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03.18 | | 39 1. Why did you decide to go into your profession? I think I've always had an entrepreneurial ambition and a desire to elevate my community. But my prime motivation was a desire to be a role model for my children. As the primary adult influence in my girls' lives, I wanted to set an example that would serve as the foundation upon which they would construct expectations of themselves as women and as members of society. I made it my mission to show them that, with putting in the work and having a positive attitude, a woman can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. Ultimately, I believe in unparalleled resilience and an enterprising "can do" attitude. 2.What makes your approach to your job different or unique? From the inception of Service1st, I knew it would be difficult for a woman with no direct experience in the restoration and construction service industry to compete in a field dominated by men. So, I used the organizational and disaster response skills I had learned from owning a prior service business and from motherhood to penetrate the market in ways that never occurred to my competitors. Also, I've always taken a hands-on, "lead from the front lines" 1. Why did you want to start your own business? I have a vision and an independent spirit. When I arrived here in central Pennsylvania 10 years ago, there were no work opportunities that I felt were a perfect fit for my skill set. So like my experience in Philadelphia back in 1989, after graduating college finding no jobs that fit my description, I just decided I would create my own opportunity for sharing my expertise and creative spirit. I love my work. My work encapsulates who I am as well as my interest for helping others learn and grow. My work in the Pilates studio is my passion. e boutique is an outgrowth of my love for quality artisanal products that fill your senses and inspire your spirit. 2. What makes your business unique? I am the only second-generation Pilates teacher in central Pennsylvania. I have 30 years of teaching experience in movement therapy and therapeutic body work/massage. In the studio, I use Pilates principles and equipment to help people build greater mind and body awareness, which help them develop their Body IQ! Body IQ has been Jaime Novinger-Toigo service1st restorAtion & reModeling serve1st.coM coworking At the PArk thePArkcoworking.coM 717.232.5444 Janine Galati body iq life PilAtes studio little bits & Pieces gift boutique bodyiqlife.coM 717.412.4195 approach to operating my business. I assembled an unparalleled team of experts to ensure the company's peak performance, allowing me to work on the business and the impact of the organization and its team in the community. 3. What's the most fun or gratifying part of what you do? I enjoy helping others, especially making a difference to those trying to cope with destruction and despair. My company is a team that incorporates heart into our work, knowing that our ability to transform an unexpected situation provides stability to people who have just experienced a disaster or tragedy. I also find it deeply gratifying when other women ask me about getting started in business. I tell them that, if you want achieve greatness, stop asking for permission. Whether it is your business or your career, be the best version of yourself with an understanding that good enough is the enemy of exceptional. I believe that anything is possible. my trademark for almost 20 years. It is about your ability to perform precise, balanced movement. It has been an interest of mine since my early years as a ballet dancer, when I discovered the intrinsic link between body and mind connection. e studio is a place for self-discovery. e boutique is a creative outlet that offers workshops, unique artwork, games and textiles. 3. What's the most fun or gratifying part of what you do? It's when I'm in the studio witnessing the experience of a client who is working hard to rewire their brain and body connection. Watching them have an "Ah- Ha" moment while discovering something new about themselves—mind, body or spirit. My favorite part about the boutique is when a customer comes back in telling me how much the friend or relative loved the gift they received.

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