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"We wanted a complete experience— a trifecta of the indoor nightclub Surrender, Encore Beach Club outside, and then this fantastic restaurant next door."—todd-avery lenahan PHOTOGRAPHY BY LEILA NAVIDI (LENAHAN) Andrea's designer Todd-Avery Lenahan. nightclub, which is Surrender, Encore Beach Club outside, and then this fantastic restaurant next door." The room's lighting creates the feminine feel of Andrea's in more ways than one. Slingback pumps were the inspiration for the stainless steel chairs. "The idea behind the light fixtures was to create an architectural metaphor to the jewelry that accentuates a woman's beauty," says Lenahan. "You'll notice in the little private booths I didn't use chandeliers. I used mobiles, and then the light fixture in the middle of the room, all those champagne glass pendants, was a nod to women's jewelry." Nearly 1,000 pieces of champagne-colored mutant glass were used to create the space's dramatic statement above the raised dining area. Lenahan designed them to house LED lights and had them made in Italy. "The drive was to create this sort of feathery drape of crystal throughout the room," he says. "People have called them teardrops, but I don't because I don't see them as sad. I really saw them more as earrings. Beautiful pendant earrings." Lenahan pictured a dining area amenable to "lots of small introductions, lots of little stolen glances across the room." It's not unusual to want to traverse the room before sitting down or do a lap around the elevated floors afterward to touch base with acquaintances before moving on for the evening. "It's very see-and-be-seen," he says. "You notice, the sofas, the furniture we use—it's very much about posing. And there are different styles of seating—some that are tall, some are lower. There are the private little intimate booths to the side. I call them tête-à-tête booths. It's very sexy, very social." Indeed, those booths are Wynn's preferred seating, and he's not alone in that thinking: "I went there with Andrea the week after it opened," he says, "and there was Lady Gaga in one of the booths, with her boyfriend, the second night in a row." The build-out took four months. The white velvet sofas were custommade in LA, while the stainless steel and gold lamé leather chairs are from Germany. One important feature was the brainchild of Steve Wynn: an image of his wife Andrea's eyes projected from above the bar onto a screen behind it. "The eyes came first, before we named it Andrea's," says Wynn. "We knew we wanted to do a projection of eyes, and after looking at so many models, it struck me that Andrea's eyes were just as beautiful. So we photographed her eyes, and I decided to call the spot Andrea's. And from there I also knew we wanted to give the eyes a Warhol-inspired treatment—change up the colors and make it really artful." Lenahan goes to the restaurant often to dine from chef Joseph Elevado's menu and has found that patrons react exactly as he expected. "When they open those bronze, glass, polished-nickel, and polished-bone doors," he says, "their posture straightens. You immediately see people assume the position. The guys strut like peacocks, and the women float through the space beautifully as sort of the star objects. It works." But there's one other litmus test Lenahan didn't expect: "It's amazing how many people invite me to dinner there without knowing I designed it. It's perceived as really hot!" n The private booths feature Alexander Calder–inspired mobiles. WYNN 058-061_W_F_DesignSpotlight_Spring_13.indd 61 61 4/4/13 5:05 PM

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