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December 02, 2021

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704-484-1047 Our 38th Year • Issue No. 48 • December 2, 2021 "GOD BLESS AMERICA" HOURS: Mon - Fri 8am - 5:30pm Sat 8am - 3pm 704-482-8464 NORRIS MERCHANDISE 2011 S. Lafayette St. (Hwy. 18 S) • Shelby, NC 2011 S. Lafayette St. (Hwy. 18 S) • Shelby, NC Christmas Christmas Gift Gift Guide Guide JOSHUA RHOADES 704-300-7247 by MICHAEL E. POWELL CF Media When you hear people talk- ing about the sport of boxing, one name sure to be mentioned is that of World Heavyweight Champion, and Waco, N.C. native, the late Floyd Patterson. Known as "The Gentleman of Boxing", he was every bit that, and more. Waco had a sign dedication ceremony Wednesday, Nov. 10, to honor the late champ's memory, inviting NC Boxing Commission Chair person Valerie Dorsett to speak about Mr. Patterson and his contribu- tion to the sport. Born Jan. 4, 1935 in the small town of Waco, Floyd passed away in 2006. In her speech given at the Southern States store (2330 Cherryville Rd.) Dorsett noted Patterson made boxing history, never forgetting his N.C. roots. In addition to Dorsett, Waco Mayor John Barrett, and a host of local and state officials were on hand to pay tribute to Patterson, whose humble beginnings took him not only to center stage in the greatest boxing arenas and venues of the world but helped him meet many great leaders, telling them his story. Patterson became the World Heavyweight Champion in a fight he won on Nov. 30, 1956 by knocking out then-champ Archie Moore. That KO made him, at 26, the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in the history of boxing. Earlier in his life Patterson won the New York Golden Gloves title (1951 and 1952). He became an international sensa- tion at age 17 when he took Olympic gold at the Helsinki, Finland Games in 1952. Dorsett described Patterson's hard life growing up; his strug- gles with learning, as well as his rise through the ranks of boxing. She noted his many "firsts" in the world of boxing, speaking about all the famous boxers with whom he competed, not the least of which was the late Muhammad Ali, to whom he lost the WH boxing champ title. Floyd retired from professional boxing with a record of 55 – 8, 40 KOs and one draw, said Dorsett. Dorsett noted Floyd contin- ued within the industry and was "…a champion for boxing, tes- tifying before a Congressional subcommittee." He also served as Chair of the New York State Athletic Commission and was also voted into the US Olympic Committee Hall of Fame in 1987, and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1991. Dorsett said, "(He) was defi- nitely loved by the public," and "…was an inspiration to all. Though he and his family moved to New York at an early age he never forgot his roots in North Carolina. He was truly one of the greatest boxers of all times!" In his opening comments Mayor Barrett said getting the signs was something he wanted to do for the Patterson Family and the Town of Waco since he came to the mayor's office. "Mr. Ed Goforth and (Cleveland County Commissioner) Ronnie Whetstine approached me about this, about getting things started on this," said Mayor Barrett. "We are very proud to do this for the Patterson Family," he said. Looking at the family gathered there, he added, "This is for you." North Carolina State Sen. Ted Alexander, Rep. Kelly Hastings, Dennis Reno, and Cleveland County Commissioner Whetstine joined members of the Patterson family – Tyrone Patterson, Grady Patterson, Dorfus H. Patterson, Jr., Junior Phillips Patterson, Phedra Kee, Goldene Kee, Kevin Kee, Evelyn Haynes, Carolyn Wilson, and Winnie Keaton – for the ceremony. Waco former World Heavyweight Champion Floyd Patterson honored North Carolina State Sen. Ted Alexander, Rep. Kelly Hastings, Dennis Reno, Cleveland County Commissioner Ronnie Whetstine, and Waco Mayor John Barrett at the Nov. 10 ceremony honoring the late Floyd Patterson, World Heavyweight Champion, Olympic gold medalist, and native son of Waco, N.C. (photos by MEP/CF Media) Members of the Patterson Family pose with Ms. Valerie Dorsett across from the sign honoring Waco's favorite son, the late World Heavyweight Champion, Floyd Patterson. A close-up of the sign on Cherryville Road; one of two as you enter and leave the Town of Waco, Floyd Patterson's birthplace. Christmas Christmas Gift Guide Gift Guide See Pages 11, 12 & 13

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