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June, 2018

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Mailed from Sterling, Ill. INL ANDER T H E Stay engaged. Find solutions. Move forward. JUNE 2018 VOL. 33, NO. 6 A few minutes with David Holgate FOCUS ON MEMBERS PAGE 4 FINAL COUNTDOWN TO MISSION ONE: REVENUE BY MARK FITZGERALD Mission One: Revenue focuses on finding new revenue from any of the sources available to newspaper, from digital to events to niche products to social media. But the agenda for Mission One: Revenue, at the headquarters of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution June 19 to 21, also directs attendee's attention to revenue streams that are hiding in plain sight. A good example is "Re-thinking real estate revenue, NOW," a session conducted by four marketing and sales experts: Jim Brown, the vice president, sales and marketing for Borrell Asso- ciates; Brian Monihan, vice president and publisher at Pamplin Media; Cesar Montes, president of WeHaa, which offers a print and digital real estate advertising solution; and Mike Blinder, president of The Blinder Group. Their session takes off from the premise that the local real estate land- scape has changed again—and this time back in favor of local newspapers. "Owners and agents are moving money out of digital verticals like Zillow and Trulia, prefer ring marketing options that raise their 'top of mind awareness' and personal brand within the neighborhoods they serve," Blinder said. "Newspapers already own the solutions they crave. This session will be all about showing newspapers how they can win back the sizable local dollars that are now in play." Similarly, Greg Swanson, the partner and business development leader at I t z o n t a r g e t . c o m , rev i s i t s a s a l e s platfor m that many newspapers, mistakenly, think they are already opti- mizing: email. His session, "You've got revenue: Creating email sales campaigns that work," will take Mission One: Revenue attendees step-by-step through the process of creating email campaigns that really work for local businesses, and how to sell the retargeting of respondents across the web, social media—and even snail mail. And with politics a constantly trending topic as mid-term elections draw nearer, John Kimball, managing general partner of The John Kimball Group, will highlight the real-life expe- riences of newspapers from small and medium-sized markets that have won a substantial share of the money being spent by candidates and backers of ballot issues. The session, "Vote Yes! Seizing local political dollars now!," looks beyond the immediate elections to show how newspapers can convert political dollars into sustainable revenue streams long-term. Al Getler, a division sales manager at Advantage Newspaper Consultants, also taps into legacy revenue streams with his session, "Maximizing your print ad dollars." "The printed legacy product is far from dead in credibility, audience reach—and the results it gets," Getler said. This session, he added, is focused on the latest methods being implemented right now to maximize ad revenue from every inch of print ads. S e e t h e f u l l M i s s i o n O n e : Revenue agenda and the bios of the conference presenters on pages 6-9. Mission One: Revenue's instant ROI Any one of the sessions at Mission One: Revenue will generate enough money-making ideas and proven strategies to pay for attending the conference. But Mike Blinder of The Blinder Group and Sammy Papert of Wormhole are essentially guaranteeing attendance ROI with their special offers for conference participants. Blinder is offering six months of free online sales training for a newspaper's entire sales team with The Blinder Group's Client 1st Sales Training Program, a $1,000 value. Papert will give attendees copies of the "Pulse of America Report" that reveals the shop- ping intent of 500 categories of businesses that newspapers should be targeting. The report is valued at $500. SUMMERTIME MEANS LONG-RANGE INLAND PLANNING BY YOUR HARDWORKING BOARDS It's finally summer, and summertime is a busy one for the Inland Press Asso- ciation, staff and boards! As you read the June edition of The Inlander, the boards of Inland Association and Foundation will have held their a n n u a l I n l a n d s u m m e r b o a r d meeting. I'm honored to host this year's joint meeting along with United Communications Corporation CEO and Inland Board member, Lucy Brown Minn. The boards gathered to consider and update Inland's strategic plan. Topics discussed i n cl u d e d m e m b e r s h i p, marketing, programming, fiscal sustainability, Foun- dation investments and possible strategic alliances. I'll follow up with a more d e t a i l e d s u m m e r b o a r d meeting report and resulting outcomes in my July column. As part of our planning for this meeting, we conducted our annual membership survey. The insights from that survey are invaluable as we consider how we c a n b e t t e r s e r v e I n l a n d ' s membership. We received nearly 300 responses to this year's survey, which covered all aspects of Inland's offerings. Interesting fact: The average time to complete the survey was just under seven minutes. Mission One: Revenue conference: We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta June 19-21 for this unique and timely conference focused on and devoted to all the ways newspapers can generate every- thing revenue…print, digital, mobile, events, video and beyond. You simply can't miss this meeting…one practically guaranteed to pay for itself and provide a return on investment—not to mention spurring numerous revenue generating ideas and opportunities. Mission One: Revenue is all about equipping you and your revenue team with the ideas, strategies and tools to generate more "top line" revenue bolstering your "bottom line" profit- ability! APG Media: Our membership continues to grow with the recent addition of eight dailies and more than 100 weeklies from the Adams Publishing Group. With these additions, all APG newspapers are now Inland members. Thanks to Jeff Patterson, Inland Foun- dation Board member and APG Media/ West Division president and to Patty Slusher for their efforts in securing our newest Inland members! Kudos, Jeff and Patty! Inland's Fellows Program is now accepting applications for the next class of this two-year opportunity. The program is aimed at early-stage news- paper professionals, with a preference given to candidates who are racial or ethnic minorities, women or members of the LGBT community. But all Inland member newspaper employees with management potential are eligible to apply. Fellows are paired with mentors, and participate in Inland meetings and conferences. Applications are due by July 13. Information and applications can be found online at www.inland- REPORT FROM THE PRESIDENT TOM YUNT YUNT, CONTINUED ON PAGE 12

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