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May 2018

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ACTIVE INLAND IS FILLING YOUR CALENDAR INTO 2019 Welcome to the May issue of The Inlander! It's hard to believe it's spring ( o t h e r t h a n A r i z o n a a n d Florida is there anywhere in the c o u n t r y t h a t ' s warm and experi- e n c i n g a t r u e spring?), but that means we're in t h e a d v a n c e d planning stages f o r t wo m a j o r events -- the upcoming Inland Summer Board Meeting and the 133rd Annual Meeting in Chicago. More to come later about both. Mission One: Revenue. Digital, Print, Mobile & More: We have scheduled an exciting and all-encompassing revenue conference for June 19-21 in Atlanta hosted by The Atlanta Journal Consti- tution (thanks to Inland board director Amy Glennon). The prog ram will address all sources of revenue oppor- tunities…print, digital, mobile, events, etc. An extremely timely and important topic and prog ram for all Inland members, so sign up today! I look forward to seeing everyone in June in Atlanta! Jason Taylor of Gatehouse Joins the board. We look forward to working with Jason to make Inland even more valuable to its members. As we noted in the April Inlander, Gatehouse has added all its daily and non-daily publi- cations to Inland membership. Jason is one of the busiest execs in the business with more titles than most of us including: President of GateHouse Media's Western U.S. Publishing Oper- ations, President of GateHouse Live and Virtual Events and President, and Publisher of the Las Vegas Review- Journal. Jason, we appreciate your involvement with Inland and welcome you to the board. Summer Board Meeting: The Inland board will convene for its annual summer meeting June 4-6 in Lake Mailed from Sterling, Ill. INL ANDER T H E Stay engaged. Find solutions. Move forward. MAY 2018 VOL. 33, NO. 5 REPORT FROM THE PRESIDENT TOM YUNT YUNT, CONTINUED ON PAGE 12 New revenue streams from print, yes, print REVENUE IDEAS THAT WORK: PAGE 14 A CONFERENCE WITH A MISSION: MAXIMIZING NEWSPAPER REVENUE STREAMS AND SOURCES BY MARK FITZGERALD Mission One: Revenue. Digital, print, mobile & more proclaims its ambitions in its very title, at once suggesting a laser focus on making money and a wide net to capture the many old and new ways newspapers can generate revenue. This conference combines the strength of previous Inland confer- ences devoted to generating revenue through digital platforms and others that focused on more legacy revenue strategies. It also brings together the strength of two partners, sales guru Mike Blinder's The Blinder Group and the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association. Blinder said Mission One: Revenue solves a dilemma for newspaper exec- utives faced with a choice among more narrowly focused industry conferences. "Some media executives were having to decide which of the Inland conferences would be best to send themselves and their teams: THE Revenue Conference, or the Driving Digital Revenue event?" Blinder said. "So it made total sense to create s o m e t h i n g n ew — o n e t h at s e t s Mission One as helping newspapers make money." And who should attend Mission O n e : Reve nu e ? P u bl i s h e r s, a d directors, digital managers, audience development executives. In a word, anyone tasked with increasing revenue at their newspapers. M1Revenue, as its sponsor style it, is attracting real interest throughout the industry—and has already recruited some of the best executives in the industry bringing success stories and innovative ideas. A good example of the quality of M1Revenue presenters is Stephanie Weber, who will talk about bringing Silicon Valley-style innovation to the 145-year-old The Gazette in Colorado Springs. Before becoming the news- paper's vice president of audience, digital development and information technolog y, she was a computer programmer and software engineer, growing digital audience and revenue. "I'm driven to innovate through developing products that provide content in a variety of different media spaces," she told the Colorado Press Association in November. "We hire from outside of the industry for our innovation lab, bringing in fresh perspectives and coming up with different ideas. We then build proto- types, see if the public f inds it palatable, and if so, build the larger products out from there." Many of the M1Revenue presenters come with special expertise in opti- mizing new and existing revenue streams. Greg Swanson of Itzontarget. com will speak on effective email campaigns. There will be Borrell asso- ciate's Jim Brown, Pamplin Media's REVENUE MISSION ONE : DIGITAL, PRINT, MOBILE & MORE... REVENUE MISSION ONE : DIGITAL, PRINT, MOBILE & MORE... JUNE 19-21 | Atlanta Presented by: THE INLAND PRESS FOUNDATION and THE BLINDER GROUP SNPA SOUTHERN NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION CO-SPONSORED BY: PRESENTED BY: JUNE 19-21, 2018 | ATLANTA INLAND WELCOMES 500-PLUS NEW MEMBERS TO OUR GROWING ASSOCIATION COMMUNITY Since the start of the year, Inland's membership has grown by more than 500 dailies and weeklies—strengthening an association that now has its most members since before the Great Recession. Inland total membership now stands at 1,364, a number that includes big metro dailies such as The Dallas Morning News and The Seattle Times, and hundreds of small-town weeklies in all 50 states. Inland welcomes our newest members—177 dailies and 337 non-dailies— with a graphic display sprawling across pages 8 and 9. REVENUE, CONTINUED ON PAGE 6

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