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2013 - Issue 8 - December

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Agents of Change FOR A FRESH START IN 2014, CHICAGOANS NEED LOOK NO FURTHER THAN THESE LEADING LOCAL EXPERTS IN BEAUTY, FITNESS, FASHION, AND NUTRITION. By Elle Eichinger and Meg Mathis Photography by Brian Guido THE FASHION GURU Personal shopper Richard Vincent brings out the clotheshorse in his clients. "I've had clients for upward of 20 years—and it's not because I've gotten any prettier," jokes Richard Vincent, a veteran personal shopper at the Saks Fifth Avenue Men's Store. Vincent has reigned over the Chicago store as a well-established sales professional for the past eight years, and in 2009 was recognized as Saks' top producer nationally. What keeps his 150-odd clients— including prominent local and national lawyers, philanthropists, surgeons, and even a Broadway scribe—coming back is Vincent's talent for creating unique, attention-grabbing looks. Though Vincent (whose first fashion inspiration was a Victorian crazy quilt belonging to his grandmother in Vermont) is a brand ambassador for Isaia, he loves to mix and match labels into a single ensemble for his clients, something he'll be able to do even more of when the Men's Store relocates to an expanded space in the Saks flagship across the avenue in January. The Chicago look: Chicagoans are rooted. Men in particular appreciate quality; they want to know that what they buy won't be 120-127_MA_FEAT_Beauty_Winter2014.indd 120 outdated in a year or two. Fashion forecast: We'll see a continual reevaluation of the silhouette. Clothing is becoming more contained; more and more designers are offering fitted silhouettes and enjoying pattern. For a fresh start: Streamline, remove the clutter, refine. The goal is knowing that each hanger and shelf in the closet contains clothing that is inestimably well-fitted and enhancing, creating a wardrobe of functional, stylish clothing that expresses your best self to the world. My definition of beauty: The unexpected alliance of proportion and form; a genuine expression of unexpected harmony. I'm inspired by: Gardening. The surprising color combinations you find in nature are inspirational, and it's good to put a shovel in the dirt when you're feeling frustrated. Fashion faux pas: One can fall into the trap of saying, 'I have a suit; it looked great once, it's still good.' It's imperative to recognize that proportions change—that's what fashion is all about. New Year's resolution: Take more risks. Saks Fifth Avenue's new Men's Store will open in January at 700 N. Michigan Ave., on the sixth and seventh floors, 312-799-5211; 11/20/13 5:29 PM

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