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July 10, 2019

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B-2 Sports Wednesday, July 10, 2019 The Press-Dispatch North Daviess. "We hung in there and stayed tough," Anderson said. "They ran out of gas. They had some leg cramps and so forth. I credit our team physician. He had us on Gatorade a couple years before that. I still believe in Gatorade. I probably drink a couple pints every day." Otwell defeated Wash- ington and Barr-Reeve in the first and second round of the tournament. Anderson said every team in the sectional that year had a winning record in the reg- ular season. "I think we were under- dogs probably every game we played [in the section- al]," Anderson said. "We were the little school and we didn't have the tradition that some of them did. "But after we beat Wash- ington, it was so hectic for me. I was just concentrat- ing on my team. I don't know what all was going on. I don't know what the odds were and we didn't care. We were oblivious to all that." Anderson said despite be- ing retired, he still feels like a coach. "I still manage the [St. Louis] Cardinals every night," he said with a laugh. "I think once you coach that long, you never stop seeing things a certain way." The team included con- sisted of Weisman, Jim De- Motte, Tim Garland, Ellis Gray, Steve Meadors, Tim Teague, Mike Vaughn, Steve Barrett, Neal Pauw, Bob Whaley, Erwin Traylor and David Elkins; student man- agers Nicky Meadors and Walter Hazelton; cheerlead- ers Brenda (Summit) Rish, Pep (Dickson) Young, Ri- ta ( Whaley) Weisman; and mini-cheerleader Angie (Anderson) Merkley. 5K Road Race & 5K Fitness Walk Saturday, August 3 • 8:00 a.m. Ninth & Main Street, Jasper, IN Sponsored by: Holy Trinity Catholic School St. John Bosco Catholic Youth Ministries REGISTRATION FORM (one participant per registration form) Name ___________________________________________ Date of birth (mm/dd/yy) ___/___/___ Sex: ___ M ___ F Race (circle): 5K Run 5K Walk Address __________________________________________ City _____________________________________________ State __________________ Zip ______________________ Email ____________________________________________ T-shirt size requested (circle): S M L XL 2X Enclose a check or money order for $15 (runners/walkers) or $10 if 12 years old and under, payable to Strassenfest Wettlauf by July 26, 2019 for pre-race registration. Mail registration/liability waiver form and fee to: The Bosco House, PO Box 908, Jasper, IN 47547. For more information, call Debbie at 812/631-1441. LIABILITY WAIVER This waiver and registration form must be completed by all runners and walkers in order for entry to be accepted. I hereby for myself, my minor child (if applicable), my executors, administrators, heirs and assignees, do hereby release, discharge, hold harmless, and indemnify the St. John Bosco Youth Group; Holy Trinity Catholic School, its staff and board; Memorial Hospital And Health Care Center, its boards, employees, and volunteers; other entrants and representatives; Jasper Strassenfest Committee; City of Jasper, its boards, elected and appointed officials and employees; and County of Dubois for all claims of property dam- age or personal injury, including death, that may arise or grow out of my (or my minor child's) participation in the Wettlauf. I certify that I have prepared for this event and am in adequate physical condition for 5K race/walk. I agree to follow all rules of the Wettlauf, obey all traffic laws, avoid littering, respect the property of others, and permit myself to be removed from competition if, in the opinion of the race administrators, my continu- ing would endanger my health. I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center, Holy Trinity Catholic School, St. John Bosco Youth Group and the City of Jasper, its board, elected and appointed officials, and employees, in any claim, damages, expenses or action, including attorney fees, assessed or brought against them because of my acts or omissions or the acts or omissions of my minor child. Signature of entrant _________________________________ (and of parent if entrant is under 18) _____________________ Date ______________ Telephone _____________________ Wettlauf Sponsored by the Little Company of Mary Sisters - USA Corporate Sponsor: SPORTS BRIEFS Chargers youth football camp set for July 17 Staff Report The Pike Central High School football program will be hosting a one-day camp on Wednesday, Ju- ly 17 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The third and fourth graders will hit the field from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and be followed by fifth and sixth graders from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. The camp is free to at- tend; however, camp T- shirts will be provided for a fee of $10. Also, youth football will be offering an early sign- up discount that night. Those who wish to sign up for youth football on the camp night of July 17 will receive $10 off the normal registration fee of $ 60. Any questions, contact Dave Stephens at 812- 272-8525, Caleb Cherry at 812-677-0521 or Matt Rob- inette at 812-582-2533. nesses or people to sponsor the event or donate items to the silent auction, with any amount or item donated be- ing appreciated. For donations, make checks payable to River Harbin Prayer Warriors, C/O Jessica Aldridge at P.O. Box 408, Petersburg, IN 47567. If you have an item you would like to donate, con- tact: Andrea Willis at 812- 354-4009, Jessica Aldridge 812-354-4578 or Danielle Houtsch at 812-582-2938. Harbin was born on March 12, 2015, with a genetic heart condition known as cardiomyopathy, a disease that affects just 5.7 in 1,000,000 children. A fter delivery, Harbin was immediately taken to Riley Children's Hospital, where his journey began. Prior to his birth, Harbin's parents were told their un- born son had just an 18 per- cent chance of survival due to his enlarged heart. At just seven days old, Harbin had survived an open-heart surgery and was later listed on the 1A heart transplant list. A fter six weeks, his con- dition improved so much that he was released from the hospital to return home. His heart function was managed by a strict routine of medicines to ensure his heart continued function- ing properly. Along with the routine medications, Harbin's heart condition was monitored by frequent trips to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis and outpatient care. His most recent hospital stay began on December 2, 2018. Since that stay be- gan, he has had to endure multiple surgeries and set- backs as he began his jour- ney toward receiving a new heart. A fter Harbin's ad- mission to the hospital, he began to improve and was listed once again on the status 1A transplant list, where he and his family began the wait for his new heart. Harbin had a Ber- lin Heart placed, as well as extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) due to his heart not function- ing well enough for surviv- al. During this time, he en- dured a brain bleed, kidney failure, collapsed lungs (on multiple occasions), Respi- ratory Syncytial Virus and many other complications, and was moved down to a status seven on the trans- plant list through the 2018 holidays. In just a short period of nine weeks, Harbin had two open-heart surgeries, four brain surgeries and a multitude of other proce- dures, both big and small. On February 20, he was re-listed as a status 1A on the heart transplant list. He participated daily in ther- apy to work on improv- ing his cognitive, physical and neurological function, and made great strides to- wards regaining his inde- pendence. He had to spend his fourth birthday in Riley Children's Hospital, but it was made very special for him by some of his favor- ite staff members, as well as Batman and his whole family, including his three brothers, who had missed having him at home. The news that Harbin was receiving his heart came on May 28, 2019. It was a long awaited 98 days, but he finally received his hero heart on May 29. Not even 48 hours post-trans- plant and this little su- perhero was up walking around outside of his room. On June 10, the day Harbin left Riley Children's Hospi- tal, he had a special "Bus- tin Outta Here" celebration that can be viewed on his Facebook page. You can also follow his entire journey and recov- ery through the Face- book page, River Harbin's Prayer Warriors. HEART Continued from page 1 DEMO Continued from page 1 HONOR Continued from page 1 SHOOT Continued from page 1 Above: Smoke and mud fly as Bill Miller #22 slams into Bryan Brock #97. Miller won the Bone Stock class, Dan Woodall finished second and Bryant Brock third. Juan Velaquez won the Mini class, with Eric Fisher in second and Corey Cox in third place. The Old School Metric class was won by Ty Richards, Dan Sandal was second and James Prohaska third. Left: Chris Blue and Jordan Ison throw a large piece of debris that fell off a demo derby car out of the arena during a red flag. Dallas Reutepohler, 14, shoots a muzzle loader at the Pike County 4-H shooting range on Saturday, July 6. and shotgun competitions around this area. There are college programs and schol- arships available. There is a lot of good in this lifelong hobby." Isaac Ross, 14, has been taking part in the 4-H shoot- ing sports since he was in third grade. "All my friends were do- ing it and I like hunting," he said. "And shooting is in- volved in that, so why not? " Isaac said his favorite weapon to shoot is the shot- gun, but the rifles are pret- ty fun, too, and, in addition to learning about safety, the 4-H program has also taught him valuable lessons in sharing and communica- tion. Dallas Reutepohler, 14, said he took part in the sports just because he likes guns and shooting. "It's pretty fun out here," he said. "I like it. Some of my family members go hunting, and I'm wanting to go with them eventually." Reutepohler said his fa- vorite thing to shoot is the muzzle loader because of its old-time feel. "I like taking my time with it and doing everything by hand," he said. Lillian Mann, 12, said ar- chery has become her favor- ite shooting sport during her three years taking part in the program. "My family has always do- ne stuff like this," she said. "So, I figured I would try it." Deacon Jenkins, 10, was the youngest 4-H'er at the monthly event this past Sat- urday. He said he became inter- ested in shooting sports af- ter watching his father at the shooting range. "I've learned to be care- ful and patient," Jenkins said. "I have learned to al- ways make sure I'm being safe with the gun." Call us at 812-354-8500 or email GOT SPORTS NEWS? Want to share your news with others? The Press- Dispatch can help deliver it to Pike and the surrounding counties. NEWS! 812-354-8500

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