appreciate your second, third, and fourteenth reminders to turn in this thing, or to order this thing, or to just "get this thing done and leave me alone." We promise that we will be out of your hairs in just a couple months. We also don't really know why we didn't turn in that assignment, but don't you look wonderful today? So senioritis might be inevitable, but it can be pushed through enough to finish out the year. For example, the senior editors-in-chief have been procrastinating writing this staff editorial for this issue of the Bluffer, but hey, we still got it done! Bryce Stephenson Staff Writer Taylor Bell Cartoonist Janese Wagner Staff Writer Editorial Policy: Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the district, staff, or student body. We welcome signed letters to the editor. Names may be withheld upon request. We also reserve the right to edit submission based on length and/or clarity. THE BLU FFER STA FF Becca Frey Editor-in-Chief News Editors Becca Frey Sophie Cumpton Kourtney Sanders Opinions Editors Katie Louisell Rebeccah Smith Features Editors Claire Miller Olivia Fambrough Noel Adams Sports Editors Caden Moniz Topics Editor Sophia Cumpton Editor-in-Chief Pranav Patel Ad Director Alisa Pelanconi Adviser Brooke Blythe Trinity Stehno Staff Writers A-&-E Editor Cartoonists Rebeccah Smith Taylor Bell Easton Ross Kenzie Salinas Logan Carver Yvette Saldana Valerie Barragan Andy Garcia Emma Hale Bryce Stephenson Chris Huhn Jake Benner Tera Norton Bradyn Klein Brayden Pritchard Staff Writers Shania Prieto Estrada Stephanie Pena Student Opinions Editors Lizzy Crooks Janese Wagner Taylor Bell Andy Garcia Staff Writer Old school v.s. new school rap Initiating a closed campus Cyberbullying made Gain for deaf community I n today's day and age, technology swims around us, and technology continues to advance. We use technology in many different ways from military use to c o o k i n g , but for a m a j o r i t y of people, technology is mostly used for s o c i a l media. And with many sources like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, it is easy to access. Teenagers and even adults use social media to check up on others, to inform about their lives and to communicate with a broader audience than if you were just talking to a group of people. Social media can be used to communicate school activities, world events, or even to organize parties or get together. Although social media can be used for positive feedback and information, unfortunately, the power of being behind a screen can be misused. In a study ran by TeenSafe, back in late 2016, 87% of all youth has experienced cyberbullying in some way. Cyberbullying also takes on several forms: hurtful comments, rumors, prejudice towards a person based on how they identify racially or sexually, etc. Social media has allowed for teens confidence to sky rocket in terms of them being able to say or do whatever without having to worry about the consequences at stake: most of which can be pretty severe. Furthermore, most people don't take the other person's emotional or mental state when saying harmful things. They don't realize the kind of impact their words can have on others. In a study done by Yale University, people who have been bullied are between two and nine times more likely to commit suicide than s o m e o n e who has not expe r ie nced bullying. All in all, I do support the use and development of social media, but the use of it can be risky, and people have to be more aware and conscious of what they are saying about someone to keep harm away. " Cyber bullying also takes on several forms..." I s hip-hop the most popular type of music? With the different types of genres of music which include rock,pop and country etc. I like the old school rap because when I was younger older family members would listen to it. Guys like Tupac, Dr. Dre, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Then Eminem, 50 Cent, all these guys were greats in their own right but people need to understand that at one point these men will no longer make music. So, eventually new young talent will arrive to the scene, and all the so called SoundCloud rappers start to get hype and more people listen to them. Lil Pump is one of the most popular new rappers but gets a lot of criticism because his songs are very repetitive and some don't like that. People don't have to like the new age of artists in the game but they should pay attention to the numbers of listeners, and viewers, because if people didn't listen then they would obviously stop making music. Drake is arguably the most popular rapper of his generation, this year alone has made a some bangers like God's Plan and Look Alive. Cardi B over the last year has been box office with her hit song Bodak Yellow and she is now mainstream. Old school music is still relevant and will be relevant but people should know that music will always include new artists. Spanish verbally. According to news, "Dalhart Police Chief David Conner said that Trevino's ability to communicate with those who are hard of hearing or deaf will be a tremendous asset for the department."Is it going to be a challenge for her and us? Yes, there's no doubt," Conner said. "Through all the obstacles she's had to face in life and all the times she's been told now she can't do something, she has succeeded. Who am I to say she can't do this? There's no doubt she can do it and she is qualified." O f f i c e r T r e v i n o can open up so m a n y d o o r s to the deaf and hard of hearing community, it truly is empowering to see this women push out of her comfort zone, and accomplish her dream of becoming a police officer. Officer Trevino said that she's been told in her lifetime that she couldn't be successful because of her disability of being deaf. I truly believe that made her stronger, and even more determined to policy at Red Bluff High School proves problematic H onor, courage, and patience. This is what the police department is based off of, those are their moral grounds. Officer Erica Trevino is no ordinary cop, she's actually the first ever deaf female cop to be commissioned to the Dalhart Police Department in Texas. A huge accomplishment for her, and the deaf community, who in retrospect don't get enough publicity for their culture. Officer Trevino is going to be such a huge role model for millions of deaf children and adults across the globe. Proving that being deaf or "different" doesn't make you any less than someone's who's hearing. She has always wanted to help people since she was a young girl. Officer Trevino brings to the Dalhart police force the ability to speak five different sign languages including Spanish and Japanese. She also speaks I n the past few months, Red Bluff High School has planned for multiple renovations including the new football field, a relocated cafeteria, and a fence around the perimeter of the high school. Although making the high school a closed campus may not be the main reasoning for placing fencing around the school, providing safety being the main reason, it is still something they may consider in the future after the fences are set in stone. Currently, if the high school wanted to make it a closed campus it would be extremely difficult to prevent the majority of the student body from finding their way off campus, but with fences enclosing the high school it would be fairly easy to implement a closed campus code. The main reason for positioning fences around the school would initially be for the safety of the students, but that would not prevent the administration for utilizing it for other factors. Closing off the campus would include no students leaving for lunch, so the school would not only need more lunch food for the abundance of students on campus during lunch, but they would also need to improve the quality of food provided; therefore, Red Bluff High School should remain an open campus for the student body. With the reputation that Red Bluff High School's food has, students that regularly go off campus for lunch will argue the relinquishment of being able to eat food other than cafeteria lunch. Each generation, kids and teenagers are slowly losing freedom due to an overabundance of precautions, and while the majority of these precautions are good natured individuals lose the ability to do quite a bit of activities with friends in their free time. As generations lose this ability to go out on their own, they begin to harbor these bursts of breathing space where they are on their own. Taking away the ability to leave for lunch may not seem like it's a huge problem, but an immense amount of students would argue for their right to go off campus. accomplish her goal. This will definitely go down in history a very long ways to the deaf culture/ community. It's good for the deaf community to get this publicity and have a light that's shown into their world. Many people disregard them as being less than, but as one very intelligent deaf man has said, "deaf people can do anything a hearing person can do, except hear." A huge round of applause should be shown towards Officer Erica Trevino, and to the entire deaf community. She has set a huge milestone for them. possible by media

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