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2013 - Issue 8 - December

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FRESH START Gluten-Free Gastronomy I FROM TOP: Noah Sandoval plates scallops with care; salmon with green asparagus and a garnish of flowers. 80 n our bread-obsessed culture, gluten-free dining has long been maligned as disappointingly dull. But one cozy storefront restaurant in Lakeview is turning that perception on its ear, with a series of tasting menus of some of the most creative cuisine in the Windy City, every single plate of it gluten-free. Tucked in a nook of East Lakeview known more for fast-casual restaurants than fine dining, 48-seat Senza is intimate, modern, and understated, the perfect stage for showcasing the work of emerging chef Noah Sandoval. Having honed his craft for seven years in Virginia, Sandoval eventually moved to Chicago, where he has worked under renowned chefs like Michael Carlson (Schwa), Shawn McClain (Spring/Green Zebra), and Takashi Yagihashi (Takashi). He auditioned for Senza owners Susan McMillan and Amelia Fonti after answering a Craigslist ad. The partners were so impressed with the gorgeous presentation and stunning flavor of Sandoval's dishes that they hired him on the spot. "We wanted a place where people could be safe and eat with their friends and no one would care if it were gluten-free or not," McMillan says. "Noah is unbelievable. We got this fabulous chef who can do molecular gastronomy. There are things he really cares about, and he pushes for things he must have. He's always right." Sandoval keeps things fresh by frequently changing up his four- and nine-course tasting menus. One week you might see a dish spotlighting gorgeous Vidalia onions; the next, bright pink continued on page 82 PHOTOGRAPHY BY HUGE GALDONES WITH HIS INSPIRED CUISINE AT SENZA, CHEF NOAH SANDOVAL GIVES DIET-RESTRICTED DINING A HAUTE NEW LOOK. BY ARI BENDERSKY MICHIGANAVEMAG.COM 080-082_MA_Taste_SMD_Winter2014.indd 80 11/19/13 5:43 PM

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