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2018 SPELLING BEE THE JOPLIN GLOBE | SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2018 2 Year Winner Winning Word 1978 Darin Baldwin, Baxter Springs hemophilia 1979 Sammy Watson, Galena quagmire 1980 Beth Greer, Diamond TIE 1980 Rena Staton, Carthage TIE 1981 Steve Campbell, Carl Junction TIE 1981 Christine Hwang, Carthage TIE 1982 Ronald Woody, Diamond nefandous 1983 Christy Doubledee, Waco TIE 1983 Matt Giebler, Joplin TIE 1984 Karen Schieberl, Joplin syncopation 1985 Denise Knecht, Diamond harbinger 1986 Maya Sardjono, Cassville ultrafiche 1987 Mary Beth Cunningham, Nevada corpuscle 1988 Amy Lynn Lawson, Joplin miscellaneous 1989 Amanda Lowe, Joplin thesaurus 1990 Angela Frazier, Altamont framboise 1991 Jennifer Haase, Rocky Comfort aeronautics 1992 Natalie Nichols, Golden City carnivore 1993 Paul M. Sweet, Seneca paranoia 1994 Lauren Standlee, Joplin haziness 1995 Jenny Peters, Lamar condominium 1996 Matthew Peters, Lamar luftmensch 1997 Megan Rapelje, Wheaton finesse 1998 Tosha Terveen, Purdy alar 1999 Christa Frazier, Altamont galosh 2000 Ivy Love, Greenfield rapscallion 2001 James Kruse, Neosho bretelle 2002 Kacie Brown, Seneca carnivorous 2003 Tadd Wagner, Carthage Elysium 2004 Michelle Barchak, Joplin impunity 2005 Lindsay Terry, Carthage rifeness 2006 Joshua Souder, Seneca aeronautics 2007 Nona Salsbury, Schell City stucco 2008 Sanjay Jenkins, T.J., Joplin repoussage 2009 Christopher Smith, Monett basilica 2010 Emma Moore, Southwest City avionics 2011 Farhath Sulthana, Joplin cartonnage 2012 Taylor Mailes, Seneca benison 2013 Jaden Gallagher, Nevada paladin 2014 Shrihari Nagarajan, T.J., Joplin milacre 2015 Elizabeth Martin, Freistatt glider 2016 Ava Glover, St. Mary's Elem., Joplin caravel 2017 Prithvi Nagarajan, T.J., Joplin niccolite PAST SPELLING BEE CHAMPIONS The Joplin Globe's 41ST ANNUAL SPELLING BEE will be held Monday, March 19, at Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School, located at 3401 Newman Road. SCHEDULE OF EVENTS 8 A.M.: Registration, contestants pick up packets in main lobby. 8:30 A.M.: Contestant group picture on stage. 8:35 A.M.: Tournament Kickoff. Includes a welcome by Joplin Globe Editor Carol Stark; introductions; instructions from Amanda Stone, Joplin Globe Educational Services Coordinator; and a practice round led by spell master Clayton Carnahan, fifth-grade teacher at Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School. 9 A.M.: Tournament of Champions — spell master Clayton Carnahan. 10:30 A.M.: Intermission with refreshments. Please allow contestants to be served first. 11 A.M.: Tournament resumes and continues until champion is declared. An awards ceremony will be held immediately after the tournament. Trophies and prizes will be awarded to first-, second- and third-place winners. Trophies and certificates awarded to all school champions upon elimination from the tournament. JUDGES ARE: William J. Caldwell, Joplin Globe librarian; Doug Spears, TAMKO Building Products talent development manager; and Tammie Benham, Joplin Public Library children's librarian. SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Time passes quickly when you're spelling 'fun' W ow, it's 2018 and this will be my ninth Jop- lin Globe Spelling Bee. Each time I attend the event, my heart fills with pride and joy as I watch the partic- ipants get ready to compete. I can sense and feel their nervousness as they prepare back stage. The parents wait with nervous anticipation as their son or daughter is called to come up for his or her turn at the microphone. As I sit next to them, I watch them grab their chairs, clutch their hands and then, as their child spells his or her words correctly, I watch them (most of the time) cheer softly. I also get nervous for them, and when they get their word right, I have found myself cheering not so softly, es- pecially after those challenging words like "camarasaurus." (By the way this word means chambered lizard). This year, I found out firsthand how much the spelling bee means to our kids. My daughter was all excited as she was competing for her spot to compete at the Globe Spelling Bee. She tried, but did not make it. She came home and told me that she was so sorry that she couldn't be in the event. This was her last shot, as she will be too old next year. But the fact that it meant so much to her and her friends who competed for their place in the bee vali- dated why we have put on the bee for so many years. I want to thank TAMKO Building Products for again sponsoring the spelling bee and Thomas Jef- ferson Independent Day School for providing a great place for us to hold the event. Its staff is always so helpful. We are grateful to have them both as part- ners again this year. Good luck kids, you all are winners just being here. Parents, you should be proud. As my parents used to say, "You have done good!" MIKE BEATTY is the publisher of The Joplin Globe. Shrihari Nagarajan holds up his younger brother Prithvi Nagarajan for a photo after Prithvi, a fifth-grader at Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School, won The Joplin Globe Spelling Bee last year at Thomas Jefferson. Shrihari won the bee in 2014. GLOBE FILE | ROGER NOMER MIKE BEATTY

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