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Spring 2018

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Advantage News Spring 2018 Solutions for Advertising Revenue from Advantage Newspaper Consultants Successful sales professionals are organized. They plan. They work their plan. They prospect. They sell. They ask. They keep asking. Most importantly, they close business. Advantage Newspaper Consultants will begin offering The SALES ADVANTAGE to train sales professionals for partner newspapers this summer. The program is based on a successful sales system used at over 400 client newspapers. The workshop will initially be presented live on location in two half-day sessions. Sales Personnel vs. Sales Professionals The question is, just how many sales professionals do newspapers have under their roofs versus people with the sales title? Advantage Newspapers Consultants (ANC) wants to turn your newspaper sales personnel into sales professionals. "As a publisher, I was always willing to provide training to the sales professionals that brought in the revenue,' said Al Getler, a 34-year newspaper veteran and the creator of the training. "The main concern I had was time away from the field. High octane training is what I needed." The SALES ADVANTAGE system emulates the dynamic sales system that Advantage uses when selling in client newspaper markets. The program maximizes sales training time, while minimizing the time away from selling. Successful Selling is Successful Planning The SALES ADVANTAGE system acknowledges that selling is a well-planned numbers game. The more appointments you make and the more you sell and answer objections successfully, the more you close business. The reality is, however, not every sales person is optimizing their selling time. Sales personnel often get caught up in paperwork, The SALES ADVANTAGE ANC Announces New Sales Training Program About Al Getler Al Getler is a 34-year newspaper veteran. For the last 20 years, he has published daily and weekly newspapers and magazines in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio and Vermont. He began his career at his hometown newspaper, The Record in Hackensack, NJ. Getler's association with Advantage Newspaper Consultants began as a customer when he was publisher of several daily newspapers north of Boston, Massachusetts. "Advantage came in and helped us create print revenue where it did not exist. I was so impressed by Tim Dellinger and his straightforward approach. I am now proud to be a member of his team," said Getler who joined ANC in 2017. Getler lives in Vermont with his wife, daughter and four rescue dogs. office gossip, etc. Spending time in front of customers becomes secondary to other activity. "This program was really driven by our clients," said Timothy O. Dellinger, President of Advantage Newspaper Consultants. "Publishers and Advertising Directors have recognized over the years that the Advantage system is different than the sales techniques used by their teams. Demand brings this program to market." The bottom line is the sales people need to be in front of more customers to close more business. That requires a well-planned sales day, week and month. The SALES ADVANTAGE system trains sales professionals to focus their energy, time and effort. (continued on next page) The Sales Advantage System organizes the sales team for optimal selling time.

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