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2018 Severe Weather

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Sunday, March 11, 2018 4 SEVERE WEATHER AWARENESS Listen to NOAA Weather Radio or commercial radio or television for the latest information. • Ensure your NOAA Weather Radio has fresh batteries and is set to the correct frequency to receive a warning for your area. • During a Severe Thunderstorm Watch or Tornado Watch, stay aware of weather updates. Locate radio, phone, purse/wallet, blanket and flashlight. • During a Severe Thunderstorm Warning or Tornado Warning, take immediate action to protect yourself and those around you. Go to your safe place. Stay away from windows and doors. • Mobile homes provide absolutely no protection from high winds. If you live in a mobile home... plan your escape to a nearby sturdy building that will give you proper shelter. At the first sign of an approaching storm go immediately to this building. • In schools...hospitals... factories...or shopping centers...go to designated shelter areas. Interior halls on the lowest levels are usually the best. Stay away from gymnasiums or auditoriums. Avoid all outside walls and windows. • In vehicles or outdoors.... limit your outdoor plans or finish them early. Stay close to a sturdy shelter. Do not take shelter under a highway overpass...where wind speeds can increase due to a tunneling effect. • If caught in the open with no shelter nearby...find a ditch...culvert or other low area and lay down flat. Cover your head with your hands for protection. SEVERE STORMS SAFETY AND AWARENESS

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