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Mailed from Sterling, Ill. INL ANDER T H E Stay engaged. Find solutions. Move forward. The Key Executives Mega-Conference Issue MARCH 2018 VOL. 33, NO. 3 KEY EXECUTIVE MEGA-CONFERENCE FEBRUARY 26-28 BREAKING OUT THE BREAKOUTS Get the most out from your Mega-Conference agenda BY MARK FITZGERALD T his year's Mega-Conference o f f e r s a n u n p r e c e d e n t e d number of options for execu- tives who make their way to San D i e g o — 4 8 s e p a r a t e s e s s i o n s including the Solutions Stage presentations. Attendees will also be confronted with some difficult choices because many of these four dozen sessions will be breakouts, following the four-track format that sets out these general themes for those sessions: Track One: Building Value in Our Core Brands Now Track Two: Transformation–-Cre- ating New Opportunities from Disruption Track Three: Diversification and Entrepreneurship Track Four: Case Studies on the Solu- tions Stage from Industry Technology Partners The tracks are a useful guide for planning your Mega-Conference but there are breakout sessions across different tracks that could be valuable to attend depending on your executive position and your newspaper organi- zations needs. What follows, then, is a guide to getting the best out of the Mega- Conference breakout sessions. If you're a CEO looking to expand revenue streams: • Monday afternoon, Feb. 26, Track Three: TOP EVENTS THAT MAKE DOLLARS AND SENSE Presented by Stephen Wade, pres- ident The Augusta Chronicle; Scott Pompe, vice president/advertising, Austin American-Statesman; and Chris Edwards, president, Gazette Communications Inc. • Tuesday morning, Feb. 27, Track Three ACCELERATING INVESTMENTS AND NEW VENTURES Presented by Corey Ford, co-founder and managing director, Matter Ventures • Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 27, Track Two NEXGEN BUSINESS MODELS: FINDING SUCCESS Moderated by Sara Fischer, media reporter, Axios, with panelists Jim Brady, founder and CEO, Spirited Media, and Evan Smith, CEO, The Texas Tribune • Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 27, Track Three INVESTING IN PRINT PRODUCTS Presented by Leonard Woolsey, publisher, The Galveston (Texas) County Daily News • Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 27, Track Two BRINGING AUDIO TO LIFE Moderated by Jeremy Mims, head of strategy and partnerships, Spoken- Layer, with panelists Ginger Neal, vice president, digital sales and opera- tions, San Francisco Chronicle, and Chrissy Towle, head of news and local media, Google If you're a Chief Marketing Officer or Advertising Director looking for new or optimized approaches: • Monday afternoon, Feb. 26, Track One BRANDED CONTENT Moderated by Pat Connolly, managing director/digital transfor- mation, Accenture, with panelists Bob Gilbreath, CEO, Ahalogy; Robin Gruen, vice president/branded content, Studio 1847, a tronc unit; and Ryan Stephens, general manager, BrandForge A special section, Solutions for Success, is inserted in this issue of The Inlander. You'll find tips and ideas for success from Inland associate members—all focused on helping you increase revenue in 2018. 2018 MEGA-CONFERENCE EPITOMIZES INLAND'S COLLABORATIVE SPIRIT I've told you much over my last several columns about the strong program lineup for this year's Key Executives Mega-Conference. B u t , d o y o u k n o w w hy I ' ve mentioned it so much? It's because this conference is an important event in the life of our association – both from a program- matic standpoint and financially. As you know by now, Inland is just one of four key sponsors of the three-day event. The three original sponsors include Inland, the Local Media Asso- ciation, and the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association. This year, the News Media Alliance joined as a sponsor and we welcome their participation. Inland is always ready to collaborate with other industry associations and this meeting is a great example of that kind of collaboration. The conference program offers vital sessions covering the range of issues facing our great industry. Over time, the meeting has also become an important venue for learning about what's new from our industry partners. In fact, the conference has grown into one of the largest show- places where newspaper executives can see all of the cutting-edge solutions offered by industry partners – under one roof. But there's much more ahead for Inland this year, including our annual meeting. The meeting is returning home to Chicago Sept. 9-11 after the very successful annual meeting held last year in Colorado Springs – co-sponsored with our friends at SNPA. You'll be hearing much more about this meeting through the spring and summer. Make plans to attend. We're also once again holding The Revenue Conference. This year, the conference will be held April 11-12 in Chicago. Last year's conference was a resounding success, so be sure to register early for this conference. You'll also want to alert your HR team to the Virtual Human Resources Conference, which will include four half-day sessions, covering a variety of important topics for human resource professionals. The sessions are: Legal Update, March 20; Work- force Management and Talent Devel- opment, May 22; Sales and REPORT FROM THE PRESIDENT TOM YUNT YUNT, CONTINUED ON PAGE 12 MEGA, CONTINUED ON PAGE 5 Solutions, Success Stories and New Ideas FEBRUARY 2018 SPONSORED ADVERTISING SOLUTIONS FOR SUCCESS S olutions for Success features tips and information that will help you increase revenue and enhance your team's success in 2018. This first-ever special section in The Inlander is guaranteed to be worth your time. Whether it is learning why the time is right to refocus on the Real Estate category; reasons to make mobile your digital strategy; how to mine your data for new opportunities or tips on email marketing… you will find least one idea you can use today. PAGE 2: SITE IMPACT 4 Tips to Boost Email Marketing Revenue Four ways your sales reps can talk about email marketing that will boost their confidence and generate new revenue. PAGE 3: FAKE BRAINS How Your Data Can Help You Sell More In an age when your customers have instant access to data your salesforce needs access to your customer data to compete. PAGE 4: THE BLINDER GROUP Why Real Estate is Making a Comeback It used to be a huge revenue stream. Then the real estate dollars went elsewhere. The time is right to bring real estate back. PAGE 5: SOLEO How to Make Money from Local Search You don't have to be an expert to make money from local search. Engage your readers and the dollars will follow. PAGE 6: PASSION1 What You Need to Make Money from Mobile The majority of people today engage with news on their mobile devices. Profit from their mobile addiction by following these four steps. PAGE 7: WAY, RAY, SHELTON What 2017's Tax Law Changes Mean to You Weighing in at more than 1000 pages the new tax changes demand publish- ers rethink their tax strategies of the past. PAGE 8: CREATIVE CIRCLE MEDIA SOLUTIONS Better Better audience engagement: Your secret to success. You have less content than you did ten years ago so your focus should be making sure what you have gets read.

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