TV Magazine Ad Sales

From Loss Leader to Profit Center

Advantage Newspaper Consultants works with independent publishers and major newspaper chains to increase advertising revenue and advertiser retention

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I N N O VAT I V E C A M PA I G N S + E X P E R T S A L E S P R O F E S S I O N A L S + Q U A N T I F I A B L E R E S U LT S + "Advantage Solutions - your best resource for generating advertising revenue." INTEGRATED ADVERTISING SALES CAMPAIGNS Advantage Newspaper Consultants offers a complete TV Magazine ad sales program turning your TV Magazine into a significant revenue center in 10 business days or less. Our program helps hundreds of newspapers na onwide sell millions of dollars in TV Magazine adver sing. Whether your circula on is under 10,000 or over 100,000, we can help your newspaper add significant addi onal revenue to your bo om-line all year long. YOUR TV MAGAZINE CAN BE A PROFIT CENTER The weekly TV magazine is prime real estate for the right adver ser. The long shelf-life, targeted readership demographic and the availability of guaranteed placement make the TV magazine the perfect vehicle for certain adver sers to reach their For nearly two decades, ANC has worked with newspapers to generate millions in ad revenue. We offer a comprehensive TV magazine ad sales program that will turn your TV magazine into a true revenue center in less than two weeks - with no upfront costs. Advantage Newspaper Consultants is the industry's leading TV magazine ad sales consul ng company. local consumers. Our sales professionals have years of experience uncovering adver sing prospects that want to reach these local consumers. ANC will work with you to create an a rac ve adver sing package and help train or refresh your staff on the features and benefits of the TV magazine. Without disrup ng ROP sales or shi ing revenue from other adver sing streams, this sales event can lead to contracted, annual ad revenue. Sa sfac on guaranteed!

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